Analyst Likens PlayStation Now to PSP Go

GR: PlayStation Now, Sony's cloud-based streaming service, is currently in beta and will launch sometime this summer. Only time will tell whether or not it will prove to be a success, but Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter isn't afraid to dismiss PlayStation Now immediately, going so far as to say it will be another failure for Sony.

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knifefight1771d ago

I don't blame him for thinking that way. PSPgo flubbed and then PlayStation Mobile didn't take off...and now this comes along.

I think PlayStation Now will be more successful than either of those. I do think this'll be different, but I don't blame anyone for being skeptical.

acharlez1771d ago

Very true. I too am skeptical, but the potential is certainly there.

iamnsuperman1771d ago

I feel this service has great potential for the family market. Why spend a 100 plus on a console then on top of that the games when 10 a month is a lot more manageable (when the child stops playing it you stop paying for it). Sony just need to bring it to a lot of devices and make it cheap enough. For that market this service could be extremely attractive

acharlez1771d ago

For sure. Just executing on all of it will be key.

It'll be rough at launch no doubt, but hopefully it only gets better from there.

hulk_bash19871771d ago

I'm certainly on board so long as the price is reasonable and the library is worthy. Which just by looking at the backlog of great Sony titles spanning 3 generations, seems pretty likely.

Eonjay1770d ago

If Sony can work out a good royalties deal with publisher PSNow will as incredible as PS+.

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jimjam34421771d ago

this program seems great and all, but theres only going to be so many games added to it, eventually all the ps1,2,3 games will be on the program and then what?

i mean i can think of a few games im excited to play on playstation now (dino crisis 1 and 2, the ps3 games i missed)
but then what? i mean it doesnt seem like the program has anywhere to expand into after they put all those old games onto it.

DanielGearSolid1771d ago

Dude, youre just one person, u may only want those 3 games, others might wanna play hundreds of titles they missed or wanna play again

jimjam34421771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

im flattered that you assume my comment is straight fact, but im sorry to inform you its just my opinion.

and also where do you get 3 games??

i never got to play the last of us, beyond two souls, killzone 3, uncharted 1, 2, 3, heavy rain, the first 2 infamous games, and many others. so 3 is slightly off. im going to assume you could barely comprehend what i wrote.

joeorc1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


"i mean i can think of a few games im excited to play on playstation now (dino crisis 1 and 2, the ps3 games i missed)
but then what? i mean it doesnt seem like the program has anywhere to expand into after they put all those old games onto it."

Wait you cannot see where it goes from there?

"A patent filed for by Sony in 2012 has been published today by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, revealing the company's apparent interest in finding ways to more easily introduce new content into classic games being streamed through the cloud. Essentially, the patent describes the ability to suspend gameplay in an emulated game and then introduce new content in a manner that doesn't involve reverse engineering the game's code.

"Finding new ways to play preexisting video games can increase the longevity of older games," the patent states. "Instead of replaying the same level or completing the same missions repeatedly, gamers often desire new challenges when replaying legacy games. In response to this need, game designers have begun to produce mini-games. Within a mini-Game..."

Can you see it now?

As for playstation Mobile being dead?

well since the Unity 3D Game engine can be used on playstation Mobile. It is very unlikely the platform is dead, as a matter of fact the PSVita along with xperia and other playstation Mobile certified smartphones and tablets made by not just Sony but brands such as
sharp ,HTC and other's. that is just more software to sell.

Playstation Mobile despite the many that claim other wise is quite healthy, just like playstation Home it seem's , many just want to come out and say its a failure without no real hard fact's to back it up.

jimjam34421771d ago

so like, just as an example, adding more challenges to black ops 2's single player? am i understanding you correctly? and i dont mean black ops 2 in particular im just using it as an example.

DanielGearSolid1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Thats my mistake I thought it said "the Ps3 game(singular) that I missed"

In any case my point still stands, if there are a decent amount of games on the service, ppl will want to play

Netflix doesn't have an unlimited supply of movies, and definitely not the most recent movies but it does pretty darn well...

I dont see any need for "expansion" Unless you mean adding more games, which is guaranteed, everyday another game becomes "old" based on its original release date

Btw the "barely comprehend" comment, unnecessary, lets be civilized

Hicken1771d ago

... you do understand just how many thousands of games that is, right? A minimum of... hell, I don't even know. The PS2 had like 10,000 titles come out for it, or something crazy like that. There are over 2,000 games for the PS3, and I imagine the PS1 is somewhere inbetween.

So, like 15,000 games. I'm sure that, even if you've played the one or two you really wanted to go back and play, SOMETHING in that ridiculous library would pique your interest.

Eonjay1770d ago

Think of it like a games on demand service like Netflix. You may be done beating a game and want to find other games by that developer, or maybe play something for nostalgia. I would rather have it available than not at all. The most important aspect will be the pricing model. If is priced as smartly as PS+ it will be a success hands down.

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DanielGearSolid1771d ago

Pachter says game sales pretty much die after 2 yrs on the market, so idk why he wouldn't think publishers would wanna squeeze more dollars out of their games by putting em on PsNow

Eonjay1770d ago

Pretty much. I realized this when it was first announced. Publisher will love this. Think of it like music. Do companies stop offering songs older than two years old?

OrangePowerz1771d ago

I'm looking forward to it since I like playing retro games and it's easier to just launch the app instead of hooking up my old console.

Baccra171771d ago

Besides he pricing structure, I think the only thing PS Now has to worry about is the death of net neutrality and how it'll get screwed over by that.

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