Child of Light Releases On May 1st In Japan

Ubisoft Japan have announced the Japanese release date for Child of Light. The new title will release on May 1st in the country for 1480 Yen.

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knifefight1766d ago

Right in the thick of Golden Week, when sales skyrocket.

Geobros1766d ago

I love when games like these are releasing first in Europe before japan.....

Sephiroushin1766d ago

Ubisoft is an European company (French company to be exact) And the developers of Child of Light are from Canada, if I'm not wrong... So what would you expect?!
Actually the release for JP is way sooner than it was expected, awesome!

Geobros1766d ago

Just to remind you No More Heroes which is a Ubisoft game and it released first in Japan and it came 4 months later in Europe. I have many other examples of video games history...

Sephiroushin1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

You just proved my point!
No more heroes was actually developed by Japanese(Grasshopper Manufacture) also published by a Japanese company (Marvelous Entertainment), later on published in NA by Ubisoft

When a game is developed by Japanese and the original publisher is Japanese the game release first there 99% of the time ...

Same happens when a game is developed/published by a NA company; the game will probably release first on NA then around the time or some months down the road EU / JP / AU etc etc ...