Xbox One's eSRAM Too Small to Output Games At 1080p But Will Catch up to PS4 - Rebellion Games

Sniper Elite 3 senior producer Jean-Baptiste Bolcato talks about the challenges of developing on the Xbox One.

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GamerXD1291d ago

There you have it people. X1 can barely do 1080p so quit defending X1.

gameseveryday1291d ago

You should read the title again: "But Will Catch up to PS4" He also confirms that an SDK update is incoming.

No console wins. Only gamers wins. Although the tech differences are there, I rather have excellent games for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Trust me, you need all three big guns to make this industry flourish.

ShugaCane1291d ago

But why does the 100$ more expensive hardware has to catch up with the 100$ cheaper one ? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around ? ...

iamnsuperman1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

The question is how? The guy complains about the size being the problem and how tricks are needed to work around the issue. But like every generation the games get more complex and demanding as the years progress. The PS3 was a bit different in it was just hard to develop for (the power was there just it wasn't that simple to access and it did suffer when it came to multiplats for half of the generation).

majiebeast1291d ago

It wont catch up you cant catch up in superior specs. It will run games at 1080P thats what he means the 2 will never be equal.

Sarcasm1291d ago

It's only a dream that it will "catch up" no amount of firmware or updates or magical fairy dust will make up the difference in GPU cores. It's simple 100% factual data! How many times do people need to see it?

PS4 GPU 1152 Cores, 18 CUs - ~HD 7870
X1 GPU 768 Cores, 12 Cus - ~HD 7790

It's like saying Nvidia could make a firmware that will make a GTX 750 as fast as a GTX 760 Ti. It's NOT going to happen!

Charybdis1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

ram is not main reason why ps4 more powerfull, but is reason why so many xb1 games aren't in 1080p.

"we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and they are quite comparable machines.

(edit)"But definitely there’s this eSRAM. PS4 has 8GB and it’s almost as fast as eSRAM [bandwidth wise] but at the same time you can go a little bit further with it, because you don’t have this slower memory. That’s also why you don’t have that many games running in 1080p, because you have to make it smaller, for what you can fit into the eSRAM with the Xbox One.”

imt5581291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Quote :

You should read the title again: "But Will Catch up to PS4" He also confirms that an SDK update is incoming.

Catch up how, where and when, Rashid???

Microsoft will improve, Sony will stagnate...


rafaman1291d ago

You should read the entire article, no the title only, mate. There is a new sdk coming

Septic1291d ago

"They are releasing a new SDK that’s much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and they are quite comparable machines."

This is interesting. I wonder if other devs will be able to push 1080p more on the X1?

morganfell1291d ago

So he is saying that software innovations on the PS4 will remain at a standstill and the X1 will close the massive hardware performance gap with software.

Alrighty, believe that if you want...but facts are stubborn things.

Xbone: 1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
Xbone: 768 Shaders
Xbone: 48 Texture units
Xbone: 16 ROPS
Xbone: 2 ACE/ 16 queues

PS4: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) for games + 56%
PS4: 1152 Shaders +50%
PS4: 72 Texture units +50%
PS4: 32 ROPS + 100%
PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues +400%

pompombrum1291d ago

Lol @ all you haters saying the Xbox One won't catch up to the PS4... you underestimate the power of the cloud /s

*insert random darth vader cloud meme here*

imt5581291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


POWER GAP between Xbone and PS4 will always exist and not by a small margin.

Here is one hell of a GIF for you :

dedicatedtogamers1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

The "will catch up to PS4" statements are a bit puzzling. How will X1 catch up to PS4? By getting better dev tools? Okay...but PS4 will also be getting better dev tools. The idea that X1 will "catch up" or "narrow the gap" is completely devoid of any facts or reality.

And resolution is but one piece of the puzzle (though it is important and I'm glad X1 is supposedly improving in this respect). Texture assets, physics, particle effects, lighting, and of course framerate are also an issue, and X1 has proven to be inferior in these respects as well. Forza 5 showed what sort of sacrifices are necessary to make an X1 game 1080p/60fps. So, I will go ahead and agree that "resolution isn't everything"...because there are many other aspects in which the X1 is lagging.

I also love how journalists/devs like to use the phrase "PS4 is better, on paper, at least". Yeah, and in pretty much every multiplat game we've seen so far. It's 100% clear that PS4 is more powerful. Let's move on.

hay1291d ago

Acutally, with reported 32MB of ESRAM memory, it'll be just enough of it for 16bits per pixel 1080p frame.

