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Submitted by EBTpickle 733d ago | news

Phil Spencer "New Studios Starting Up On First Games"

iGR: "It seems the wheels are beginning to spin on plenty new Xbox projects." (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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GarrusVakarian  +   733d ago
Great, that's what i want to see this gen, new studios. We have many great studios on each platform already, but acquiring new ones is what i want to hear. There can never be too many.
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EBTpickle  +   733d ago
It's the reason most people love the beginning of a new console cycle as well. Publishers are actually willing to chances on new IP.
GarrusVakarian  +   733d ago
Yep, especially compared to later on in the gen when it's much safer to just stick with tried and true franchises rather than risk it with a new IP.

The only bad thing about so many studios/IP's is it increases the probability of money leaving your wallet XD.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   733d ago
Depends, I saw alot of New Ips since january 2013. On consoles, not talking about PC. New Ip's are welcome at any time.
Mystogan  +   733d ago
New studios:

Lift London
Black Tusk
MS Victoria
Team Dakota
Playful Learning
KLE Studios
Connected Experiences

and there are plenty of old ones working on new IP.

Good Science
Twisted Pixel
Press Play
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TheForwardUnto  +   733d ago
Microsoft Victoria is closed. Press Play is working on "several new original ips", Twisted Pixel is working on a new ip, BT we don't know as of know (maybe a surprise reveal at E3), Team Dakota is working on Project Spark, Lift London are working on FOUR new F2P ips. Lionhead is working [maybe] B&W3 and/or possibly new ip.
n4gamingm  +   733d ago
undead labs should be in that list even though there not internal :)
KevinCubes  +   732d ago
It's a good thing competition exist to push Microsoft to take risk I'm all for it.
Deadmonkey76  +   733d ago
Only retard fanboys would down vote a good comment
Magicite  +   733d ago
I gotta love this generation, competition is so aggressive. Let the loads of exclusives pile up!
truefan1  +   733d ago
@Lukas look at you being neutral for once, lol. I agree though this gen it will be about exclusives and I like what I am seeing from the Phil Spencer led MSFT gaming division. These 1st party studios will be bringing a lot of new games to the table. I look forward to some great years ahead.
GarrusVakarian  +   733d ago
Im all about the games, i may be a Sony fanboy but i put games before anything else. So this is good news. I wouldn't let my dislike for MS get in the way of great devs and their games.
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3-4-5  +   733d ago
only thing that sucks is nobody can play these games for like 2-3 years now.
MadSientist89  +   733d ago
awww yisss that's what I wana hear.
EBTpickle  +   733d ago
Between PS4 and Xbox One, there should be plenty of high-caliber reveals for E3. I can't wait.
MadSientist89  +   733d ago
yes sir great time to be a gamer, and lets not forget that WII U :P lol poor Wii U.
Dmagic  +   733d ago
no lets forget the wii u.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   733d ago
iGR: "It seems the wheels are beginning to spin on plenty new Xbox projects."

Sorry but this:

isn't cutting it...J.K...slightly
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dirkdady  +   733d ago
You guys make it sound like its an easy thing to start up a studio from scratch let alone it ends up being a good one or even a AAA power house. Publishers who make it their business to house good studios even struggle with this. Typically chance of failure is much higher than success. Considering microsofts lack of experience in this area in comparison to the rest of the industry I have my doubts.
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WeAreLegion  +   733d ago
They can certainly afford it.
gameon1985  +   733d ago
I have been saying this since 2011. Microsoft were building studios from the ground up so all the BS talk about them not having games or talented studios to match Sony needs to wait until their new studios release their first game. Microsoft has at least 8 studios we know nothing about.
dirkdady  +   733d ago
You have high faith on these new studios with no experience. Once they earn their dues will we give them the benefit of a doubt. At this point I wouldnt even put them in the category of a visceral games or avalanche studio (B tier studios).

Chance of failure for new studios is higher than success.
TheForwardUnto  +   733d ago
Really "visceral games"? The ones who fked up Dead Space 3? Oh yeah they are SOOOO good.
DOMination-  +   733d ago
If these studios make games like just cause 2 or dead space then I'll be very happy
dirkdady  +   733d ago
Visceral is the same studio that made dead space 1. I agree dead space 3 want good, but I would still rate them B tier, they invented the IP after all.

Microsoft didn't even green light black tusks Shangheist as they are now working Gears
aragon  +   733d ago
Every studio start new, before halo came out from bungee, did u think halo would have sold that well? People gave it a chance, you should too
lifeisgamesok  +   733d ago
Great Phil Spencer we appreciate all the amazing games now and future IP's
razrye   733d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Team_Litt  +   733d ago
Lots of Negative Nancy's here.
christocolus  +   733d ago
Best news ive heard in a while. New studios..nice. it seems instead of aquiring existing studios. ms is going after some of the best talent in some of the best studios in the world..thats how 343i and blacktusk were created. great idea if you ask im curious to find out more...What new studios? How many of them? What are these games? Phil stop teasing and pls start showing.

Thumbs up though. It seems your the guy the xbx team needed along.. doing a very good job
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dirkdady  +   733d ago
Rockstar industry vet Connie Yu left 343 to join Naughty Dog, creative director Payton of Metal gear left to form new studio, lead designer Scott Warner left to join Visceral at EA, Ken Scott sr Art director left 343 as well.

