Sony Santa Monica Devs Talk PS4, the Value of “Crappy Ideas;" Give Update on Cory Barlog’s Project

Whatever the house of God of War Sony Santa Monica has been working on lately, it has been kept so closely under wraps that basically nothing managed to filter through conventional channels, yet we're hearing a few details from developers at the studio.

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ShugaCane1768d ago

Well they sure proved they could turn crap into gold, then :)

GamerXD1768d ago

SSM is a golden studio.

SmielmaN1768d ago

SSM is one of the most accomplished studios in gaming. What xboner disagrees with this???

pyramidshead1768d ago

There must be so many announcements to make. Come on Sony Marketing dept, let these devs speak about the games ;o!

DeadMansHand1768d ago

I honestly believe Sony is saving up major game announcements for this year's E3. They killed it at last year's E3 with the console and have been saying all year long it's all about the games. Well, I think they are going to hit us all unconscious with megaton in June.

pyramidshead1768d ago

I think there's a few more events before E3. But if they are that kinda sucks. E3 is toooo far away.

hellzsupernova1768d ago

yeah i agree and it is smart to save it for E3, just kill the xbone there, cause all microsoft is going to be bringing is a halo thats it, Sony can unleash, Santa Monica, Bend, London, MM, Naughty Dog gameplay, so many studios we dont know whats going on, be prepared to be blown away

xxShadow-Shockxx1768d ago

There's gonna be a ton of announcements, I'm callin it

DigitalRaptor1768d ago

So we have 2 teams:

Stig working with the Battlestar Galactica writer on a new IP - most likely sci-fi.
Barlog working separately on a new project, which is either a new IP or a new GOW.

I think Stig's project will be revealed at E3 and release early-mid 2015. I like how these studios are gearing up with other writers to improve their games, like Ready At Dawn brought Kirk Ellis on board as co-writer.

These games are going to have really great stories, with amazing technology to drive them.

hellzsupernova1768d ago

Yeah I agree entirely with you, and i also think Barlog was brought back for God Of War 4

mo2411768d ago

Hope they atleast bring one god of war sequel in the future, I haven't played the series since the first on the ps 2.

scott1821768d ago

God of war 3 was fantastic on the PS3, I hope they do another one too.

bjmartynhak1768d ago

75% for starting the project? Cory just came back to SSM. It takes time to build the team and then to set the project, lots of brainstorm sessions, etc.

Not that I would complain that the game is 75% done...

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