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Submitted by Francis2 728d ago | opinion piece

PS4 exclusives that could make you switch console

This is probably a game that’s slipped well under the radar of many a PS4 owner. It is a ninja based free-running game in which the player is tasked with getting from point A to point B, collecting as many coins on the way as possible. Obviously, traversing the small maps isn’t easy and there are a number of obstacles in the way, from mines to electrified droids. I had N+ on the Xbox 360 and loved every second of it. Sure it was ridiculously frustrating and at times I wanted to launch my controller through the TV, but it always drew me back. This was mainly because the challenge was fun and the game was quaint in its simplicity. It had a memorable soundtrack and a very retro feel, which I love in a cheap game. I’m pretty upset that N++ won’t be coming to the Xbox One. (Deep Down, inFamous: Second Son, PS4, Shadow of the Beast, The Order: 1886)

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   728d ago | Well said
The only game that interests me on the PS4 at the moment is The Order and I wouldn't give up the XB1 for that one game.
iamnsuperman  +   728d ago | Intelligent
There is a lot of hype for that game but we haven't seen much of it. I am waiting until we see more before I get excited for the Order
ShugaCane  +   728d ago | Funny
In less than two weeks from now, the hype will be justified. Trust me.

(No I have no real clue, actually...but still, trust me. lol)
Mikelarry  +   728d ago
Exactly if last gen has thought us gamers something is to WAIT to see gameplay before getting hyped, I am not disputing that readyatdawn are not capable of delivering its just common sense. Plus bubbles for that comment iamnsuperman
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GarrusVakarian  +   728d ago | Well said
I could never imagine "switching" consoles......ADDING another console yes, but why would you get rid of one and miss out on all it's exclusives, just for the other?

Having both consoles ensures you don't miss out on the best each console has to offer.
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Septic  +   728d ago
"Having both consoles ensures you don't miss out on the best each console has to offer."


I wouldn't 'switch' console. Yeah you can have a MAIN and a secondary console to play your multiplats, but buy both if you can and don't deprive yourself of some great experiences (unless the exclusives on a particular console don't excite you at all).

You see people on here make competing lists of exclusive games when they argue their point. I just put those lists together and that's my library of games :D Muhaha
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ChronoJoe  +   728d ago
As a student working on getting the grades for a PhD application, I can speak for the benefits of having just one console. If you get what I mean.

Sometimes it's better to not invest your entire life into the games industry. Unless your truly addicted to your hobby I don't see why you really need multiple platforms, there are plenty of great experiences you can have on either, more than the average consumer would ever need to occupy their spare time.
Docknoss  +   727d ago
Not one Damn Sony game is worth the switch
mewhy32   727d ago | Trolling | show
lifeisgamesok  +   728d ago
@Wraith same here and i definitely wouldn't give up my Xbox One for a shooter with no multiplayer or at least a horde like mode
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Infamous298  +   728d ago | Well said
You wasnt even planning to buy a ps4.
ShugaCane  +   728d ago
Oh god yes you're so right. A horde mode. This is what DEFINES gaming.

DigitalRaptor  +   728d ago | Well said
What Xbox One game has a horde mode?

You still excited for Quantum Break, even though it has no multiplayer? Thought so.
seppo91  +   728d ago
Bennibop  +   728d ago | Well said
Same could be said for titanfall won't be giving up my ps4 to play a supposed multiplayer game with bots and last gen graphics.
MetaReapre  +   728d ago
If that is really your opinion on video games, then you are the bane of my existence. I would love more games without some competitive component like multiplayer and/or horde modes. I love games with story, and that's just what this game is trying to focus on. A great story.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   728d ago
What is there on the XB1 that I should give up my PS4 for?
ho0dium  +   728d ago
Forza. PS4 got nothing like it...ok, delayclub maybe one day, and if that is really that awesome...dunno.
will see when my preorder of it arrives...2018 or sth =)
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jmc8888  +   728d ago | Well said
Forza? Sorry. Maybe a proper Forza, but why people continue to call THAT version of Forza up in high esteem is hilarious.

It's pre 2009 PC driving game tech in 1080p. That's it.

Try playing some 2009-2013 PC driving games and you'll see why Forza is actually pretty embarrassing.

SMH at a forward rendered driving game in 2014 being used as an example to switch consoles.

Wait until a real Forza comes out that utilizes graphical techniques available at the end of the last decade and then you'll see why Forza was such crap graphically. Hell give me Dirt2 from PC that cam with my old ATI 5850 that used deferred rendering and DX11 effects. Hell you could also run it >1080p. It looked pretty good on my old NEC CRT at 2048x1536.

