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Submitted by acharlez 734d ago | news

Pachter: Saying Sony Has "A Lot of First-Party Content Is a Stretch"

GR: Industry analyst Michael Pachter just won't give Sony and the PlayStation faithful a break, calling into question the size of the platform's library of first-party content. (Michael Pachter, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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Majin-vegeta  +   734d ago | Funny
BigFnHooters  +   734d ago | Well said
You really can't have any other reaction this something this detached from reality.

In the past Pachter was just a random dumb 'analyst' who said idiotic things that made anyone who even casually follows the console market chuckle and move on.

But Pachter appears to be having a very embarrassingly public fanboy meltdown.
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Abash  +   734d ago
Don't worry, a couple of years from now he'll be butt-kissing Sony begrudgingly and backtracking on his statements
Destrania  +   734d ago
Pachter's just an industry joke. What an imbicile.
Visiblemarc  +   734d ago
Yeah...especially since it's all relative. As far as 1st party goes, Sony has tons relative to it's competiton. Microsoft has been slow in this department, but they've claimed to have made strides, hopefully this will prove true. 1st party games make owning more systems fun and I like owning lots of platforms.
Why o why  +   734d ago
Sony have been building for generations. Sony at the start of last gen explained that 3rd party exclusives would be on the wane. They already had their strategy in motion. Please do not compare sonys model to the stagnant nintendo one or mircosofts relatively new and inexperienced one. Both have numbers but the output from each is very different. New ips has been one of nintendos flaws of late. Microsoft on the other hand introduced more ips and are making improvements from what I can see but time will tell if their management of the studios they hold and their consistency of output is up to scratch. Sony need to continue doing what they're doing.... From what I've seen they are making improvements in regards to indie studios and games. They have the best output of the 3 in terms of full exclusives. Like mircosoft and nintendo alike, sony has a stash of dormant ips so I call that a scratch. The ethos of each may change but last gen showed the differences between the big 3
GameNameFame  +   734d ago
Right Now? Or Just in General?

Right now PS4 first party isnt as big because most exclusives went to PS3.

But then look at Sony first party developers that got bigger.

Then look at last gen first party exclusive. On Metascore, 80 to 100 metascore. PS3 exclusive doubles xbox 360 exclusive.
TheRedButterfly  +   734d ago | Well said
But when he says MS should unbundle the Kinect and Sony is "Kicking their B*tt", he's the embodiment of reason and wisdom. Easily making the front page of N4G!
johndoe11211  +   734d ago
And the point of this article is?
truefan1  +   734d ago
Let me guess he is back on the ps4 fanboy bad side lol. What he is saying is true, Sony has been riding the wave of 2 internal studios. Ps4 fans would have you believe they have a lot of first party content when they didn't have much more then 360 last gen and that's a bad thing. So far this gen, Sony is milking those same 2 devopers. There is a reason Sony is trying to bring more developers into the fold, they need new stuff.
Gamingcapacity  +   734d ago

First of all lets not get confused with 3rd party games that have been bought out by MS.
Secondly, PD-Gran Turismo SP-Infamous SM-God of War ES- Drive club, motorstorm GG - Kilzone MM - Litlebigplanet JS Gravity Rush (PSN games like rain and Tokyo Jungle) ND - Uncharted and the last of us RAD (not strictly 1st party) The order. QD (not first party again but makes Sony owned games) Heavy Rain, Beyond.

Anybody feel free to add if I missed any major developers.
scott182  +   734d ago
Pretty sure he meant at the moment, which is true.

Sony has boat loads of first party studios and talent, that is a given.

lol, a certain fan doesn't forget to troll every Sony article, I'm impressed.
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4Sh0w  +   734d ago
"Pachter on Xbox One: Microsoft Should Unbundle Kinect to Lower Price; Sony is "Kicking their B*tt"
n4g comment section= Pachter speaks the gospel

"PlayStation Now 'is a joke', says Pachter" 
n4g comment section= Pachter is a joke

4Sh0w  +   ; 21h ago

Personally I just think Pachter is a over paid fanboy, milking his status for all its worth.
= 33 disagrees

"Pachter: Saying Sony Has "A Lot of First-Party Content Is a Stretch"

n4g comment section= Pachter is crazy; Again. lol

Pachter knows exactly what he's doing and we keep posting his crap just as he intended.
showtimefolks  +   734d ago
sometimes i wonder if he say these things to stay in news. because he just can't be that dumb. No one can't be this dumb

