RPGLand Review - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

"When LR: FFXIII‘s battles are at their best, primarily during the four story quest bosses, they are among the most engaging in the series. A battle with a villain from one of the previous two games strikes a sublime balance of fast and slow attacks, powerful elemental blasts, and a form change that alters the player’s knockout strategy. That single fight is perfect, favoring both aggressive and defensive play styles and intense enough to make one’s palms sweat. Had the whole game been fights like that, many other flaws could be forgiven, but Lightning Returns has too many easy fights where the strategy is formulaic. The enemy numbers are mostly finite, and enemies can be exterminated entirely, but there are still just too many of the same enemies."


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acharlez1767d ago

Can't say I'm gonna play this...

Summons751766d ago

So why are you even here?

LAWSON721766d ago

Just another FF hater who thinks hes special for hating FF13.

boshi1766d ago

so he can make sure everyone knows he's not going to play it.

maximus19851766d ago

because the comments section is about expressing your opinion. By your logic only comments supporting this game should be here and the same for every other article. If someone doesnt like a game even if i may disagree i like hearing their view because it creates a debate about the pros and cons of the the game

-Foxtrot1766d ago



I think you guys who like FF13, you know the ones in the minority think your special for liking it.

Seriously, you guys really think your in the majority's hilarious

trenso11766d ago

@maximus1985 yes thats true that the comment section is for opinions but he isnt making any debates and the pros and cons of the game from he has seen. He hasn't even played it yet. But still we have multiple people coming here say FF13 is the worst or I'm not playing this game etc. Majority of the people who regularly come to bash this haven't even played FF13-2. So why would they even be remotely concerned about this game? They aren't they want to join the bandwagon of bashing another final fantasy 13 title.

maximus19851766d ago

its mentally exhausting but here goes.

story-l'cie are stuck following orders but will be crystalized if they do or if they dont.....honestly im still not sure how lightning survived the end but then was sent to valhalla and then theres time travel.... nothing wrong with confusing story as long as the ride is interesting. It was also alot more linear than most of us were use to, i mean even 10 had an airship

gameplay- battle system was about switching paradigms and after every battle you auto heal and it there wasn't much variety in weapons so you end up seeing the same thing over and over.

characters- great characters and voice actors, some of the names like lightning, snow, hope i was kinda like ugh but its in every final fantasy i guess (cloud strife) just this one was one too many.

like i said theres just no ONE reason but the overall package that brings this game below ff standards but i can understand where people with no expectations can enjoy the 13 trilogy

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Hicken1766d ago

Can't say I care.

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to this game. This, and quite a few other JRPGs still to come for the PS3, especially Persona 5. CAN'T WAIT.

JasonRoseEh1766d ago

Awful review. Graphics as per the Final Fantasy usual? C'mon, even for all the criticism this series get, the games are gorgeous.

LAWSON721766d ago

FF13 and FF13-2 are stunning and other than being 720p with a fair bit of jaggies (something that plagues every good graphical game on consoles, that is why I cannot wait for an emulator for this gen games if it ever happens) they are easily one of the best looking games this gen

knifefight1766d ago

I would disagree and say that the graphics are not per the Final Fantasy usual. I think usually Final Fantasy has some of the best graphics on whatever hardware it's on.

Yet with this game, I mean, it has THIS:

Ew. =/

timberlander1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Hope its the last ff13. Worst ff saga ever.

Give us ff15

maximus19851766d ago

i agree, its hard to pin point why its so bad because there just so many things arguably. But heres hoping its the last and that 15 is good

Summons751766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It's hard to pinpoint because haters have no valid reason.

Edit: There are personal opinions but no actual reason why it's a bad game, it's a perfectly fine game that the nostalgically blind try to compare to their personal favorite game in the series.

Irishguy951766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

No summons,


Tutorial for too long, battles take too long and they are ****ing crap and boring, the only exception is boss battles and summon battles

The story was an utter disgrace. It was the chessiiest **** in the series and the villain was one big *** joke. He had no emotions whatsoever. Useless.

The gameplay consisted of nothing but battles. There was no point to the 'walking' mechanic because all you did was walk to the next fight. Nothing else for the entire game. It had two parts in the game were this diverged intop what I assume were suppose to be sidequests.

1: Hope gets on a big robot and walks for about 30 seconds
2: Sazh/Vanille chase a baby chocobo around a little area which activates a cutscene of it hiding again/repeat.

****ing horrible

The music and graphics were good and thats it, and even at that the music was below par for a FF game.

The main thing about FF13 that made it 'the worst' game I played last gen, was that it was extremely repetitive, where you can get bored after 2 hours and then the next 30+ hours where the same ****.

Truly terribad game . How many hours did it take per 'new mechanic'. The mechanics, all paradigms etc should have been introduced within the first hour. You should have had control over your party within the first 3-5 hours. Not ****ing 20 hours before you get the basic mechanics of the game. Truly truly disgraceful stain on Square.

maximus19851766d ago

im going to get this because of the cloud buster sword and costume preorder bonus. yeah i know its stupid but i feel it gives me a reason to give ff13 series one last (i hope) try. Im going in with low expectations because ive played ff13 and 13-2 like most of you and i personally have to go with fool me twice fool me 3 times way of thinking. some im sure will argue well you cant pre judge this title but i feel one should so to each his own. i welcome all disagrees because honestly i want to be wrong and have this be one of the good ones like BRAVELY DEFAULT (this game is magic in your hands)

kevnb1766d ago

I actually didn't like ffxiii the first time I tried it most likely because of expectations, I'm trying it again and I actually find it pretty good. It's not the best in the series, but it's still a really good game IMO. Lightning returns looks awesome to me, mostly because of the gameplay.

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