PS Plus US February Update + Trophy Breakdown

The February line up is confirmed and it is a cracker! We find out what you should be downloading to quench your trophy hunting appetite.

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XisThatKid1322d ago

I wish ModNation came to PS3 IGC that would be the tits

TomShoe1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

ModNation Roadtrip is a fun game, really. The lack of Online Multiplayer is a killer, but it's still fun to play.

XisThatKid1321d ago

agreed I just want some of my friends t be able to play it at home aside from our weekly Modnation tournies at my house. I'm def DLing road trip though. a few bucks away from 64 gb vita mem stick too.

Meltic1322d ago

ps4 = dying light demo might come feb 11

DivineAssault 1322d ago

PS Plus is greatness.. Especially if you own PSV, PS3, & PS4 to get everything it has to offer.. I will remain a member for as long as it exists.. Even if it werent needed for multiplayer on PS4, id still be a member 4 life as long as the free content & discounts continues to flow

serratos271322d ago

Don't own a Vita and it kills me whenever I see games being put on PS Plus lol.

lifeordeath6171321d ago

hey when will i be able to download these games?