Lightning Returns Walkthrough Part 1 English

" Lightning Returns Gameplay Walkthrough on Xbox 360 in 1080p HD. This Lightning Returns Walkthrough series will also include a Review, all Missions and the Ending."

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DragonKnight1592d ago

Really? A walkthrough for a game in which you're encouraged to play as linearaly (yes, I made up that word) as possible requires a walkthrough? *sigh*

Also, this shouldn't have been approved.

Godmars2901592d ago

At the very least, a stand alone review should be first.

KonsoruMasuta1592d ago

A walkthrough of this game really isn't bad. It would help you with time management and beating the annoying clock that is constantly counting down. It would also help you find the objectives and NPCs that the game makes you look for.

Heisenburger1592d ago

Lol I'm a bit of a romantic at heart, so I found him instantly relatable. Also I want him inside me. No homo.

lmao XD

Heisenburger1592d ago

Don't be a baby. Lol

I'll be picking this up in the bargain bin when it's dirt cheap. I love me some Snow.

DragonKnight1592d ago

I'm not touching this even if it's given to me. Though Snow is awesome. He has the best theme of any character in the whole FF series.

KonsoruMasuta1592d ago

"I love me some Snow"

Just can't resist the muscles and hair, huh? I know how you feel.

Knightshade1592d ago

It's not linear. I'm finding that if you play it in a linear fashion you are gonna have a bad time when you encounter a boss. You need to bounce around a bit on this one.

DragonKnight1592d ago

You're trying to tell me that a game that discourages, even though it allows for it, exploration and the typical mechanics of any RPG isn't linear?

ErryK1592d ago

This game doesn't encourage linearity. You just play it as if it does. You're at fault.

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Elda1592d ago

It amazes me how you always see the same people or person coming into every FF-XIII related article they supposedly have NO INTEREST IN just to make negative comments,evidently they have a RAGING HARD ON for anything FF-XIII related.On another note definitely picking this one up including the strategy guide.

AdmiralSnake1592d ago

He does this on every single FF13 Article, it's ridiculous.

Elda1591d ago

Thank you,I thought it was just me,I personally never go into an article I have NO INTEREST IN & make negative comments especially if the article is not attacking the subject matter,knowing there are people that genuinely want to continue playing this Saga or have interest in playing & you have this same Debbie Downer entering the forum everytime stating her same negative bullsh*t that no one cares to read.

DragonKnight1591d ago

It amazes me how often you cry about people posting negative comments about your baby, I mean your favourite game. You know it's going to happen, you know the majority of people don't like the entire trilogy let alone this game, and yet you think that because you like the game you're the only one entitled to talk about it.

Suck it up buttercup, the game and trilogy sucks. Don't like it? Don't read the comments of people you know aren't going to have the "RAGING HARD ON" for your waifu and her games.

AdmiralSnake1591d ago

It amazes me how often you steady come on every single Article repeating the same thing, you can't do something more productive ?

CLEARLY WE KNOW the majority hates the TRILOGY, because you make it YOUR BUSINESS to remind EVERYBODY about it every chance you get. You're obsessed, and it's quite redundant.

No, we just believe it's silly to keep coming on saying the same thing about a game we so called "don't like". However You comment on these articles about the trilogy more than the people who like them.

Notice you're the ONLY one here having something NEGATIVE to say. EVERYBODY KNOWS you don't like it, WHY keep Reminding us on every single Article ? Exactly, when YOU stop crying about this game, we would DEF stop crying about seeing YOU on the comment section to the FF13 Trilogy.

DragonKnight1591d ago

@AdmiralSnake: Whatever you said, I have you on ignore and won't read it, so you're wasting your time.

AdmiralSnake1591d ago

Lol @ "wasting your time" but you're not wasting YOUR TIME coming on the FF13-3 ARTICLES flaming every chance you get.

=), one must wonder....

AdmiralSnake1592d ago

Lol @DragonKnight bitter behind on ANOTHER Final Fantasy Article.

When I don't like a game, and clearly have no interest in it, Guess what I do ? Avoid the articles and have nothing to say, especially repeating the same crap on every single Article.

I preordered my COPY on the PSN and bought the Limited Edition FF13-3 controller, I hope to enjoy the game as I did the others.

For those who will pick it up in the Bin, I hope you all enjoy the game as well for what it's worth.

Elda1591d ago

@AdmiralSnake..Fantastic comment & comeback,you slayed DragonKnight with your words!!I didn't have to say anything knowing you said everything I would have said!I totally agree with every single word you stated,that girl is so annoying immature & bitter.