Why Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Is A Joke

VideoGamer: "Konami’s full-price demo is an exploitation of fan affection, and could set an alarming precedent."

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s8anicslayer1770d ago

2 hour completion time + 39.99 is = Fail....nude said!

WeAreLegion1770d ago

Nude? Don't even correct it. Stick to your guns.

s8anicslayer1770d ago

Lmao! My spell check changed nuff to nude and I didn't even know until I got your reply notification....The for the heads up!

Oschino19071770d ago

Well good thing it will be plenty over 2 hours worth of play time when you include the side missions and exclusive ones. Not to mention being able to tackle them in multiple ways meaning >1 play through to experience it all.

Also I wasn't aware the only way to play it was to buy it day one physical for next gen. Didn't realize there aren't any other versions or ways to gain access to the game (renting, trading, waiting for price drop, etc...). /s

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1770d ago

So true.

I don't know what people don't get about this.

The game is only 20-30 on psn and it has phenomenal replay value. I have no complaints about it. It's worth the money.

nohopeinc1770d ago

I agree with you because you are correct. It is just a shame the most vocal group are the group that is complaining about the cost to length ratio.

Don't buy it, that is all you have to do. Have you no self control?

Minecraft literally has no end so are we to believe all you complaining would pay an infinite amount of money for it?

BiggCMan1770d ago

2 to 5 hour game at 20 dollars, seems about reasonable if people are ok with Journey, Flower, Walking Dead, and other popular 15 to 20 dollar titles. People getting so stuck up over the 40 dollar version that they forget it will be available for 20 dollars.

Don't get it if you decide, but realize there is a HALF OFF option that is just as easily accessible.

Oschino19071770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

To add to that I would also say it will be a very high quality game on a new engine that will blow away any other game that cost the same or similar new.

I expect a to spend atleast 2 hours just taking it all in and marveling at the insane amount of detail.

McScroggz1770d ago

If you want a filet for dinner but it's too expensive you can still buy a skirt steak. It's still a steak, right!

The fact is anybody who has a next gen system is going to want it to take advantage of the enormous power difference. Sure, you could make the argument that it's only $30 digital but A) you then lose all resale value and B) a lot of people still prefer physical copies.

But regardless of that, it's the precedent that's being set that is troubling. Ground Zeroes, for all intents and purposes, is a demo with a few side missions. Charging $30-40 for a demo is just wrong.

GuyThatPlaysGames1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Last time I checked, I believe Flower was only $5 if that. Far from your said $20-$40.

redwin1770d ago

I wonder, if Microsoft would do this with Halo, what would you say about Microsoft ? ........ Your first though .... There is your answer! I'm buying Groung Zeroes anyway, but this is the first and last time I let them take advantage of me this way.

bryam19821770d ago

if the digital version for my ps4 do i get the extra.content???

DevilishSix1770d ago

Hey BiggCMan its not available for $20 its available for $30 digi and $40 disc.

Flower was a $10 game at launch and Journey was $15 or 20 can't remember, but they weren't 30 or 40.

Defending this blantant rip off of the series fans is what is ruining this industry.

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captain_slow821770d ago

been reading naughty mags before posting eh eh lol :P

anyways im going to wait till it drops to £10 before i play it as much as i like mgs 2 hours story isnt worth £30 imo

assdan1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It's not just 2 hours. It's also has five side ops. I'm gonna be pissed unless I they are all an hour each at least (I'm highly doubting that). The biggest reason I can't justify this purchase, is because I compared it to peace walker. I spend close to 200 hours on that game one summer, and I only replayed some of the boss fights etc. If I wouldn't have replayed one mission in MGSPW though, I would have still gotten close to 100 hours out of that game, still. Peace walker and ground zeroes aren't even in the same ball park of value. The entire idea of what they're doing is just wrong. Yeah, this is a REALLY good demo, but not worth $30. Konami thought that they could get away with this BS because MGS is arguably the most beloved series of all time. But that doesn't mean lovers of the game will just blindly buy the crap they're slinging. I'm going to get ground zeroes because I really want more MGS, but the max I'm paying is $15 because that's what this thing is worth. I hope almost no one buys this game at launch to prove a point to Konami. They can't get away with this BS. And this NEEDS to happen. No one should buy this just out of principal. I don't want a precedent to be set where this is common practice.

SnotyTheRocket1770d ago

"Konami’s full-price demo..." It's not full-price, but okay.

supersonicjerry1770d ago

most likely played on easy and just ran through and took 2 hours

Everlastingfate1770d ago

I think "thx" autocorrected to "the."

Autocorrect is not your friend today.

moujahed1770d ago

So everyone thinks you have no choice but to pay 40$ Okay... This board is full of, well... special people.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1770d ago

Great read, the future is bleak if this practice manages to set roots in the industry.

zerocrossing1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Exactly! This is what so many people are missing. Such a thing could set a damaging precedent if this practice became an acceptable industry norm.

