Top 10 Most Metal Games

Listen...with your eyes! These are the games that shredded our ears, melted our faces and behaved inappropriately like heavy metal should.

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LAWSON721765d ago

MGR boss battles were pretty awesome with the metal playing in the background. Sadly the only bit of any DMC game I have played was the DMC4 demo. One of these days I will get HD collection and 4

e-p-ayeaH1765d ago

The voice of the narrator reminds me why i hate gametrailers.

SpiralTear1765d ago

Regardless of what they chose, it seems awfully problematic to make a list of "Most Metal Games" when metal (like any kind of music) is so incredibly subjective. I mean, there are dozens of subgenres in metal, so many sounding different from others, that making a list about "most metal" games seems to focus on a single ideology of what metal is or what it's supposed to be.

Blood, steel and violence don't necessarily make metal, and Gametrailers really seems to let those things determine a lot of these games' placement on this list.

CrimsonDragon901765d ago

Why is Metal Gear Rising on the list. That "Rules Of Nature" song is not even Metal.

WeAreLegion1765d ago

DMC3 and Brutal Legend come to mind. God of War III, too.

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