Turn Skyrim Into A Next-Gen Title - New Mod Brings Lots Of Post-Processing Effects To The Surface

DSOGaming writes: "Take a look at the Skyrim screens we published a couple of minutes ago. Quite impressive, right? Well, good news everyone as modder ZeroKing has released a new mod that let players tweak BlurShift, Sharpen, Vibrance, LumaSharpen, Noise and Black Levels. In short, with this mod you can achieve visuals similar to the shots we posted a few minutes ago."

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Gamer19821770d ago

You cant do this kind of thing with your PS4 and Xbox and its why PC will always be a step ahead of consoles. You seen the screens?
PS4 and Xbone owners could only dream about these kind of graphics.. For PC users it's reality..

globeofgamers1770d ago

Here comes the glorious PC gaming master race.

SteamPowered1770d ago

Gamer1982 could have been a bit more tactful, but modding is a great way to keep games fresh. It's a huge draw to pc gaming.

thezeldadoth1770d ago

i'm sure if this was the case for consoles, or if ps4 had the ability to do this, this site wouldn't shut up about it

thehitman1770d ago

I game on PC and I find mods completely non-factor in my decisions in gaming. I see mods as more as a technical feat that programmers like to do to test their skills rather than it actually being something people look forward to.

For me, after I play a game and I am done with it usually I am done with it. No amount of mods will make me come back to it idc if game looks 10x better. I play a game because it is fun and for gameplay if I bought it and thought it was good enough then it was good enough then and I move on. Most people cant even run a lot of these mods to boot.

thezeldadoth1770d ago

@ thehitman

some mods truly enhance the game. The witcher 2 full combat rebalance makes it a much better game and that mod comes straight from the dev team.

knights of the old republic 2 mod that restores all the cut content, gets rid of most of the bugs and adds support for 1080p widescreen. that mod is amazing and makes the game much better

TedCruzsTaint1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I never agree with those who try and rub stuff in people's faces and I very much try to avoid that as much as possible.
That said, modding is a huge part of PC gaming and it is without a doubt a major bullet point when promoting it as a gaming platform.
I'm sorry, but it's no worse than the majority of Sony fans lording PS+ or the performance difference between the PS4 and the other consoles.
That seems to go by with almost no issue, but PC gamers get called out and ridiculed for just about everything, and that is in no way fair.

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ABizzel11770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Modding games is a hugely missed opportunity on consoles even if it's not graphics mods. Simply allowing gamers to make more levels give games significantly more reply value. Unreal Tournament on PS3 had mods and if more games had them then the PS3 could have had an early niche.

Modding maps should become standard practice in games, just let the publisher / developer test the maps and release them as free or lightly charged dlc on consoles for the modders. Free on PC of course.

ninjahunter1770d ago

Nobody likes a bragger, do us other 'master race' citizens a service and keeps your comments relevant.

Talidan1770d ago

You absolutely can do this kind of thing with console, there's no hardware limitation against it. A company can decide to put the effort into accommodating for different hardware, but that's about it.

Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 was mod-able.

And now with how close consoles are to being PCs in architecture, we may see it being even more likely.

starchild1770d ago

Nope. You can't just add graphics mods to console games. When a game is made it is usually using nearly 100% of a console's resources and there is no headroom to add more graphically demanding graphical elements.

The other problem is the console makers usually don't want to allow mods for security reasons. It opens a big can of worms for them.

starchild1770d ago

Adding new user-made maps is worlds apart from actually fundamentally modding the way a game looks or plays.

Talidan1770d ago

"When a game is made it is usually using nearly 100% of a console's resources"

And that's when I stopped reading. Thanks for trying, but that's flat out wrong. If that made sense, then games would peak in visuals at the start of a systems generation.

Now, using the argument of disc-based games would make sense, as you can't just rewrite what's on a game disc, but we've moved to place where the bulk of data is installed to the HDD, which would allow for graphical upgrades with the right tweaking. IF a company allowed it.

As far as modern consoles, there's no argument, this is possible. It just greatly depends on whether or not a company would want to open that up.

Toon_Link1770d ago

If graphics were all that mattered then I see your point but maybe I'm out of the loop but I rarely here of gameplay improvements years after a game is released. If you told me that molders added more realistic destruction and had more realistic AI while steal thing around and the dragon fights now felt like you where in a Hollywood movie then I'd 100% agree but when most of the mods are ways to alter the look of the game that is not a good enough reason for me to revisit a game again and again.

MarkusMcNugen1769d ago

There are a ton of mods that add new quests, new places, and new items. Hell, add enough mods that are compatible and it can feel like an entirely different game. Lets also not forget about the Morrowind remake in the Skyrim engine.

You sir, just havent done enough research into the mods.

Toon_Link1769d ago

@marcus you are correct I have done close to no research but I do see articles about mods and while additional content is definitely a plus I described in my first post game enhancements. I'm in no way saying its not cool that games get tons of updates from the modding community all for free, I personally don't need to replay a game on visual enhancements alone is all I meant.

Happy gaming!!

Back-to-Back1770d ago

Oh hey look, its DSOGaming making another generic article talking about skyrim mods.

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krontaar1770d ago

But the shitty gameplay stays the same? No thanks.

ninjahunter1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

XD Actually there are mods that completely revamp the gameplay :p From extreme wilderness survival with effects like hypothermia, to redefined combat featuring counters, better cinimatic kills and much more. Or if your like me and just want to be immersed in a more interactive world of skyrim, there are mods for that too.

TedCruzsTaint1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Those are the sort of things I actually need to enjoy the game. I bought the game during a sale this time last year, and I only have about an hour of playtime in.
Despite what the vast majority think, I consider the game pretty poor on almost every level, other than for the world itself.
Throw in some real survival elements, put some actual weight and tact behind the combat and I could definitely put some time into the game just exploring and trying to survive.

Tsar4ever011770d ago

Ha Ha, If this person who put this post believe that buy bringing SKYRIM to next gen consoles could result with up graded visuals as seen on these pics are in for a LET DOWN!

1st of all, the GPU's that could achieve these visuals are running on Gaming desktops are well beyond what the PS4 & XB1 could dream of matching.

But anyways, I support concept of SKYRIM for the PS4/XB1 but only if it's a PC port of "SKYRIM Legendary Edition" with all DLC included.

khellendros11770d ago

Does anyone know if this is just one mod pack or mulitple.

DFogz1769d ago

It requires that you also be using a GUI-enabled ENB of your choice.
This is a single mod, not multiple, but it does require the use of an ENB to run, and will not function on its own (as far as I'm aware).

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