Outlast PlayStation 4 Complete Walkthrough

The complete walkthrough of Outlast on the PlayStation 4. There are spoilers in the video, you have been warned.

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twdll1772d ago

Jump out of your shoes playing this game. Or scream like a girl. Great horror game.

solid_snake36561772d ago

Its even better with a nice surround sound system

KwietStorm1772d ago

Or a pair of Pulse Elites.

LOGICWINS1772d ago

I got as far as 0:01.

This is my reaction.

Smoey1772d ago

Me too (in the game) the light went out and I shat myself.

CursedHero1772d ago

I have no problem being a girl!

LGM3131772d ago

Great game, kind of reminds me of the good old days of RE.

NeloAnjelo1772d ago

A lot of good jumps in this game. Plus constant tension. Great stuff and exactly what I want from a horror game.

KwietStorm1772d ago

The guy's breathing is what really gets to me. That sounded way more sexual than I wanted it too.

NeloAnjelo1772d ago

lol... I get where you're coming from. I thought they could have done better by adding a heart beat.. maybe through the PS4 controller or something.

But playing it late at night, in the dark is quite a treat.

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The story is too old to be commented.