Why Watch_Dogs Could Be Assassin's Creed In Disguise

Paraded as a unique blend of GTA’s high-octane driving simulator and the stealthy trappings of Assassin’s Creed, Watch_Dogs both surprised and impressed as a new IP with old-school tricks upon its debut. Its only right, then, that Watch_Dogs has steadily garnered theories on par with its own conspiracy-fueled narrative.

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-Foxtrot1766d ago

If they share the same universe I would be so ticked off...Watch Dogs is a brand new, promising IP why ruin that by linking it onto an already established IP, it would just make Ubisoft look obsessed with Assassins Creed and keeping it relevant.

I'd rather they keep them separate

Thatguy-3101766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Don't you think it offers the same idea that assassin's Creed gives? From what we've seen is basically an assassin's Creed in our time set. Now The Division is a true new IP.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1766d ago

Now that you mention it they certainly could be the same universe. Not really a fan of AC but I would laugh my butt off if it's true.

MoB211766d ago

Still won't buy this game, Assassins Creed or not

BiggCMan1766d ago

Still don't understand why THIS^^^^ occurs -_- Like if you don't care for the game at all and won't buy it, why are you commenting?? I really can't process this in my brain, it makes no sense. It's just you grabbing for attention.

MoB211766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Why can somebody comment how they plan on buying a game, but I can't comment on how I don't wanna buy it? Just like no one should care if I dont purchase a game, sure as hell nobody should care if somebody does. I didn't dis the game or anything lol

SonyROXitoohya1764d ago

Seriously!? U literally wrote the same thing putting down Titanfall in another thread, and someone said exactly the same thing u wrote to this guy here....Man U are such a joke.

toddybad1766d ago

I hope Watchdogs is good. AC is becoming extremely stale.
People should stop buying AC and make them think of some new ideas.

_FantasmA_1766d ago

If thats true, I won't be mad because I get to save my money for a game that actually looks it does something new. I only played 3 of the Creed games and I could barely take it anymore. They are all the same thing and get very repetitive towards the end of the game.

Grimhammer001766d ago

I'm not hating on watch dogs. But what is it bringing that has anyone truly excited?

Gta5 open world? "Hacking" mini games are new? Not annoying as fuk?

I was interested in the idea of unique individuals with their own lives and AI that you can interact with. But I suspect it's not going to be the ground breaking feature I'd wish for. It'll be hopefully better than other open world games though.

Driving going to be better than dedicated racers? Better than gta5? Sleeping dogs?

Gunplay, melee combat.....what little I've seen, not impressive.

quaneylfc1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I preferred the driving of ta 4 to gta v, seemed more arcade-y sleeping dogs is ok but in this day and age, any game with cars can have good driving.

people are excited for the graphics and the physics and the shiny shiny next gen stuff, that's why every game in the next few months is going to be judged.

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