Hearthstone is the worst game you'll keep playing

A quick bit about how negative feelings towards Hearthstone's randomness and f2p quirks are blinded by its addictiveness.

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Kriandis1772d ago

I could not get into Hearthstone at all. I am a fan of tabletop card battle games, but hearthstone goes from walk in the park easy to WTF with just a boss fight.
It will make you feel like OK, I got the hang of this to I have no Idea what I am doing.
All the matches leading up to Illidan are a breeze, then Illidian just rips you a new one in a matter of seconds.
Oh well. Just another game that will not eat up my time.

Irishguy951772d ago

What? Boss fights? When/how do you get boss fights?

You have a tutorial and then play against Humans after that no?

I like this game alot anyway. Had no problems with the tutorial? Unless there is bosses after a certain level or something?

Chapkatsu1772d ago

I think he meant the last tutorial fight, which was Illidan. But yeah, there are only those 6, after that it is all human.

Prototype_79L1772d ago

I beat all the tutorial enemies on the first try, what are you talking about?

Shabutie131772d ago

My mother, a woman that does not play games, tried Hearthstone and beat all the tutorials in one attempt. I could understand losing once to Illidan if you were just so unfamiliar with the game. But "struggling" with it? Hearthstone is a very simple game up until the mid range Ranks. I'm not sure how this is possible.

3-4-51772d ago

They should make Warcraft Tactics instead of a card game.

Chapkatsu1772d ago

How do you mean? Like a turn-based unit strategy game?

3-4-51772d ago

Scrap the card game and make it like Final Fantasy tactics /Disagea.

* Different Classes you could unlock as story progresses.

* All have unique abilities and what not.

It would play like FFTA2 or something, but with a good back story involving some of the Warcraft lore.

It would be more appealing and interesting to play than a Card game.

* Think Warcraft 3, but heroes only, on a chess like grid/board and it's turn based.

3-4-51772d ago

Not quite like warmhammer, that is it's own unique niche thing.

It would be more traditional like other Tactics games.

Think Fire Emblem, but more complex and no permadeath.

GruntboxWizard1772d ago

I never played any table top card games or whatever they're called except for this, So I'm a huge noob. I love Heathstone though. It's easy to get to grips with but difficult to master.

thezeldadoth1772d ago

i really enjoy hearthstone but they still have some tweaking to do on card balance. Its going to be hard to restructure the game since people paid for cards

Tsuru1772d ago

I feel like this article shouldnt be aimed at Hearthstone. Its listing off things that are apparent in ALL card games. Not just hearthstone. The game is not even out yet, its got a small pool of cards that will be built up with new sets, which they have announced to be working on. A card game has to start somewhere. EVERY card game started with a small set of cards and built on it.