ND became 2 teams
read st dawn at sony santa monica
GOW2 developer santa monica team
god of war 3 team

that's 5 different developers within just 2 sony owned studios. Than you have GG games who have 2 teams one doing KZ stuff another doing a new IP

I have to believe david jaffe is up to something too. he says he likes working with sony

sucker punch will get much bigger after infamous 2nd son


than you have many others in sony japan and sony europe. so yes patcher you are a dumb ass, how you keep this job is beyond me. Weren't it you who said GTA3 would sell 300K
dedicatedtogamers  +   734d ago
Do people still not realize that Pachter's "predictions" and "comments" are specifically designed to sway the market? Any analyst gives analysis for money and in private.

Notice how his analysis never, ever, ever paints 3rd party publishers in a negative light.

Notice how his "predictions" and "analysis" always downplays first-party companies (he rarely has a nice thing to say about Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo's 1st party offerings) and always praises 3rd parties.
k3rn3ll  +   734d ago
I don't think he will be buttkissing sony inless the financial industry collapses and fails to exist. Hes a finacial analyst not a game analyst. He just happens to be a favorite when it comes to the business sode of games. He won't go away as long as people click on stories featured about him. So to click on a story about him then complain we need to stop giving him airtime is ki nda hypocritical. I've never understood why people complain what he says shows hes not a true gamer. It doesn't matter because the majority of stuff he's asked has mot ao much to do about gaming as it does with finances and business
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
Xbox fanboys, Pachter is ALWAYS an idiot. Always. Sometimes he's more of an idiot than usual, sometimes he's less, but he's ALWAYS an idiot. Your attempts at shouting about hypocrisy just make you look as stupid as Pachter because, say it with me now, PACHTER IS ALWAYS AN IDIOT!
r2oB  +   734d ago
@ truefan

You do realize that of the 4 major (I use the term loosely here) retail titles available on the Xbox One (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct) only one is a first party title. Not to mention upcoming titles such as Quantum Break and Titanfall are also not first party.

Meanwhile both Killzone and Knack are both first party titles. Also, upcoming titles such as Drive Club and Infamous: SS are first party. Thats 4 so far, do you really want to compare first party content?

I don't even understand what you mean by Sony milking the same 2 studios this gen. Currently they have games (released or announced) by Guerilla, SCE Japan, Sucker Punch, Evolution Studios, and Ready at Dawn (2nd Party).
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LeCreuset  +   734d ago

That was such a dishonest troll attempt. This is why no one takes Xbox fans' hypocrisy claims seriously. Let's look at the whole of your comment that got you disagrees:

lol, X1 had the 180 bad press pre launch, it launched a week after ps4, it hasn't hit even half the markets ps4 is in, it's $100 more expensive, it broke 360 sells records and as we know 360 was a major success, it beat ps4 in Dec npd, X1 has a better lineup of games and everyone involved with xbox are talking about more great games to come, micros recent financial report was very positive, while sony looks like a company in financial trouble= how in the hell is that getting your butt kicked?

Funny how when Pachter is bashing micro he's taken seriously but when it's sony he's a joke, right?

"PlayStation Now 'is a joke', says Pachter"

Personally I just think Pachter is a over paid fanboy, milking his status for all its worth.
Giul_Xainx  +   734d ago
You know what month it is? It's black history month. BUT ALSO TAX SEASON. I see a huge flux of new PS4's suddenly connected to PSN.
inveni0  +   733d ago
I'd like to know how this guy even makes people money. He lives in a wicked cool house and drives wicked nice cars, and it's all because of his knowledge of the market... If I could make that much money for being terrible at something, I'd be swinging on a stripper pole right now.
andibandit  +   733d ago
To be honest, they were talking about Playstation Now, and Mike was arguing that previous cloud based gaming services had big trouble getting 3'rd party games onto their system, that wasn't at least 2 years old. To this Geoff replied "Sony has ALOT of first party content" referring to the fact that said content, could go on PSNow, to which Mike replied, "Alot is a strecth, they have around 30"......

personally I dont see the problem, but good job on the "Bandwagon-bashing".
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Anon1974  +   733d ago
Someone needs attention. Anyone notice that the past week, Pachter's just one inflammatory statement after the other? I just can't help but feel that he's purposefully trying to rile people up for attention for some reason.

