Titanfall, The Next Big Competitive Title?

Titanfall, The Next Big Competitive Title?

Titanfall has had a lot of hype since 2013, it is believed that this title has the potential to be the next big competitive game. Due to it’s developer team background: Respawn Entertainment, who had worked on previous Call Of Duty titles, the community are hyped and hope to see a new competitive title.

What is your thoughts?

I believe that it has potential, however it is only released on PC and Xbox platforms. This could cause a lot of problems as there is a huge market for those who have a Playstation platform, this would cut sales compared to Call Of Duty, but does this even matter?

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KingDadXVI1771d ago

This game will without a doubt be a hit on MLG.

Neckbear1771d ago

With bot-ridden stages? I doubt it.

Aces171771d ago

If you played it you'd know that the bots are really a non factor.

Bennibop1771d ago

I played it and it was! They were a little to easy to kill

ssj271771d ago

The bots in Titanfall are powered by Azure clouds infrastructure network that M$ acquire. they have the power and speed of one million human players and can read anyones game play style after they play 5 or more games, so it read any move you do, the bots have the edge over you and make the game very competitive. /s ( in the voice of nacho men nexican partner) "it's the fu ture"

lolCHILLbro1771d ago

HAHA its funny how everyone becomes a competitive gamer all of a sudden, and they know exactly what MLG is looking for lol

Muffins12231771d ago


Ridin Microsoft's cock alright

TomShoe1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

A. It's already been confirmed that Titanfall won't be on the competitive circuit. Fwiz, a well-known guy at MLG said so.

B. Competitive probably won't work what with the 24 bots in the game throwing off the balancing. This game is made for pubs and pubs only.


Don't tell me you've been eating that crap they're feeding you!

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SGodsend1771d ago

This game will 100% not be on the MLG Pro Circuit.

ITPython1771d ago

It's 100% guaranteed this game is not going to overtake COD popularity, it won't even come remotely close.

Titanfall will suffer the same fate as the Killzone series has on Playstation. It may be fun, or extremely fun, but it's constant comparison to COD will only harm it and keep it from succeeding. If people want to play COD, they play COD, simple as that. The only thing that can replace COD, is another COD.

Titanfall being hyped as some kind of revolutionary COD killer guarantees it's failure, mark my words.

SaturdayNightBeaver1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

looks like MS is paying a lot of money for it to do overtake cod... they also overhyped it so much everyone thinks its the next god of video games... its all PR bullcrap but kids fall on it so hard...

xDHAV0K24x1771d ago

COD's pop is 95% casual (me being one of them)

SaturdayNightBeaver1771d ago

rofl , no doubt.. the most overhyped game of 2014 by far.. why just don't at least we wait for it to come out and actually try the game?

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urwifeminder1771d ago

Wow how can this succeed its like pong with mechs. <s

malokevi1771d ago

I'd say it's more like bomberman with jetpacks.

PsylentKiller1771d ago

Bomberman had jet packs and pong was the first game in history to feature mechs.
I haven't played Titanfall but from all the footage I've seen, it looks amazing. The gameplay looks refreshing. I know there is nothing new under the sun but on the xbox consoles, this is a unique experience. The mechs and jet packs and CoD resemblance may have been seen before on MS machines, but the experience seems to be brand new. I hope I'm right.

Chrisgamerguy1771d ago

It will be competitive but not on mlg scale because of the bots

mhunterjr1771d ago

Why? If league of legends can can work on the professional circuit why can't titan fall? It's a similar concept.

ic3fir31771d ago

if you do not know, will be playing modes without bots of course, as well as rank style black ops 2 system.
Titanfall is thought to be a competitive game with skill base, Halo has no competitive playlist, as well as competitive, it will be with titanfall

FITgamer1771d ago

Exactly this isn't LoL, it's a shooter, bots take away from the competitive aspect. I'm sure the game will be fun, but unless there are game modes without bots i doubt it will be MLG worthy.

mhunterjr1771d ago

They aren't bots (bots are meant to replace human players) they are grunts. If you've never played a shooter with grunts, how can you automatically assume that it can't work competitively.

This is a shooter, with MOBA're are judging it like it's the same as any other shooter.

LightofDarkness1771d ago

There are no bots. There is enemy AI, but bots are meant to emulate human players. These AI do not. We don't call the creeps in DOTA bots, and we won't be calling these grunts bots either.

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Daggerjack1771d ago

They need to remove the bots

Tedakin1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Killer Instinct is an Xbox Live Arcade game only and it was just announced for EVO. Just saying.

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