Outlast Could Teach FPS Games A Thing Or Two

OnlySP: Yes I know Outlast isn’t an FPS, just stick with me.

As a Playstation Plus subscriber I was pretty stoked to get Outlast in my PS4 instant game collection this month. It’s pretty rare for a game to actually deliver on everything you hope it will. I think the last time that happened with me was with Blood Dragon, but I digress.

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KimoNoir1649d ago

Outlast could teach resident evil how to be a horror game.

CrossingEden1649d ago

So basically ripping off amnesia's gameplay with an aesthetic overhaul would help resident evil a better horror game? And making people who get trained and make a living off of B.O.W.s vulnerable, stupid, and scared would help it be more scary. People dont' see to realize that resident evil's gameplay evolved with the plot, when your main protagonists are people literally trained for the purpose of killing scary monsters than most likely you won't be scared, compared to say playing as a rookie cop and a scared civilian girl who's just as good at using guns as everyone else.

sAVAge_bEaST1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Totally agree,.

I also agree that blood dragon, and TLoU, are the best games I've played of '13.

(a Locked, fairly fast motion, would be a welcome addition, as I feel using a very fast camera gives you an unfair advantage, and a way to unreal effect.)

ABizzel11649d ago

Outlast and Mirror's Edge teaches there's more you can do with the first person genre besides shooters.

Neixus1649d ago

A arena shooter with free running would be awesome.
The fast and free movement would let old school players have some fun, while it's appealing to the modern shooter crowd aswell.

Thing Brink, but actually well made. God that game was a let down.. :(

NarooN1649d ago

The Brink fiasco was pretty sad. The game looked so great all that time before it got released. I really have no idea what happened; they had so much backstory and made the gameplay sound much more exciting than what we got in the final product.

Tsar4ever011649d ago

Chronicles of Riddick/ C.O.R Assault on dark Athena does the FPS immersion really good too.

Death to the tired floating body-less guns FPS.

thezeldadoth1649d ago

Outlast lost its appeal about 30 minutes in. The enemies acted in a very predictable pattern and were easily defeated. The jump scares became predictable as well.

Unoriginalplayer1649d ago did you "defeat" the enemies?

thezeldadoth1649d ago

"defeated" by getting by the section without them noticing you. it was very easy to do. they acted the same way every time given if you were in a locker, crouched in a shadow, etc... there was no variability leading the whole game to be predictable

NarooN1649d ago

I kinda agree on the predictability. Like if you hid in a locker, they would always only check the locker closest to you rather than randomly opening the one you're in. It got comical after I saw it for the third time in a row in a single session. Other than that, evading the enemies was the same every time: run like hell til you reach a room and get inside the locker/under the bed before they see you go there.

PersonMan1648d ago

Not true. I've had them look in lockers that I was hiding in. Sometimes they'll pick my locker, other times they'll look at one beside me.

Summons751649d ago

I agree, I highly enjoyed this game but it felt very on rails compared to Amnesia. Hit button to unlock door, hide, enemy comes...looks everywhere BUT where you're hiding...leaves, repeat with different section.

The atmosphere was great, the Blair Witch camera style was a welcome viewpoint, the story is great, but the horror gets lackluster after half hour/hour.

Neixus1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

The maps in outlast was well sized tho, in Amnesia, it's too easy to get lost.
Well, more time to soak in the atmosphere,lol.

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