Meaning, colors might take a hit. Xbox 360 comes to mind with 10Megs of ESRAM, being barely enough to handle 720p frame(reason why most Xbox games were below sub 720p). BUT! There's ESRAM based antialiasing, which might balance some things here.

TheGreatAndPowerful1291d ago

So that's the reason why Sniper Elite 3 looks like a last gen game...forced parity because of the limitations of the Xbone's hardware. Just look at the latest trailer of the game and tell me that's not true.

Sammy7771291d ago

there is nothing that can make up for 16 rops difference . Also there is nothing that can make ddr3 run at fast as gddr5. But no brainer as this is coming from gaming bolt, a garbage website

SmielmaN1291d ago

No we don't need three big companies. I was more than happy with Playstation and Nintendo

Sammy7771291d ago

also Gaming bolt
Xbone: 1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
Xbone: 768 Shaders
Xbone: 48 Texture units
Xbone: 16 ROPS
Xbone: 2 ACE/ 16 queues

PS4: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) for games + 56%
PS4: 1152 Shaders +50%
PS4: 72 Texture units +50%
PS4: 32 ROPS + 100%
PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues +400%

like morgan pointed out

Visiblemarc1291d ago

Yeah...first I'll say, I love games period. I am not a fanboy of any sort...

But...this has kinda gone too far.

Xb1 is less powerful and always will be. The reason I can say this is I'm not a developer who has Microsoft glaring at them.

The machine has less GPU power, slower/split ram. Will SDK improve? Yep. Will that allow 1080, possibly....but PS4 kits will improve too. "Catch up" implies PS4 is standing still. It isn't.

This becomes really important on cross platform and lower budget titles. Just look at last gen where Ps3 had so much untapped cpu power, but it was hard to use. In many cases it never "caught up" because 3rd party studios don't have time and budget to solve these puzzles.

Like always, I'll add, that power is great and important but far from everything.

I love my Vita so damn much, but also adore my 3DS.

The only thing is, I'm tired of people pretending these machines are equal. Not because I want one to be better than the other but because I can't stand people bending reality to suit their desires.

starchild1291d ago

The XB1 will never catch up to the PS4. The PS4 is simply more powerful.

That said, the difference isn't quite so massive as some people here imagine. There will be great looking games on both consoles. The skills, tools and techniques of each studio will play a larger role in how each game looks than sheer hardware power will. Multiplatform games, however, will likely always tend to have advantages on the PS4 over the XB1.

mcstorm1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@Rashid Sayed your spot on. This fan boy stuff is just becoming deft. We know the ps4 has more power and the Wiiu has the least so it is kind of like lost gen but power dose not = greatness. Its all about the games and so far both Microsoft and Nintendo are delivering great games. Sony have some to come too so for me his means more than power as its the reason I buy console because it has the games I want not because it has more power.

Just like anything we buy in life get the on you want and go and comment about how good you fin it and stop going on about how bad you think something else is as we all like different things and all 3 have + and - sides.

Sarcasm1291d ago

" the difference isn't quite so massive as some people here imagine."

It is a big difference except we have come to a point where it is harder to spot for the average joe. I can list the many different things which I'm sure you already know, but 720p vs 1080p is a 1.1m pixels difference. In the PS3 vs 360 era, the biggest difference was around 200,000.

So it just "appears" that the difference isn't big, but it is. But you're right though that it's not to say the X1 won't come up with some good looking games in its own right. But as far as outputting the highest resolution with the most effects, it's never EVER going to match the PS4.

truefan11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I love the fact that ps4 fans love to debate about why the XB1 is inferior to the ps4, more than they actually brag about how great the ps4 is. I'll take my less powerful hub over "pure gaming machine" anyday. 93% of people don't care about minute differences. All the comparisons have ever so slight difference, when some could be argued look better on XB1. What I don't get is that if you all care about graphics so much, why not get the games on PC, because all the debated multiplats TR, BF4 are superior. Games on XB1 are running 1080p and really I don't even care about all that. The game that set the standard graphically is 900p. Also the Order will be 800p, so why you guys are arguing about 1080p is funny. Deny all you want but they are cutting the screen by 30%, that is not full 1080p. Is the ps4 more powerful-Yes, but so far the main games running at 1080p are indy games. I'll take my slightly less powerful console with way better games any day. Right now XB1 is the place to play new fresh games, while ps4 fans will be playing the 4th uncharted, 3rd Infamous, and the movie known as the order. Phil Spencer is leading the xbox gaming division in a much better direction this gen, while Sony is having its customers wait for everything, updates and games. I laugh when I see all the ps4 fans here, but won't be on articles about how the eraserstation is back at it. Game humbly my friends.