I get that there are or you expect to have exclusives on Xbox One. No problem there. I get that you like driving games and Forza. But you really should look around before saying stuff.

Who knows maybe Forza would have been delayed if they hadn't cut half the cars and stuff out of the game. Plus Driveclub won't cost me $60, and does utilize deferred rendering.

A couple months doesn't matter, I still have all the other deferred rendered and DX11 driving games on Steam/Origin to play.

Sony has a dozen studios, you KNOW they are going to bring it with IP.

You hear Spencer with Xbox say new IP is critical, but where are the studios? Once they form/buy 10 studios or more, then I'll say...good...they'll be able to have some nice 2-3 years. But we can't start that clock yet.

Titanfall is on PC, don't need XB1, and it'll be definitive version.
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cellur111  +   728d ago
Dead rising 3 and titanfall i guess. Everything else so far was crap or just okay.
killzone619   727d ago | Off topic | show
princejb134  +   727d ago
I think people hype up Forza to much
I've played 3,4 and 5 and there nothing special
I'll rather play a racing game like burnout, unrealistic and fun
Even though I have a ps4 the only game I want at the moment is the division,infamous and the order
The only game that looks fun on xbone is titanfall
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   727d ago
I liked Forza on the 360 but Forza for the XB1 just doesn't do it for me. I still play Forza on my 360 even tho I have my PS4.
medman  +   727d ago
The xbone has got the clap. Stay away until it gets cleared up. What a sloppy mess Microsoft have made.
UnholyLight  +   728d ago
I have to say, Ive been enjoying my PS4 a lot more than my X1 but..A good chunk of Sony exclusives really don't interest me at all. The Order looked cool until they started running around with futuristic guns and stuff...
Syleros  +   728d ago
"The Order looked cool until they started running around with futuristic guns and stuff..."

so you mean the first 6 seconds of the order looked good, cause they showed "futuristic" weapons in the first 10 seconds. Also i wouldn't really clasify that as futuristic, it's more steampunk, minus the steam. it's clearly not in a realistic universe we exist in.
Prime157  +   727d ago
It's an alternate history setting very similar to steam-punk. I get that you don't like it. Your opinion. You are entitled to that. However, I think you should try reading this:
UnholyLight  +   727d ago

Yeah I guess I fail at remembering correctly then..


That actually puts things in a different perspective and is kind of an interesting view point to have. Thanks for that
DivineAssault  +   728d ago
i would rather have a PS4 with no retail games & PS Plus than to own xb1 & every game out for it right now & 5 yrs of gold
TH3BR3W  +   727d ago
I'm glad you are so willing to state your love for PS4 I love it too. Please though learn to keep your posts on topic.
DivineAssault  +   727d ago
well if u looked & read the comment thread TH3BR3W, u would see that my comment was a reply to the 1st one way up there..
ssj27  +   728d ago
Have you notice how every IP on the xbox has lost their main creator's, developers and studio's?

Those IP have lost their soul.

That is where you see the difference between Sony and xbox, Sony know how important that is.
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Prime157  +   727d ago

Or how they take a studio (black tusk) with a lot of talent and hype (especially after e3 reveal/tech demo) and force them to drop their ideas to produce another gears game.

They know that those titles will likely sell, nothing more. I hate that mindset.
assdan  +   728d ago
Infamous is a fantastic game. Deep down looks like it could be promising. The order is looking pretty good so far. This year is awesome for games. No matter which console you got. I'm far more interested the ps4 exclusives. But even eliminating both exclusive line ups, it's still a great year. This gen is starting off way better than the last one IMO.
combatcash  +   728d ago
For me much like last gen the last guardian is what I am waiting on.

Anything by Naughty dog the next god of war just to see how much Santa Monica can push the pretty graphics.
ITPython  +   728d ago
Let's look at both consoles logically for a second.

What is the ratio of multiplatform games to individual console exclusives? 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 10:1? Either way I think it's safe to assume that multiplat games are more abundant then exclusives.

Now let's consider the fact that multiplat games are always going to be better on the PS4 (unless MS pays to have parity, and even then it's still equal). Therefore mix the PS4 exclusives and superior multiplat games, and the PS4 technically is going to have significantly more games than the XB1, possibly at some huge ratio like 20:1. Why? Because the only games the XB1 will have that can't be had on the PS4 is it's exclusives, and since multiplat games are better on the PS4 there is no reason to play those on the XB1. So the PS4 gets all the multiplat games + all it's exclusives, and the XB1 only has it's exclusives. That's a huge difference in games.