I remember when Pacther was still actually an many years ago...
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   733d ago
@The RedButterfly... You hit the nail on the head. You have to love SAD. It's awesome!
BTBuck1  +   733d ago
he's been stuck on stupid lately that's for sure.
Dubaman  +   733d ago
Look at his latest predictions. Completely loses all credibility right?!

cell989  +   733d ago
you start to wonder just how intact his reputation can remain after such wild idiotic predictions as these
GarrusVakarian  +   734d ago
Pachter is a funny guy, saying silly things like that and actually expecting people to believe it. Look at the PS3 to see how wrong he is, 2013 alone had a large amount of first party content compared to other platforms. As ive said before, i really can't believe this man is paid to say things like this. He is trying his best to draw attention to himself lately, isn't he?

Looking at the article picture, i wish it was his head getting the Kratos treatment, lol.
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allformats  +   734d ago
When I said the other day that Patcher was a troll, Microsoft shill and Xbox fanboy a lot of people pounced, but look at what he's saying now... Another retarded statement that total contradicts deals Sony has going on right now... Deals like free PS Plus games... Some of the biggest games in the industry, mind you: We're talking Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light and other massive titles.

Again, this guy said it himself that he's very close with Microsoft. He always references Xbox when talking about gaming systems -- as if he were advertising the freaking brand...

But no, I'm talking rubbish, right? smh.
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XSpike  +   734d ago
@TheRedButterfly, its because Pachter either states something obviously correct or he'll state something that is obviously wrong.

Soo everybody hates him, and hates him with passion as he sits on his ass and then goes out and states something obviously correct or obviously wrong and gets paid for it. Everybody on the net could do his job!
hellzsupernova  +   734d ago
The comment in context is right. thirty games is how many he said they have roughly that they could bring to playstation now since they are only going to be bringing ps3 games for now and they will only be able to bring first party games for now, thats going to be the extent of the library until third parties sign up for the service
Rainstorm81  +   733d ago
There are more than 1st party games on the beta right now
kayoss  +   734d ago
Ok let me tell you what happened.
I was playing mp of killzone on my ps4 the other day. A guy join by the name of "PAC-attack" he claimed that he's a game analyst and this is his first time playing. So I hunted him down the whole time. He managed only one kill. He went on a Rant and start yelling that he hate the ps4 and their games. I heard a loud bang from his mic and a few second later he left the room. We assumed he toss his controller in a fit of rage but who knows. 5 minutes later I got a pm from him. To summarize he say that he hated ps fanboy and that he will ruin Sony because he's a respected analyst. He told me to enjoy the playstation while it last.

This coincide with all the negative article that been popping up for Sony by patcher.

True story.
palaeomerus  +   734d ago
C00l St0ry Br0
cell989  +   733d ago
nah brah your story sounds off
die_fiend  +   734d ago
Well maybe he's talking about now. Which isn't that far off the truth. In a year tho we'll be drowning in sweet exclusives
CryofSilence  +   734d ago
Judging the current state of the PS4 library, he's technically right (it is in its fledgling stage right now, after all); however, we're talking about Sony here: holder of possibly the best first party composition in history. Give it time, and the PS4 has potential to have the greatest first party lineup ever. ;)
GribbleGrunger  +   734d ago
30 first party games? Let's look at the reality shall we. PS1/PSP/PSVita games NOT INCLUDED:

- 136 PS2 games
- 153 PS3 games
- 10 PS4 games so far

For comparison:


- 58 Xbox games
- 67 X360 games
- 11 X1 games or something like that so far


- 49 N64 games
- 57 GC games
- 77 Wii games
- 15 WiiU games


- Sony: 404 Games
- Microsoft: 136 Games
- Nintendo: 198 Games
- Microsoft + Nintendo: 334

A comparison from the same time line:

- Sony: 299 games
- Microsot: 136 games
- Nintendo: 149 games
- Microsoft + Nintendo: 285 games
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JasonKCK  +   733d ago
Admit it you just came up with all that. Wiki is your friend and it says otherwise.
Gamer1982  +   733d ago
Hes talking about PS now and sonys PS3 games here nothing to do with PS4 exclusives or upcoming content. He has a point in a way but this is entirely taken out of context by some people on here I feel. I feel a lot of what he says usually is. What he is talking about is when PS Now launces games will be 2-3 years old because unlike say PS+ devs will be making next to nothing off them. Remember Sony gives Devs adspace etc in return for PS+ games thats how it gets games only a few months old and for that reason can only provide 2-3 games a month (major title). With PS now theres gonna be a lot more than 2-3 titles as your gonna be paying a subscription not £39.99 a year. So there gonna need a lot more games on there so to fill that content there gonna go crazy on back catalogue rather than new cat.. I hope you guys make sense of that..
GribbleGrunger  +   733d ago
It's MEANT for the back catalogue. Jesus. Apart from the fact that Sony have stated this on numerous occasions, do you think they'd want to cut into PS4 sales by offering PS4 games on the Vita, PS3, TVs, Tablets, Smartphones or any other device PSNow enabled? Pachter gets paid to effect markets NOT to make any real predictions.

