PS Vita & the mystery of the vanishing game icons

@italkgame writes: In this article I like to address a small but non the less inconvenient glitch that occurred with my PS Vita and the games that I had saved to my Memory Card.

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Everlastingfate1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )


Proof reading is worth your time. How unprofessional.

italkgame1767d ago

Please elaborate, because your comment doesn't make any sense like this

Everlastingfate1767d ago

None the less. You said "non the less."

I guess you can't read or spell?

Everlastingfate1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

If you want to be taken seriously as a writer you should consider proof reading your work. I didn't even make it to your article without spotting a glaring typo. The article was riddled with typos, as well.

You literally have two typos in your description.

Firstly, you say "I like" when it should be "I'd like" then you say "Non the less" when it should be "none the less."

So, I'm not the one who doesn't make sense. It's you, who cannot accurately convey your message without errors.

italkgame1766d ago

Good point, and then again you should understand that I'm not responsible for the final edit. The point of the article is not to deliver the most correct piece of prose but actually be helpful.
If one is intelligent enough to see and point out the grammatical errors they will surely understand that what I am trying to convey.

Don't get me wrong I do appreciate you telling me what is wrong with the text.

Everlastingfate1766d ago

Ah yes, it's someone else's fault that your numerous typos weren't caught. Perhaps you rushed this item to get it posted before anyone else and didn't care about the quality of the product you are delivering.

Just because I can navigate through your incoherent ramblings to discern a point doesn't mean it was well written. If you are going to publish something for millions to read, the least you could do is respect your audience enough to write coherently.