When 343 was first formed these were most of the talents Microsoft named to be joining. Now they are all gone. Well kiki killwolf is still there, but it's no longer it's debut self.

Black tusk is made up of a lot of unknown talent. They did bring rod ferguson of Epic to join the studio for some sort of leadership position, but that's about it. Msft shelved Shangheist to now work on next gears game. Sounds like maybe they didn't like what they saw of the new IP.
christocolus  +   733d ago
The game industry is an industry where people will always leave and new guys will come in their place.

Black tusk and 343i are made up of guys from some of the best studios out there. lucas art, konami, naughtydog, criterion, ea, epic, bungie, id, people can fly,bioware etc corrinne left but its no big deal she will be replaced in no happens across all studios..ea, ubisoft, bioware,epic, konami and even sony. I recall the lead on the last guardian leaving sony last year and i also remember some years back when jaff left sony santa monica. Its nothing new and sometimes it doesnt always make headlines.

Go do your research on 343i and blacktusk.they are made up some of the best and are still hiring like crazy. In the last 3months alone both studios have hired over 18 new guys..most likely all those guys youve mentioned have already been replaced. Joe staten, rod fergusson are among the latest addition to the ms family too.

Ms is fully backing their studios this time around and they can easily afford it so expect even more announcements regarding this.
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Dehnus  +   733d ago
And some other people move back. Seriously it doesn't matter that much. People come and go all the time, new talent graduates all the time. And fresh blood is needed. Sure I love Miyamoto, but he too listens to new people and ideas. Things like that happen, and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you hire the right people with passion thing will work out.

Goes for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. No matter how much you dislike that.
BakPAin  +   733d ago
So in other words these people leaving means that MS cant make good games or what because im lost. They brought in Rod Ferguson for Black Tusk also did you forget the hire of Joseph Staten writer and designer from Bungie. Who was lead writer and design director on Destiny! Xbox gaming will be just fine without the folks you mentioned!
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n4gamingm  +   733d ago
ken is still at 343 industries he had to take a different role in the studio visual design consultant.
aragon  +   733d ago
Did ms hire someone from a Sony studio?
_FantasmA_   733d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
AutoCad  +   733d ago
E3 should be great for xbox yet again..
Bring on the games microsoft
n4gamingm  +   733d ago
if they repeat last years e3 when it comes to the games im happy, Cater to all the different game genres.
BoNeSaW23  +   733d ago
Yeah! Microsoft's E3 are the BEST!

AutoCad  +   732d ago
where is the link to last years?
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   733d ago
Bring on the games!
-MD-  +   733d ago
Gonna have to really pump out a lot of games for me to invest in another console. This is good news.
BakPAin  +   733d ago
Everytime is see a Phil Spencer article, I say to myself what the hell was Don Mattrick doing the entire time he was at MS? I think the MGS is in great hands! MS is on the right track!
u got owned  +   733d ago
I agree Phil is an example of the kind of guy MS need working for them.
PS4isKing_82  +   733d ago
It sounds good but will they be more than just crappy Kinect games for 5 yr olds and bald headed fps games?
Deadmonkey76  +   733d ago
I can't wait for the new ips but I'd love to see older games coming as we'll conker, banjo, mechassault, rally's port, crackdown, perfect dark, crimson sky's sure I missed a few others
BakPAin  +   733d ago
MS has a nice catalog of games that didnt make it on to xbox 360. Would make for great games on xbox one!
Salooh  +   733d ago
Hint 'Kinect'

Don't raise your hopes until you see what they will provide. I don't trust MS with games. Let them do it then praise or hope for something good from them.
Team_Litt  +   733d ago
Go ahead and name 3 Kinect only Xbox One games made by Microsoft. This Kinect trolling tactic may have worked last gen but since E3 Xbox has been about games games and games and you guys need to come up with new material.
Salooh  +   733d ago
You talk like we are doing conspiracy. It's ms who focused on kinect last gen. And since they forced people to pay for it this gen i'm expecting huge amount of games for it. That's called logic.

The beginning of 360 it had a lot of good games but after that we got kinect games. All i see is a repeat of history until they prove otherwise. It's not my fault if that's their history...

Releasing awesome games is in my interest but because of that history i'm expecting kinect stuff..
Team_Litt  +   732d ago
OKAY, let us follow your logic then...if you are talking about history repeating itself then I'd say we have a good solid 5 years before we have to worry about Kinect games being the focus yes?

I mean you guys said the reveal would be about Kinect and you were wrong, you said E3 would be about Kimect and again you were wrong. You have been proven wrong at every AME announcement, more recently with the Gears purchase the Sony Troll Squad was yet again saying it was going to be Kinect focused.
All I'm saying is that maybe after being proven wrong so many times, it is time you stopped using last gen as a measuring stick and tried finding new ways to attempt to dampen new project announcement excitement.
Salooh  +   732d ago
I don't mind being wrong but so far MS haven't proved anything. All i'm saying don't expect anything huge from them until they do it and earn that hype. I'm not saying hate them or they won't deliver. Just saying wait and see what happen. The games they showed are a good step but nothing huge ( except for quantum break :P ). They had to show everything they have to convince people to buy their console. So i wouldn't call that an improvement over last gen.
HmongAmerican  +   732d ago
First thing about new studio is that they need to prove that they're are here to stay. Knowing MS, I am still have my finger cross.
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