EA have already demonstrated how easy it is to ruin a good thing such as F2P and DLC.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1770d ago

I'm pretty sure Kojima and Kazunori are the only ones who can get away with this. And it's still very arguable that prologue and ground zeroes are worth the money. Games like COD or even Assassin's Creed won't find much success doing this if they tried.

admiralvic1770d ago

"Exactly! This is what so many people are missing. Such a thing could set a damaging precedent if this practice became an acceptable industry norm. "

-rolls eyes-

Some people, like yourself, think this is some sort of holy crusade and the people that don't stand against Ground Zeroes are damaging the industry. I got news, Ground Zeroes is not the first game to charge $30+ dollars for a 2 hour game. It isn't even the only game in the past 3 to 4 months to ask that much for a 2 hour game.

However, like so many stances people take against games, it is never the first game that does it or even the worst game...

Sorcery Saga has Always Online DRM on the Vita.
Super Monkey Ball had locked saves before Biohazard Mercenary.
Blazblue was charging for pallet swaps before Capcom and has some of the worst DLC practices in the whole industry.

However, we instead hear nothing about Sorcery Saga, Monkey Ball is given a pass because no one "cares" and Arc System Works can do whatever they want because Capcom is the most evilest company like evah.

All I want to know is, where were you people ****ing about length and value when Tearaway came out? That game can easily be completed in 2 hours and had a $40 dollar MSRP, yet I've never seen anyone on this site speak ill of it and many STILL regard it as the best Vita game. In fact, many people said "quality is more important than length and in this case, Tearaway is amazing".

How about Metal Gear Rising? That was a game that could be completed in 5 hours with HEAVY searching. The Bracelet of Time could be unlocked in Bayonetta if you beat the game in under 3 hours. ICO can be completed in 2 hours if you wanted to, same with God of War and many other games.

In the end, some people act like this is the first game, when it is far from it. You want precedent, go look at Tearaway, Metal Gear Rising, Anarchy Reigns (That cost $90 retail in Japan) and many many many more games. However, I'll just take my disagrees and people can try to explain how this is somehow different.

nohopeinc1770d ago

If it became normal practice would that not indicate that the market that is driven by the buyer is in fact accepting this new practice?

After all you only buy it if you want to, Konami doesn't have access directly to your money, so if you don't participate buy not buying it that kudos to you. If you do buy it because you want it, well kudos to you.

Because you are the one that holds your consumer choice, it will be nobody but your own fault if you do or do not buy it.

Every time I read one of the tinfoil hat, your a sheeple, the corporate agenda articles, I feel like our species has become to entitled. Everything is a ploy if it isn't free, even the F2P games are a ploy. Well duh? Since when did companies start doing business with the intent to not make profit?

Hellsvacancy1770d ago

You might aswel not play it and wait for the full release if it's only 2 hours long, it'll just p!ss you off even more that you've got to wait

kind of like a women (or loved one) doing......... "something" to you, and then not finishing you off, they just leave room "i'll come back later"

Kyosuke_Sanada1770d ago

With 40 dollars in their pocket? XD

Iltapalanyymi1770d ago

Why The Author Of This Article Is A Joke

TheGreatAndPowerful1770d ago

What's with all the hate for MG these days?

Kyosuke_Sanada1770d ago

When somebody does things that people hate, people tend to respond back........hatefully.

TheGreatAndPowerful1770d ago

But the response that this issue is getting is just a little over dramatic at this point. If you don't like what these people are doing then don't support it.. problem over.

N2NOther1770d ago


It's because people see this as not only a rip-off but also, like the article said, likely set a bad precedent. Trying to be vocal about it to raise awareness of the problem is only beneficial to us as gamers and more importantly consumers.

The way game companies have turned our beloved hobby into money making schemes is downright disgusting. If this sells well it sends a message that it's OK and you can bet all $40 and then some that other publishers will try to do the same.

There is nothing over dramatic about saying $40 for 2 hours of game is wrong.

Kyosuke_Sanada1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

You got to drill it in their head why it isn't a good idea. Indifference is treated as acceptance nowadays which is why things like DLC, incomplete games and other issues we have now have grown out of control. People have to know what's going in the industry so practices like this isn't going through the cracks.

Back in the day you would have game journalists to do their job but you've seen too many of them become apologists so they can get perks from developers and such. Hell if I didn't scour the internet for news on titles like Battlefield 4 and Skyrim which got high marks in reviews, I would have been stuck with unplayable messes on Day One.

zerocrossing1770d ago

People aren't hating MGS, they're hating Konami's poor decisions with handling it.

Sephiroushin1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

So, why does it bother you if some people are speaking up what they think? ...
You do like what they're doing?! then support it...
Problem over.

Edit: But seriously, don't cry up later because every publisher decide to cut 10% of the full game and sells it to you as a the 1st part of the game when in fact it's a demo/trial!

captain_slow821770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

its not hate but would u go out and buy an mgs game for £70? no you wouldnt and not many would

and this is how there getting around a season pass alot of games want u to buy into now a days

can we sell a full game at £80 ish or do we break up the game and sell it in sections? works for most multiplayer shooter rite?

and ping there ya have it :D

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