I really can't fathom why some people still don't understand what PSNow is. It's very straightforward.
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Perjoss  +   733d ago
What would be really cool is if someone could explain why anyone even listens to this clown in the first place, let alone deem anything that he spews worth of being labeled as news.

It's not even a personal thing, I don't even own a PS4 and I'd never take anything he says as offensive, I'm just curious how this man is relevant.
Kidmyst  +   733d ago
Misleading title, this is all about Sony's First party content on PS Now. 30 games Pachter says, not including the gigantic list of classics. Seriously who still listens to Pachter, Oh Geoff does. Probably took Pachters advise on this past VGX awards too.
PurpHerbison  +   733d ago
Got to love Patcher. He never fails to get you nerds all riled up.
lifeisgamesok  +   734d ago
Both will have a lot of 1st party games

Phil Spencer just said MS has been hiring more development teams

343 has one other game being made besides Halo 5 which they said isn't in the Halo universe

Press Play has multiple games being developed

It's rumored that Rare has a classic returning

Black Tusk has Gears

There's 4 unannounced games that make use of the cloud in some way from Lift London

Platform Next has one next generation game

Lionhead has one other title in development that doesn't involve Fable
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Burrito26a  +   734d ago | Well said
Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not wrong) but, don't you do a great deal of crying when someone brings up Sony in a Microsoft article? Can I ask what it is you are doing bringing up Microsoft in a Sony article?
GamersHeaven  +   734d ago
Sorry who are these no name studios you talk about?
Majin-vegeta  +   734d ago

OT:When it comes to 1st party content no one matches or even comes close to Sony.
Godmars290  +   734d ago
Sorry, but when talking about the console industry and who produces the most 1st party titles, who else are you going to talk about while trying to suggest Sony isn't one of if not the current leader?

Oh right Nintendo. Which then, no matter you slice it, puts MS in third place. If not counting 3rd party publishers like EA and Ubisoft.

But in such a discussion their name can't help but turn up.
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-Foxtrot  +   734d ago | Well said
You really believe Phil Spencer

No offence but he's only putting on this "For the Gamers" attitude on after the shit storm the Xbox One went through last year and the all the negative stuff about frame rate, resolution and lower specs compared to the PS4

He wants to make it look like Microsoft has changed their ways, he's done it before.

I know we all want a new Rare game for example and hell after what has happened to MS they might do it to win back fans but I wouldn't count on it to be honest.

It's just to try and sell as many Xbox Ones as they can and once they do, just like the 360, they'll drop the whole "For the Gamers" thing and revert back to what they did at the end of last gen.

It's a hard thing to swallow for some but I'm not being a fanboy making this crap out of thin air....I'm just a gamer learning from past mistakes.

Be smart I say...don't be fooled so easily.
GarrusVakarian  +   734d ago
Exactly, this is routine for MS. Act all "for the gamers" at the start of the gen and then just slowly drop core support, rinse and repeat. And people fall for it every time.

All Phil is doing is telling the masses what they want to hear after the ****storm that has been the past year for MS. How that isn't blatant to anyone is beyond me. Then you actually have people saying things like "that's great to hear Phil", "Keep up the good work Phil, we love you" and im like....SERIOUSLY?! Where was this "for the gamers" attitude from 2010 onwards? Why wasn't Phil "for the gamers" then? Pure PR BS to try and get back into our good books (and pockets) after the terrible past year that MS has had.
#2.4.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(3) | Report
cheetah  +   734d ago
MS is for MS and that is it. In their eyes, gamers are mindless zombies with rich parents, that is what the business model is based around.