CryofSilence1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


Someone should introduce you to simple math.

Ryse @ 1600 x 900 = 1.44 million pixels

The Order @ 1920 x 800 = 1.536 million pixels

You see, it isn't actually 800p; it has a 1080p horizontal pixel count (1920). They are debating whether to make it 1080 vertical pixels and trade awesome AA or go to 800 for their cinematic purposes and better AA. They may still yet change it to 1080p; the key is they actually have the option (they say the bandwidth of the 800/4xMSAA is actually higher than 1080p).

04STIBluByU1291d ago

Out of curiosity? When the PS2 DOMINATED...did we get crappy games and horrible service? I didn't need Nintendo or Xbox around when I played PS2 because the games were awesome and extremely varied...I'm just saying just because one console manufacture dominates doesn't mean we are in for horrible gaming times...I gamed just fine without the Xbox or Gamecube. (FYI I didn't disagree with you...only replied to you.)

scott1821291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

I don't really care which one is more powerful, I didn't care last gen that 360 multiplats usually looked better. All I wanted were Sony's fantastic first party games, and that's still what excites me more than anything.

Sony's studios are why I want to support them, the PS4 could have the WiiU's hardware and I would still be just as optimistic.

Pogmathoin1291d ago

Love this site, seen some awesome posts from Rashid in a good way about PS4, and hes the man, but one lil complimentary post about X1 getting better and you lot turn into ravenous lunatics again..... Wonderful! Be consistent people!

morganfell1291d ago


Great post. The statement "Competition is always better for the consumer" is one of the great mistruths so often quoted as fact.

As you stated, when Sony was so far in the lead they were out of sight they never stopped innovating or pushing the experience envelope.

JsonHenry1291d ago

Exactly what I've always said. You need all three being cut-throat and competing just like you need the PC making leaps ahead behind the scenes to make sure when your next console launch the tech has been pushed towards greatness by "PC elitists" so that you have the biggest bang for you buck at the mid-range level so your next console/middleware is as powerful as possible.

InTheZoneAC1291d ago

I was doing fine on ps2 when xbox/sega sucked
I was doing fine on ps1 when sega sucked
I was doing fine on snes when sega sucked

You just need good developers, who cares about underpowered competition?

Kryptix1291d ago

It's very doubtful the Xbox One will ever match the graphical power of the PS4 while outputting 1080p native resolution. And for every multiplatform game that runs 1080p on both consoles, there are details missing on the Xbox One version and also using shortcuts to maintain a good fps. If you think about it, we should be seeing 1080p games right in the beginning just like last gen with 720p. So far, the Xbox One is not able to do 1080p with graphical intensive games like Ryse and why is Dead Rising 3 running at 720p if it's the worst looking game as in, it doesn't look next gen at all? I only seen one game that is lower than 1080p on the PS4 and that was Battlefield 4 at 900p native, just one.

Looking at morganfell's comment, you can see which one has the most potential. There's no bottlenecks to work around on the PS4, meaning that developers will have more time to optimize games on it and make it look the best possible with the tools they presently have.

I believe more articles like these will come out till the fanboys accept it and Microsoft admits the Xbox One's weaknesses. I don't think developers need to further clarify if it's something everyone already knows and accepts.

Blacksand11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

X1 is a cable box, that you can play games on. That's it play games in 720p not 1080p my fios is 720p regular channels and HD channels is 1080p

PS4- Gaming first then t.v

X1- T.V first then gaming.

johndoe112111291d ago

I'm gonna say this, When a developer can make a comment like this “Yeah, I mean that’s probably why, well at least on paper, it’s a bit more powerful", it says two things to me.

One, either he is being coerced by microsoft to downplay the difference in power between the two machines or Two, he is trying to be as diplomatic as possible so as not to upset either console manufacturer. I think it's the latter.

The difference in specs of these two machines is way to big for a dev to use the term " at least on paper". Anyone with beginners knowledge in computer hardware and application will tell you that there is a significant difference in these two machines that will translate to gaming performance.

People trying to use this to show that the xbox will catch up to the ps4 is not only grasping at straws but also do not understand how devs who are developing multiplat games need to be as neutral as possible when speaking about the systems they are developing for.

No dev is going to come out and publicly say "yeah , the difference is just way to big. Graphic intensive games will always be better on the ps4". Not only will they not sell as much for both systems but they will also be jeopardizing their relationship with the console manufacturer.