Rumor: Project Spark Xbox One beta due next week

Tweet from Microsoft's Phil Spencer indicates beta launch imminent

Creative types: brace yourselves - we already knew that the Xbox One beta for Team Dakota's impressive game creation suite Project Spark was due for launch sometime this month, but it seems it may be even closer than we think if a tweet from Microsoft's Phil Spencer is anything to go by.

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malokevi1770d ago

Can't wait! Beta code waiting in the wings.

4Sh0w1770d ago

This game is going to bring so much variety to the X1. It has so much potential to fill the void between new releases for years to come.

xxShadow-Shockxx1770d ago

Do u need a code or will it just be a download on the store

truefan11770d ago

Yea its definitely the game that keeps on giving. I look forward to playing everyone else's games.

KingDadXVI1770d ago

Me too. This game looks like it is going to be a great way to fill in the gaming droughts.

mcstorm1770d ago

Is there still a way to sign up for this? I did it for the Windows version but did not realize it was only for X32/64 windows and would not work on my surface so would love to try this on my xbox one.

malokevi1769d ago

Same signup and, I believe, same code. So hang on to it.

aviator1891770d ago

Really cannot wait to start creating some cutscenes with one of the game ideas I have.

LOGICWINS1770d ago

You can do that?! Whuut?

lets_go_gunners1770d ago

You should watch some of the live stream Ms does on twitch on Thursdays. They once showed you could mocap monsters animations with your kinect.
You can also make uncharted like scripted events in your games. Towers crashing down, chase sequences etc. Watch some of their past broadcast and be amazed.

4ShotKing1770d ago

Awesome! Looking forward to playing people's creations, I really hope someone recreates a Super Mario 64 level or Banjo Kazooie level, that would be amazing!

True_Samurai1770d ago

Must....Acquire...Beta code!

jackanderson19851770d ago

ha just apply on their site for the windows one and you can use it on the xbox one when it goes live... think they're just handing out the betas at the moment

maniacmayhem1770d ago

Will be interesting to see what games people come up with using this.

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The story is too old to be commented.