This Pachter guy is a clown though. He makes predictions about everything and never gets anything right.
die_fiend  +   734d ago
Mate MS are offering Dead Island 1 for free!
sic_chops  +   733d ago
They also know that sheep(Atleast one in these comments) will always follow them. Some people are just so gullible and delusional.
GarrusVakarian  +   734d ago
Are you really that threatened/jealous by the abundance of Sony 1st party studios that you have to come into a Sony article and list completely off topic MS studios and what games they are working on? Wow.

I thought you hated it when Sony fans comment on X1 articles Hypocrite much?
DigitalRaptor  +   733d ago
He is an insane hypocrite.

Yesterday (I think) he was ragging on The Order: 1886 for having no multiplayer or horde mode, regardless of the fact that there is no game on Xbox One with horde mode, nor will there be for some time. Quantum Break, one of his most anticipated games has no multiplayer, and he let's it slide.

He called Ryse a fantastic game, and thinks inFamous:Second Son will be just "ok". Comedy gold and says it all.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   734d ago
Oh please ND alone destroyes all those irrelevant studios you named.
Godmars290  +   734d ago
Regardless MS still carries the stigma of badly managing its talent. Have the example of Rare, of doing nothing with it but forcing out its experienced senior staff and leadership, and reducing it a hollow studio who's IPs have to be done by others.

They've been in the console market for over a decade, yet somehow still use either try to use the excuse that they're not that familiar with it, or have such applied to them by supporters. That's ridiculous.
ssj27  +   734d ago
I wil say this againg and againg.

Notice how all m$ IP have lost they developer team, studios and etc.
Those IP have lost it soul ..

Sony knows this and they don't waste time, that is why they close down Zipper, because many of the main developers where gone and they lost their way.

You can't just give uncharted to any developer throw in $ and hope for the game to do just as well..
The new halo devs have lost many of the former bungie developers that it had, is game over for them.

Look at COD lol i mean the IP still sales but it quality is very bad.
-Foxtrot  +   734d ago
More Info on Uncharted 4
More Info on The Order
More Info on DriveClub
Guerrilla Games new IP
Sucker Punchs new IP
Sony Santa Monicas new IP
Quantic Dreams new IP
Sony Japan
Sony London
Sony Bend
Media Molecule
Sony San Diego
Heavenly Sword 2...maybe
Crash Bandicoot in their somewhere...hopefully

inFAMOUS SS is coming up

God of War, Killzone, Resistance, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, MotorStorm, Warhawk, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal, Ape Escape

I could go on
GarrusVakarian  +   734d ago
Somebody e-mail this to Pachter.
-Foxtrot  +   734d ago
The guy just doesn't get it does he. Sony have a catalogue of games that go right back to the PS1 that they haven't used for YEARS. Whether they are still first party I don't know (forgive and correct me if I'm wrong) but despite that lets take a look


Crash Bandicoot...IF the rumours are true
Ridge Racer
Grand Turismo
Twisted Metal
PaRappa the Rapper
Wipe Out
Tomba...devs went bust, Sony could still have rights
Ape Escape
Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter


Dark Cloud
Jak and Daxter
The Getaway
Ratchet & Clank
Sly Cooper
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai
God of War
Rogue Galaxy
Shadow of the Colossus


Resistance: Fall of Man
Heavenly Sword
Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
Modnation Racers
White Knight Chronicles
Beyond: Two Souls
The Last of Us


The Order 1886
Drive Club
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Deep Down
Sony Bend
Sony London
Sony Japan
Sony Santa Monica
Sony San Diego
Guerrilla Games
Media Molecule
Quantic Dream
Sucker Punch Second IP
Eight Days...hopefully

You know what I mean....they could still bring games back from the PS1/PS2 days that didn't do well and they could reboot them to make them better. Then you have the fact they are adding second teams to their studios, that could expand over time so even lesser known studios who prove themselves get one.

Oh and I didn't even mention the Indie games they've done and the MMO's
#3.1.1 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(1) | Report
silkrevolver  +   734d ago

I agree with almost everything, but...

Eight Days is dead. We just have to accept that fact and move on.
ColeMacGrath  +   734d ago
The Last Guardian :(
#3.1.3 (Edited 734d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
-Foxtrot  +   734d ago

Nothing is dead forver in this will be back in some form.

Whether it's a new game with same assests or the game it's self but with a new story
DigitalRaptor  +   733d ago
Well Pachter really isn't a gamer now, is he?

He doesn't hit up the PlayStation Store and download Syphon Filter and play it on his Vita,, nor does he care about being able to download/stream and play games like Starfox Adventures, Bloody Roar or Fable. He doesn't get excited for games like Persona, or Yakuza, or Final Fantasy.

