XVox - Episode 30: Fappy Bird


Jason, Dustin, Eric, Michael, Vern & Devon.

Show Notes:

* Titanfall Xbox One & PC coming Mar 11; Xbox 360 moves to Mar 25 to give Bluepoint time to put the finishing touches on the game.
* Call of Duty Switches to a Three Year Development Cycle - Sledgehammer Games to develop the next Call of Duty Game
* Double Helix Games acquired by Amazon
* Microsoft will be moving on from Double Helix to work on Killer Instinct
* Hideo Kojima Explains Why MGS: Zeroes Is So Damn Short
* Xbox One System Update coming Feb 11
* CryEngine 4 Incredibly Powerful, Best Looking Next Gen Game is Ryse – Star Citizen Creator
* Stephen Elop To Head Microsoft's Expanded Devices Division, Including Xbox

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