Report: Halo Waypoint Coming To Xbox One

iGR: "One of the great things about the Halo multiplayer experience is the integration of Halo Waypoint. Bungie did a wonderful job connecting users through a variety of activities on the service. By now, Waypoint has become a staple of the overall Halo universe. Considering we haven’t heard much about Halo 5, I didn’t expect Microsoft to bring up Waypoint on Xbox One anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it."

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Deadmonkey761768d ago

Cool can't wait great things coming to xbox one games games games and more games plus cool apps and features

Deadmonkey761768d ago

Jesus Christ trolls are already disagreeing with me lmao must feel butthurt they will be waiting for greatness for half a decade before greatness comes

AceBlazer131768d ago

You got 3 disagrees wat the hell are you bitchin about? Or is it your inner troll itching to let loose. Jan and Feb must've been tough with nothing new, good thing sony got us outlast and don't starve.

Godmars2901768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Think its your (over)enthusiasm over something expected. Something which will very likely come on or before the heels of the XB1's first Halo title.

Your second comment doesn't help you any either. Makes you sound like a sensible, non-butthurt person.


Your explanation on why he got disagrees makes no sense. He got disagrees because there are Sony trolls in every Xbox article being lil haters. It's that simple. Everything he stated in his first post is correct. Lots of cool games and apps incoming for the X1. Stop trying to speculate as to why he got so many disagrees. It's obvious...

NeoTribe1768d ago

You got disagrees because your praising peanut shells like its amazing. Nothing great comming to x1, we all know this. Leave the real gaming to sony.

TheForwardUnto1768d ago

Halo...Way....Point.........Le mon Party?

4ShotKing1768d ago

Awesome, I love Halo Waypoint, so many great comics and TV shows on the App. Hope to see it integrated more with Halo 5.

PS4isKing_821768d ago

Sweet I love halo. Hopefully we'll get 25 halo games on xbox one instead of the paltry 17 halo games we got on 360.

LAWSON721768d ago

The trolling is strong with this one, though I think if MS could they would release that many Halos

Deadmonkey761768d ago

You forgot to mention how many uncharted games were launched last gen along with god of war and kill zone hell sony even launched kill zone for ps4 and that game was over hyped along with most sony games don't get it twisted

LAWSON721768d ago

It was nice and gimmicky for Halo 4. I only found it useful for Halo Reach custom challenges

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