If he was a gamer in his youth, he's past that now. He's wearing his business shoes 24/7, unless he's playing casual games with his family, and looking at the future rather than caring about any kind of legacy games companies might have under their collective belts. He doesn't care about what gamers really want. He has no understanding of the nature of gamers and goes as far as calling those who watch his show (gamers) "babies". He has no respect or understanding for actual gaming culture, and considering he's wrong a majority of the time, and insults gamers a lot, I think he's a leech on this industry.
#3.1.5 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Walker  +   734d ago
there are too many AAA. just WOW
tjg59  +   734d ago
Don't forget mlb the show its always great
DoubleM70  +   733d ago
It's all about money for developement. Sony just lost 1 billion last quarter. I think they have a good plan for their games. Mark Cerney said they make tons of money off Indie games. They cost less to Develope and they are a big profit. I don't expect tons of 1st party games when you can make cheaper games with huge profit.
Catoplepas  +   734d ago
In comparison to whom? It's by far the most extensive in the industry. There's no other applicable yardstick.
Mr-Dude  +   734d ago
Can somebody punch this pachter idiot in the face? He is quite annoying
Gore-Content   734d ago | Trolling | show
ZackStrife  +   734d ago
Pachter is a god damn idiot. every time I see his name I die a little inside.
aawells07  +   734d ago
Yet here you are.
ZackStrife  +   734d ago
Yeah I know. I fall for the trap every time.
bub16  +   734d ago
can someone pay me for stating the obvious?
Twiggy  +   734d ago
You guys don't take Pachter seriously, right? .. right??
SniperControl  +   734d ago
Nope, only the xboys do that.
DJMarty  +   733d ago
Twiggy - The guys an idiot. Sony has 150-200+ ip's old and new. Thats a big portfolio(Sony owned). Then ther 1000's of 3rd party ip's that could be licensed, from the PS1/PS2/PS3 era's
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Mrveryodd  +   734d ago
unless there is some sort of upscaling i wouldn't want to play Ps1 or Ps2 games on my shiny new Ps4.
TomahawkX  +   734d ago
Patcher thinks 3rd party publishers will not allow their content on PSNow and that the service will only have Sony branded titles available. Apparently Mr. Patcher hasn't heard of NetFlix.
Aces17  +   734d ago
Although I disagree with him I'm pretty sure he said that Sony wouldn't be able to afford it like Netflix does.
iamnsuperman  +   734d ago
He did because he thinks that third party won't put content on the service without a fee. This reasoning ignores what Sony does already with PSN plus and goes against what he previously stated that games don't make much money past the first month of sale (because sales stall). The latter is why we got Bioshock infinite for free. Sony paid and Bioshock wasn't exactly going to sell anymore units
AaronPS  +   734d ago
Saying Pachter knows anything about anything is a stretch
jdktech2010  +   734d ago
Man, he's been on a Sony hating tirade lately.

His opinion on Playstation Now makes a little sense but I'm not buying this at all. We haven't seen any of Sony's A team games for this generation past a teaser for Uncharted. Meh, that's all the care I have for this comment, you guys got it from here.
from the beach  +   734d ago
I think he said it with the sole intention of striking a nerve, lol.
Flames76  +   734d ago
I do have to agree with him on that one.Sony just doesnt have any games that stand out like first party games on the Xbox One.PS4 had one game that stood out and now it will be in the bargin bin a few months after release.Its called the order no coop,no multiplayer and not even 1080p/60fps on this so called beast you hear about.Look at the 3 launch titles on the X1 Dead Rising 3,Forza 5,and RYSE all hitting the million mark.On the PS4 you had Killzone hitting 1.2 million with knack at 200,000 which is very sad.There just isnt any games again its the PS3 all over again.Thats why i didnt keep my PS3 but for a year and why i wont buy a PS4 after playing one
dafegamer  +   734d ago
Lol at posting tales from your ass.
If dont live under a rock you would know that killzone is outselling all other first party games.
Just check the weekly official sales charts on neogaf, and stop posting bullsh*t
ssj27  +   734d ago
What lol Killzone ShadownFall is the game to own so far it has sold close to 3 millions and more than those 3 games you mention. Is not a perfect gsme but better than anything on xbone or ps4.

