Yakuza Devs Compare PS4 to PS2; Explain How it Wiped Away Concerns and Made the Impossible Possible

This morning at Sony Computer Entertainment Heardquarters in Ginza, Tokyo, an event was held to introduce the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Yakuza Ishin, and the game's Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama and Director Hiroyuki Sakamoto had words of high praise to share about the PS4 while answering questions from the audience.

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GamersHeaven1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Greatness Awaits.

zerocrossing1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The industry isn't what it was when the PS2 was arround... There's far too many greedy publishers, anti-consumer practices and a cookie cutter/design by committee attitude going on, for a return to glory days to happen anytime soon.

DanielGearSolid1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Actually primarily the western games industry has suffered from the plagues you mentioned... Eastern gaming isnt immuned, but its definitely to a lesser degree

tagan8tr1772d ago

@zerocrossing I agree video games feel so watered down now, its so wash, rinse, repeat.. Bring back the mystery the intrigue so generic.

Destrania1773d ago

I agree. There was a different kind of excitement for me when PS2 was released, but perhaps it was because I was much younger. I'm really excited for PS4 and it's future however. This generation will be full of Greatness no doubt.

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LexHazard791773d ago

PS4 is definitely an amazing machine! Cant wait to get mine! Also this Yakuza game looks awesome!

SnakeCQC1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Does anyone know if this one will be localised?

chrissx1773d ago

Ps2 + 2 = Ps4. Looking forward to their games this gen

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The story is too old to be commented.