Deadly fun: Swery talks D4, Xbox One and succeeding in the West

Swery talks Xbox One exclusive D4.

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urwifeminder1596d ago

Lol great article old men walking around Osaka in school girls uniforms gave me a laugh , will keep an eye on this.

AnEwGuY1596d ago

Such a strange name, Swery. I feel the need to give him some letters. :/

christocolus1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I cant wait. This game and kinect sports :rivals will finally make a case for kinect. Ill be getting both day one.

Great job Mr Swery.

Bigpappy1596d ago

I Know Kinect Sports will be great fun(always is), but I am very curious to see how this D4 plays. I will buy it just on that alone.

christocolus1596d ago

You definitly should. Ive read all the previews for this game and they have all been very positive and the most impressive thing about it is the way kinect has been integrated. Those who have played it hqve said its alot more fun to use kinect than the xbx one controller which imo is a great achievement.

Chrisgamerguy1596d ago

i wish that he said a release date

Neoninja1596d ago

Man I can wait for D4 and nice article!