Microsoft: "Pushing For A Lot Of Story In One Of Our Unannounced Projects", Gives Ryse As An Example

Microsoft: "Pushing For A Lot Of Story In One Of Our Unannounced Projects", Gives Ryse As An Example.

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Septic1766d ago

Story based games have been a strength of PlayStation exclusives. Not so much on the 360.

I think MS are making all the right moves now (regardless of the Ryse association). More story based games are needed really. I think MS are trying to break away from the shooter-centric appeal of the X1's predecessors, which is a good thing in a way (even though that's what attracted me to the Xbox in the first place).

The market is horridly saturated with shooters at the moment and no doubt Spencer and co have witnessed the majesty of The Last of Us as an example of the value of a quality story based game. This medium needs more meaningful/artistic elements.

dedicatedtogamers1766d ago

LOL yeah, the association with Ryse's story is going to *ahem* raise some eyebrows.

FWIW, I'll take more story (they're already doing that with Quantum Break). HIstorically, Microsoft has made some awesome stories in gaming but they moved away with that once they started to focus more on Kinect/Xbox Live.

But I'd actually rather see these devs branch out into the free-roaming build-your-own-world sort of games like Minecraft. Sony has Everquest Next coming up and Microsoft has Spark (not sure if it's free roaming, or how in-depth the tools go). I think we need more games like that. As you pointed out, story-based games are kinda Sony's thing right now and Sony has the devs to back it up. Microsoft? Not so much anymore. They need to work their way up again.

Nitrowolf21766d ago

I heard the story of Ryse was actually great? It's the gameplay that got boring and repetitive from what I understand.

Either way, hearing this is great as I agree with you. The PS has soem amazing games with story.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Why do you say that?(Dedicated gamer) Did you play all the way through and beat Ryse like I did? I'd give the game a 75% rating. Not the greatest game, but far from the worst, and one of the best looking games ever.

The story was some pretty good fun and a really good effort for a launch title.

What am I talking about? Look at my bubble and look at yours. You can tell by mine I'm an Xbox fan and you're a Sony fanboy buy all your bubbles.

And of course the biggest games and most played games on Sony are FPS games. Oh, and that other huge game you guys are looking forward to, another shooter... Destiny.

Ya, I know... I know. Shooters on the Xbox are no good and not fun. Shooters on the PlayStation are awesome and the best.

Ya.. I know.

OpieWinston1766d ago

X1 has Sunset Overdrive
A living breathing world being made by Insomniac... With the Cloud it'll make it easier for them to continue to update and fill the world.

A lot of people overlooked the potentials of the cloud...Not for processing capabilities but the ability to create these living breathing online worlds.

No one in the MMORPG community is giving Everquest Next a second look. But it's good for a lot of console gamers to get into it.

GameNameFame1766d ago

MS still has weakest first party studios out of Sony, Nintendo and MS group.

And it is laughable how some people mention Black tusk as replacement for Epic Studios or 343 as replacement as Bungie.

Those are downgrades in studios.

dansdooz1766d ago

The cinematics in ryse are insane, it goes into the action directly from the cutscenes, the story in ryse was very good, the gameplay got repetitive after a while but the production was on another level

MightyNoX1766d ago

@Opiewinstons - That sounds amazing, what else can you tell us? Does it run in 4k or 3k resolution? How many levels are there? I mean, surely you must have seen SOME gameplay videos to sprout all these 'facts'.

Also, did the elephant people ever re-elect President Nixon as Earth's Ruler in 2020? :(

OpieWinston1766d ago

If you paid any attention to listen to Insomniac when they have been interviewed about Sunset overdrive...of course you're just a dumb fanboy.

JokesOnYou1766d ago

"LOL yeah, the association with Ryse's story is going to *ahem* raise some eyebrows."

