ONM’s Wii U game tease isn’t Sonic Boom

ONM is teasing a new Wii U title for its next issue. While the magazine itself didn’t offer much in the way of hints, editor Matthew Castle has ruled out one possibility.

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eaise1769d ago

Was just looking at this article lol. What i think is strange is that he says the announcement won't be relevant anymore. Maybe a Nintendo Direct before the next magazine? Or could it be something else that caused the hype to go away?

mii-gamer1769d ago

Yep, I think that there will be a Nintendo Direct.

bobsmith1769d ago

yarn yoshi or Hyrule warriors?

deafdani1769d ago

nope, because they're already announced games. Then ONM game is supposed to be a new and unnanounced title.

7uff11769d ago

They stated before that it's not an F-Zero or Star Fox... Unfortunately.

deafdani1769d ago

They could've said that just to throw us off, though. :P

SageShinigami1769d ago

He said MIGHT NOT be relevant, not wouldn't be relevant, period. I think people are getting ahead of themselves. The hint is that a Nintendo Direct might happen before we see that cover.

wonderfulmonkeyman1769d ago

I think it's time we got a Nintendo Direct.
We're overdue.
We expected one last month but that didn't happen.
We need some good news to get rid of the sour taste of biased media articles...

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