Logically, and from a gamer standpoint, a PS4 should be the console everybody gets first. Then if they have the funds and think that XB1 exclusives will be worth it, they can add in a XB1.
TruthBTold  +   727d ago
If I had the money and time I would buy. If they removed the Kinect to lower the price and I had more time I would buy. As it is I barely have time to play PS3 and PS4 but I'm certain XBox will have some good exclusives this gen. I lean more towards PS as I personally like the unique games they bring out.
dannygamer  +   727d ago
Any Xbox One exclusives that could make PS4 users switch console?
TH3BR3W  +   727d ago
Honestly I am waiting for more about quantum break. If it turns out to be as good as it looks so far. I might consider adding the xb1 to my collection of gaming machines. If it's a crapshot game then xb1 will have to find something else to get me interested in it.

The only reasons I bought ps4 was for infamous, the order, and the NHL series as EA terminated the development of it for PC. As for all of the multiplats, PC all the way. I trust that sony's multiple studios will produce more exclusives that I will for sure buy like TLOU.
donman1  +   727d ago
Nope. Plus, XboxOne is over priced and under powered. Its simply a terrible investment.
showtimefolks  +   727d ago
i only have time for one and that's even stretching it, my choice is ps4 because my choice was ps1,ps2 and ps3. More power to you if you like wiiu or xbox one.

I just like playing single player exclusives and for my money sony delivers in that area more than any other
TheTowelBoy  +   727d ago
I don't know why you're getting a a bunch of dislikes, and I agree I have a Ps4, gaming laptop, 360 and Ps3 and I only play my Ps4 to play AC4 and Killzone. Love the way the Order LOOKS right now. But I'm cautious about it. Btw I'm buying an X1 when there's a kinectless version. Get TF for PC, looks good.
Xer0_SiN  +   727d ago
when they said ninja based, i instantly had a flashback of tenchu from the ps1 glory days lol.
Francis2  +   727d ago
I wish it were so! Sadly not, N+ is far more retro than Tenchu
Alex_Boro  +   727d ago
Ehh... can't see any hype for the Order. We barely know much about the game. I am hyped for infamous, uncharted, and santa monica's new ip
TheSaint  +   727d ago
Why do you have to give it up? Couldn't you own more than one console??
Chaostar  +   728d ago
Let's face it, you could bring out the greatest game in history and some people would never make the switch, either way.

Why does it have to be switch anyway? Why not get both if there are games that interest you on both platforms? Buy a Wii U and Vita while you're at it :)
jmc8888  +   728d ago
If you can afford both, then get both.

There's two kinds of switches.

1. Where you switch because you can only afford one console and thus you want to get the one that has the best games, best versions of games, etc.

2. Where you switch where you buy most of your content eve if you buy two. So last generation most people bought multiplatform games on Xbox 360, yet had their PS3 for exclusives. This generation the switch will be that they'll be buying their multiplatform games on PS4 (as well as PS4 exclusives) and only buy Xbox One exclusives on their Xbox One.

The question is, Microsoft doesn't have many studios to pump out exclusives. They say it is important for new IP's, like Iwata says he knows he wants to avoid a game drought for Nintendo systems after launch.

So I do think many people are going to initially use their secondary system far less, because Microsoft simply doesn't have the studios. We'll see in 2-3 years if Microsoft has a bunch of 1st party exclusives coming out or not. But first we'll see the news that they are buying or starting a new developer.

...and you're right, same thing goes with the Wii U. (I'll separate this into console not handheld)

At least you know exactly what you get with Nintendo 1st party games.
chrissx  +   728d ago
Ps4 #4thePlayers
Hellsvacancy  +   728d ago
No, just no, it's comments like yours that makes me hate being a Playstation fan sometimes