-Again yet another reason I can't take the Ryse hate seriously. Yes its opinion but if you're a real gamer who's played so many highly rated games that lack a decent story to even suggest that Ryse story was bad is foolish, Typical warrior story yes, but its told with care about the characters, they are dynamic characters not cookie cutter good vs bad, he faces hardship through his family death vs duty to the empire, his leadership grows as he directs his men, the voice acting and production value goes along way to make every character believable, the end has a perfect climax= All the nitpicking aside Ryse definitely has a great story.

dedicatedtogamers1766d ago

@ Jokes

You just described the plotline of Gladiator...

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Dumb_username1766d ago

Xbox 360's 3 major games had amazing storys. Halo, Gears and Fable.

rainslacker1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I wouldn't call Gears amazing. Good, sure, but nothing groundbreaking or amazing. It was pretty standard space marine fare. Pretty cliched story as well, not that there's anything wrong with that, as overall it was interesting at times. Gears appeal was it's amazing game play and technical achievements, particularly early on.

Halo got pretty good as it went along, I'll agree there. Can't speak to fable as I never followed it.

OT to the article. I would love to see more story driven games come out on the X1. Good stories are what appeal to me the most. X1 is still on my radar, but I'm waiting for a must play game that can tear me away from my ever increasing backlog on numerous other systems.

truefan11766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Now that is where XB1 can turn the tide, if they have more story driven games. No doubt shooters will always be superior on the xbox platform, because of the controller and xblive, but ps4 has a lock on the single player story driven games. With Quantum Break coming out this fall, it can be the start of the story driven games for XB1. I love what I am hearing from Phil Spencer, he is leading xbox gaming in a wonderful direction.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1766d ago

The storyline in Ryse is fantastic imo.

Blaze9291766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Ryse has some of the best voice acting I've ever witnessed in a video game

Anyone trying to even make a mockery of Ryse's story clearly, has not ever played it. Like 90% of N4G critics of it

mediate-this1766d ago

Shooters sell on both systems. Regardless if there first or third person, shooting guns is a shooter. Both systems have them. Top selling games on both are shooters, 360 had great jrpgs in the beginning also.

Multiplatforms are saturating the market with shooters, snd multiplays are on both systems.

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SlavisH21766d ago

Ryse ending was EPIC! Really made me want a second.

VoiceMale1766d ago

I just finished that game yesterday and I swear it felt like a version of the gladiator how it ended....i loved that game ....

By far the best game I have played in this current gen era so far

Kribwalker1766d ago

Ryse was great, but if you haven't played dead rising three yet you are missing out. It was fantastic

lifeisgamesok1766d ago

Microsoft is really turning the ship around I love how much they're improving. Since Don left things have been much better

GarrusVakarian1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Gotta agree with you there, getting rid of that clown was the smartest move they have made so far. I really hope MS's focus on games is sincere this time and lasts longer than the first few years, i don't want a repeat performance of the past gens where they brought game after game and then just dropped core focus for the more casual market towards the end of the generation.

4ShotKing1766d ago

The story of Ryse was actually pretty decent and the approach was very cinematic, although I like what I'm seeing with Quantum Break in terms of narrative direction.

christocolus1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Ryse story was really glad ms is pushing for more story driven games. It actually makes a lot sense since phil has had nothing but praise for naughty dog.

Cant wait to see what they come up with. My guess is that ryse 2 is also in development and under the direction of tod pappy. I expect great things this gen.

CharlesSwann1766d ago

He thinks story is like a dial you can just turn up.

Septic1766d ago

Or maybe a switch?

Hey, if you can turn off switches, why cant you turn them on? ;)

CharlesSwann1766d ago

We have the sound engineering turned way up. Gameplay ... up, up. up. We pushing a lot story in this one. The programming alone 10x pushed up. Sub pixel resolution, we switched that on. Color scheme has been made broader and more fluid. Gamer to gamer on this, off the charts.

MightyNoX1766d ago

I see what you did thar! :)

Blaze9291766d ago

Story is just a check you have to cut after hiring a writer(s)...whether it's good or not, up to the writer.

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