This Month's RPG Releases - Shop Watch February 2014

RPGLand tells of this month's titles of note for role-playing fans, saying, "Really, February starts off the year for RPGs much better than January." Watch out especially for Bravely Default, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and Fable Anniversary.

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Ilovetheps41773d ago

I bought Bravely Default on Friday. Surprisingly, every store within 25 miles of my house is sold out of the game now. I'm glad I preordered it. I wasn't expecting a shortage of it. But I'm only 16 hours into the game right now, and so far, the game is amazing. It's taking what I love about JRPGs and putting it all into one game. The battle system is so much fun and just unique. The story, although cliche, is enjoyable. The humor is fun and the characters are likable. I suggest this game to anyone who is a JRPG fan.

3-4-51772d ago

I love everything about this game.

I'm only like 5 hours in or so and it's just awesome.

Nothing I could complain about so far. Even the "cliched" story isn't's got it's own personality.

Also possibly some of the best Music + Art style I've ever seen in game before.