Say something interesting when you comment not just a dumbass one liner that we've all heard before
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Hicken  +   728d ago
Why base your stance on how foolish others make themselves look? That's just as bad as somebody lumping you in with a serial killer cuz he's from the same town as you.
Eonjay  +   727d ago
You are over reacting.
skydragoonity  +   727d ago
Most immature comment I've seen all year
moujahed  +   728d ago
Honestly I don't see any game now causing a person to purchase a PS4 if they already have an X1. Most of the people I know purchased the PS4 for its raw power. The real question is which multi-play game will decide your system of choice. I'm currently trying to Platinum TR Definitive Edition, that game is beautiful.
Chrisgamerguy  +   728d ago
Both consoles have exclusives worth buying the console for.
BlakHavoc  +   728d ago
I agree. I honestly think it's unnecessary to buy both consoles, considering the main thing that separates them are exclusives. And with that in mind both consoles maybe put out one to two worthwhile exclusives a year, Imo it doesnt make sense to have both consoles for one or two games a year you could only get on that console.
Hicken  +   728d ago
I wouldn't say they both currently have exclusives worth getting the console for, but they are upcoming for each.
TheTowelBoy  +   727d ago
Bubs for being reasonable!
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   728d ago
Maybe if it was an established name like Legend Of Dragoon with help from Level 5 or the revival of Extermination.....
DCfan  +   727d ago
I like how you think.
WeAreLegion  +   728d ago
inFamous was all I needed to know. Oh, and The Show. ;)
DanteVFenris666  +   728d ago
Has Everquest next totally been forgotten? It may not be 2014 but it's surely the best game concept I've ever seen. Other then that I'm interested on infamous and deep down online, more of an rpg type of guy
InTheZoneAC  +   728d ago
if you left ps2 for xbox it is already too late to switch these programmed customers...

every gen is like this and playstation has offered the most, but still, people don't want it...
jimjam3442  +   728d ago
i don't understand what you mean really, i had a ps2 gamecube and xbox at the same time, i got the xbox 360 because it came out a year early. if the ps3 had come out a year early i would have gotten that instead, im not a fanboy or "loyal" customer. when you're loyal to a company, the consumer gets screwed (xbox 360 to xbox 1) which is why this gen i chose ps4. if the ps5 sucks believe me ill get an xbox 2.
InTheZoneAC  +   728d ago
but what did xbox offer that made you pick 360 over ps3 besides coming out first?

that's the logic I'm talking about and think it's bs.

I'm loyal to playstation because I don't get screwed over every gen and come back like nothing happened...
Ultimax  +   728d ago
Xbox 2 !?

Since when ? Wasn't the Xbots making excuses for M$ about " All in one " slogan , i swear if this is become real this will be the cheapest useless brand EVER , too late to follow others huh ?
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NeoTribe  +   728d ago
Last of us, uncharted, little big planet, the order, infamous are the big dogs. Theres tons of other potential goty sony contenders also. Im pretty sure sony is gonna be competing with its own games for goty from now on. Sony has aquired to many super power ips.
saimcheeda  +   728d ago
I'm interested in
Shadow of the Beast and The Order:1886, I hope Infamous turns out good. I'm not a fan of the first two!
BlakHavoc  +   728d ago
It all comes down to preference. I had a 360 before I had a ps3,but I personally like the ps3's exclusives more. Gow 3, UC2&3, infamous and killzone made me make the switch.
WickedLester  +   728d ago
BakPAin  +   728d ago
I'll start with this, I plan on owning PS4 and XB1. But if I were to make a switch to PS exclusively it would be for MLB The Show, Uncharted and God of War those are my favorite franchises on PS!
#14 (Edited 728d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Gamer666  +   728d ago
I have all three next gen consoles.

None of those games would make me switch from one console to PS4.

If you own Wii U it is probably because of Mario and Zelda. None of those games would be comparable to those.

If you own an XBone it is probably because you want Halo and Gears of War. Again, none of those games are comparable. And with Titanfall only a month away a lot of shooter fans are waiting to see if it lives up to expectations.

The reason I bought the PS4 is for God of War and Uncharted. Uncharted has a real sequel coming out and I will wait for the God of War sequel patiently.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   728d ago
Funny how all these Xbox fanboys are talking crap about the PS4 having no exclusives. When they know damn well that MS always release a strong exclusive lineup and then it starts to die off. Their biggest "exclusive" will be on PC where it will be the definitive version and have more players. They will milk the same played out franchises like Halo (which hasn't been good since H3) Gears of War (Which hasn't been good since Gears 2) and Fable. They have to pay off companies for exclusives. Like DR3 and Titanfall. MS has no 1st party studios. Xbox fans love to brag about Black Tusk who is pretty irrelevant, and they even go as far as calling them the next "Naughty Dog".
The Order 1886 and Uncharted alone will be better than anything the Xbox One will get anytime soon. We already know everything MS has planned all the way up to 2016, and its not impressive. Meanwhile we still don't know what Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, Guerrilla Games, Sony London are working on.