Xbone fans will eat Killzone shadow fall, xboxone owners love FPS and that is why they are over hyping Titanfall, a game that run on a very very old engine, a indie game lol

I bet is fun, most indie games are fun! But don't act like you will not buy Killzone if you had it on the xbone.
Dmagic  +   734d ago
dude stop killzone has been garbage since the beginning of time no competitive scene at all the game feels terrible and is not fun to play. especially shadow fall ive never returned a game so fast in my life there production is god tier. but when it comes to gameplay they fail time after time so bland and unfun nothing unique shadow fall marked the last killzone i will ever buy they have been getting worse since 2. the only reason microsoft is in the game is because ps has no great shooters to compete with that's a fact stop kissing sony's ass.
ssj27  +   734d ago
lol Killzone has the best control's in a FPS.. the game is very playable without even having auto aim bs that kids like you have been spoiled by because of the very bad control's that games like COD or BF have.

That is how you know when a game have bad controls, when they need auto aim.
Just think about it.

The only problem I'm having with Killzone Shadow Fall so far is the lag.. I'm disappointed by the lag on a next gen game.
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AndrewLB  +   733d ago
ssj27- All consoles use aim-assist.
DomceM  +   734d ago
n4g ppl still dont understand that patcher says inflammatory things about ALL consoles in order to increase his popularity, which is serving to advance his career.

All while you people stay here and scream at him ... article by article. giving him exactly what he wants. lol...

Here is the fact: Patcher has outsmarted all of you and made you look like a bunch of clowns.
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norman123  +   734d ago
"....Patcher has outsmarted all of you and made you look like a bunch of clowns"

which is true. core gamer is ...
aragon  +   734d ago
Lol patcher is for patcher not Sony or ms or Nintendo he markets himself by being a troll, it's his job
La-voz  +   734d ago
DomceM you couldn't say that any better!!
TheTrooper  +   734d ago
Does this guy have problems? Cause I've never heard a mentally stable person spew this much bullshit in such a short period of time.
dafegamer  +   734d ago
Seriously in what alternate Universe does Pachter live?
La-voz  +   734d ago
My guess is that Sony is holding all their A titles for E3... they want to make another big impression just like that one from 2013 E3.
_FantasmA_  +   734d ago
I remember 3 or 4 years ago he was the biggest joke on Gametrailers. People used to rip him a new one all the time because he said some retarded sh.. Then after GT changed its whole look, it seems like all the old users left too and all the new users came in not knowing how stupid Pachter was. Now it seems like people are seeing for the first time (or once again) how clueless he really is. I'm glad I left GT. This guy is one of their main contributors and he has huge ego and complains about fanboys, not realizng that he is a secret Xbox fanboy himself.
WickedLester  +   734d ago
wow, Pachter is on a roll isn't he? LOL
arbitor365  +   734d ago
pachter is in denial about this "playstation now" because it caught him off gaurd. he's pretty much the only one who fails to see any of its appeal or potential
knifefight  +   734d ago
I think they have a lot.
amnalehu  +   734d ago
I stopped counting at 300 titles. I would be willing to pay $10-$15 per month to access an ever growing library of 300+ games.
Farmassy  +   734d ago
Haha y'all are getting so upset.

Don't let it get you down. Sony has plenty in development (this coming from someone who owns an X1). I wouldn't worry about what some idiot says.

... but you get so worked up its a little sad. Everything will be ok my babies
xc7x  +   734d ago
foot in mouth...again :-/
JohnS1313  +   734d ago
Don't do drugs boys and girls. If you do you could end up like Michael Pachter.
palaeomerus  +   734d ago
In a corner office with a three story house and a Porsche? Yeah he's really hit bottom there Mr. Random Angry Internet Dude. Good point.
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LordHiggens  +   734d ago
Pachter....SHUT UP!
aondaatje  +   734d ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaand the ponies hate pachter again. U will love him again tomoz when he says something about microsoft
BlackTar187  +   733d ago
No one loves pachter.
Hicken  +   733d ago
Can you Xbox people PLEASE stop saying stuff like this?

Pacther is always stupid. The only time he gets things right is when he states things Stevie Wonder could see. His other predictions are usually so far off the mark he might as well have had his back to the target.

It would be far more stupid for people to disagree with his obvious remarks just to keep up the "hate."

I mean, that would be like denying it's 12:00, even though it IS, just because the watch you're looking at is broken. You can still confirm from other sources that, yes, it's 12:00, so why in the hell would you say "Nope, not twelve. That watch is broken, so it's gotta be wrong."
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