Titanfall Xbox One Controllers Have Begun Shipping

"If you ordered the special edition Titanfall controller for Xbox One, you could receive it real soon. A few of the gamepads are already being shipped out to gamers."

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n4rc1769d ago

Gotta pick one up.. Was slacking and forgot to preorder..

Damn day one downloads..Lol.. Made me lazy

KakashiHotake1769d ago

I'm just wondering when the heck is Microsoft gonna enable the Xbox One controllers to function on PC. I want one so badly and these Titan Fall controllers look really cool.

RiPPn1769d ago

Ugly, just release the white one that came with the employee model please.

4ShotKing1769d ago

Awesome, controller arriving just as the Titanfall BETA is starting, can't wait for it to arrive

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