This Week’s New Releases 2/9 – 2/15; Lightning Returns, TLOU DLC

JPS Writes: "This week’s group of new releases continue the trend of consistent releases after the lull over the holidays, including a quite full Tuesday this week. On Tuesday, we get a good number of choices, such as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Danganronpa, Trigger Happy Havoc, and Toukiden. We have a couple new releases for old games with a Far Cry collection of games as well as a single release, plus a Silver Box edition of The Witcher 2. We also have the highly anticipated The Last of Us DLC coming at the end of the week as a Valentine’s gift to gamers."

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ShadyDevil1770d ago

Already pre-ordered Lightning and I am so READY for TLOU DLC. Idc if its a prequel. My body is ready.

maximus19851770d ago

is lightning coming on tuesday or thursday?

ALICE6661770d ago

Thursday for australia.