Sony London Studio Working on "Next-Generation Lighting" for Unannounced PS4 Games

Sony London Studio is currently working on an unspecified number of PS4 titles, and while there have been hints on the fact that one of those may be a new SingStar, the rest is currently shrouded in mystery. Today it was revealed that the studio is working on creating next generation lighting solutions for its new games.

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Eonjay1771d ago

They have so many different studios. Im interested to see what they all have planned for E3 and GamesCom.

ZodTheRipper1771d ago

How can anyone disagree with that? Wipeout is one of Sony's best franchises, it's one of the games I can ALWAYS play for a few rounds. It's like Mario Kart for adults and we need it on PS4.

sprinterboy1771d ago

I heard a rumour alot of the team formed a new studio and are making a new game in the style of wipeout but called something else. But it was just a rumour

DigitalRaptor1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@ Sprinterboy

That's no rumour - They're called Firesprite.

Read about it here:

I'm sure that since they're already making PS4 content, a future WipEout game or new exclusive IP is fairly likely.

KendrickLamar1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

If they announce a new Getaway game I would crap my pants and write a new song for it.

-Foxtrot1771d ago

They need to I reckon, Rockstar has said they will never set it in the UK again so I think the Getatway should do just do that.

I would them to reboot it though and start of a clean slate.....juat call it The Getatway.

hellzsupernova1771d ago

Sony london me wants the getaway, cast Jason Statham as the lead and i will die a happy man.

Drakesfortune1771d ago

Or Tom Hardy....Getaway would be sick

Walker1771d ago

Syphon Filter PLEASE !

hellzsupernova1771d ago

thats sony bend :) (hopefully)

Nero13141771d ago

No gamessssss to play right Nowwwwww

JP13691771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Killzone, Resogun and Outlast have been very enjoyable and we get the best version of EVERY multiplat game. Plus, I've been able to play Warframe and War Thunder for free, with Planetside 2 following suit soon. (no paywall, unlike the competition) You have Forza 5 (Or, Forza 4 HD), Ryse (Ha! Awful game with shit mechanics) and Dead Rising 3 (720p30). MS has a terrible track record when it comes to first party support and growth. They'll blow their wad on the few new IP they have coming in the next two years and then the crickets will come, just like they did with the 360 and the original Box. Sony, on the other hand, was still releasing new IP (one of which was TLoU) the same year they launched a new console.

Dubaman1771d ago

Why would you bring up Microsoft?Also i think the statement "we get the best version of EVERY multiplat game" is up for debate and scrutiny. One example; Battlefield 4.

Nero13141771d ago

You wanna a cookie or something get the f*ck outta here & how can you judge a game without playing it . Plus Lol you wrote a whole paragraph replying to me trolling

JP13691771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

What's up for debate? The PS4 version of BF4 runs at a higher res and has a better, more stable frame rate. Digital Foundry screwed the initial captures( their own admission, check the captures by Jack Frags and the other media outlets that were invited to DICE), hence the perceived lack of texture quality on PS4. X1 does, however, crush the hell out of blacks.

Also, I was addressing Nero, the self-admitted troll that thinks it takes substantial effort to produce a paragraph. Life must be hard when you're stupid.

How can I judge a game without playing it? I could ask you the same question. I have played the games mentioned, either in demo form (Forza 5) or full retail (Ryse, DR3). Even though most of my friends with 360s made the switch to PS4, there are still a few that picked up an X1 as their first next-gen console.

Dubaman1771d ago

You're Honestly telling me that the PS4 version of BF4 runs better than the PC version? You're telling me Outlast runs better than the PC version? You're telling me that WatchDogs will run better than on the PC and will have the unique gameplay additions of the the WiiU version? You're telling me that Nero is a self admitted troll but my comment has been neg'd to death, when in fact it isn't something that can be disagreed with. For level headed people at least. You're telling me that you will rip on a game for being 720p and 30fps, when you have a game like The Order 1886 which doesn't have multiplayer; yet was shown off as having four characters? (its also 30fps) You're telling me that you have played every X1 game that you listed? Now i guess is when i get called a fanboy..

Dubaman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Seriously, People are disagreeing with facts? I thought you were mature gamers.

LogicStomper1771d ago

I like how you turned a counter-argument for ps4 having no games into a comment on why you think ps4 is better than the Xbox one. If anything, I believe you got defensive over the comment and instead of proving him wrong, you turn it into a console war. Proving Nero's argument wrong would have done the trick, but turning it into console wars just shows your insecurity towards an electronic toy.

If only you could report for stupidity huh?

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kazelive1771d ago

this is fake im reporting it

Abriael1771d ago

LOL go ahead.

Obviously it's not fake.

JP13691771d ago

I wish I could report people for stupidity.

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