Top 5 best gaming love stories that never happened - Valentines day Special

Valentines day gaming special. The day of love is nearly upon us and I’ll be celebrating the best in game romances by playing through my favorite love stories(I do have a heart). Instead of providing a simple list of the best fully fledged romances, I have gone for the nearly romances. The ones that nearly made it but fall at the final hurdle, the ones we long to see but haven’t happened yet and may never happen. It brings a tear to my eye, here goes.

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sinspirit1765d ago

Cloud and Aerith or Tifa(FF7).
Wander and Mono(Shadow of The Colossus).
Ryu and Nina(Breath of Fire series).
Tidus and Yuna(FFX).
Raynor and Kerrigan(StarCraft).

Some of my suggestions.

sinspirit1765d ago

Also, Naked Snake and Eva(Metal Gear Solid: 3).

Plasticgearsolid1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Sorry but the most over looked love in a game is between Wander and Mono in Shadow of the Colossus. Wander slayed giants for just a slight possibility a DEMON ENTITY will bring her back to life on a bargin

SuicidalTendencies1765d ago

Must of been a slow week in gaming news. That is usually when you start seeing these top 5 or top 10 lists pop up. I've seen a lot of them recently.