InFamous Second Son, Driveclub, MLB 14 The Show (which is the best baseball franchise ever), The Order 1886, and Uncharted. That sounds better then the Xbox ones upcoming tired out exclysivez
Oh and Everybody's Gone Into The Rapture, SOMA, Rime, Shadow Of The Beast, Shadow Warrior, Planetside 2, and Everquest Next.
#16 (Edited 728d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DasTier  +   728d ago
Sounds like your insecure about something.
aragon  +   727d ago
So Sony doesn't milk franchises? Or make hd remakes? Uncharted, infamous, god of war no sequels?
Ddavis513  +   728d ago
I got my PS4 day one and never really planned to get an XBone. I just have a preference. Maybe after a price drop I'll grab it for the kids since they like to move around with the wii. So that way the kids will be happy and if there's a Xbone game I want I can play it but 99% of my focus and funds are going into the playstation. The people that have xbones probably won't drop their 500 dollar investment to switch to the ps4 I know I wouldn't I'm not made of money lol.
steele80   728d ago | Spam
AnEwGuY  +   728d ago
I'm not need to "switch". I'll pick up a PS4 when LBP3 and Uncharted 4 are interest until then.
Ashby_JC  +   728d ago
How about games that will make me buy a ps4. Why the need to have one console. Get both!!
fishy1  +   728d ago
Seriously, all this ps4 hype about downloadable games???? Seriously, why would you pay 400$ to play crap that could be on the current consoles. Dont say they wont run, thats a load of crap. Any worth while game is out on 360 and ps3. games play the same just look prettier or uglier. nothing to make me want to buy a dust collector. This is the same thing as last generation. Sony takes years to put out decent games worth buying there console. But the one thing they sell better than any other company out there, obviously is hype. Hype for the future, because for the present theres nothing to play after the first week of ownership. Hype for future games years off. As someone who has been through every console launch, I know from past that the time for a ps4 is at the soonest next year. The xbox1, goes the same. Titanfall could have been a system seller, but its on the 360 so that kills any reason for that system too. I'll wait, not for a price decrease, but for a content increase.

Game on or move on
DasTier  +   728d ago
But there is still nothing comparable to the franchise which pulled me away from PC and introduced me to console gaming in the first place, Halo.
MrDead  +   728d ago
I have Halo 1 & 2 on my PC which are by far the best two.
PaperMan  +   728d ago
Out of all those so far I'm only interested in buying Infamous for my PS4. I'll pick it up on day one. The others like Order and Uncharted will most likely be great games but we haven't seen anything to say that so far.
Kingoftherodeo  +   728d ago
Seriously only game ps4 is cooking right now is the order. God of war is just fucking out of control wtf is kratos gonna fight next planets? I know people will disagree but ps4 right now has nothing worth playing I'm playing bf4 and ac4 both multiplats. Waiting for infamous to finally have a proper game. Now don't give me this shit you say xbox fan boys are blind for not seeing specs. I say we are blind for not seeing where the games are right now xbox can say we have 4 proper games with another coming in March. Mean while I'm over here waiting on last fucking guardian
sgtGanGreen  +   728d ago
I would never switch consoles. Best exclusives are on xbox one. But I would buy ps4 next to xbox one just for couple of good exclusives but there is none yet
corvusmd  +   728d ago
File not Found

(not only does PS4 not have any exclusives I care about at all yet..thus why I cancelled my pre-order, but why SWITCH? That's fanboy talk...why not get both? That's what a gamer would do in that situation).
#26 (Edited 728d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Flames76  +   728d ago
Didnt see one PS4 game there to make me want to switch from my Xbox One with the best exclusive games.Titanfal crushs every game they just talked about alone.Hell i want my Halo,Gears,Fable,Sunset Overdrive,Quantum break,Forza,and Crackdown the next 2 years.Thats just scratching the surface damn wallet is gonna hate me
MajorGecko  +   728d ago
my recent break up with battlefield has left me undecided, I am waiting to see if Titan Fall is worth staying with Microsoft if it sucks then i will go on PS4 for Destiny, I still needa jump to next gen.
#28 (Edited 728d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Platinum_k  +   728d ago
Will definitely get PS4 for more than half of those games
aquaviva71  +   728d ago
XBOX is and will be an OK gaming console if and when they modify it by removing all that junk kinect b|c it will have some good games coming out in the future but at the moment I won't spend the $$ as is with the Kinect crap.
The PS4 is first and foremost the BEST gaming console this gen.
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