This Is Why Skyrim Is Still One Of The Best Looking Titles Out There

DSOGaming writes: "Skyrim was released back in 2011 and to everyone’s surprise, Bethesda’s RPG is still one of the best looking titles out there. Well, that is if you use tons of mods and texture packs that are accompanied by various ENBSeries configs. "

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3-4-51774d ago

PC can help keep games alive for longer than usual.

Almost like playing a new game.

beatled1774d ago

skyrim on pc, with mods destroys anything we will ever see on ps4/xbox1

cannot wait to see the next elder scrolls game on pc, (not the mmo, though that looks BEAUTIFUL as well, just played the beta)

Allsystemgamer1774d ago

Obviously. Modders take advantage of top of the line hardware. Usually to their system specs.

Bodge1774d ago

It does look nice, but I keep seeing people bashing it saying it sucks. What's your take on the beta having played it??

beatled1774d ago

love the eso beta, very nice controls, similar to other eso games, just with many others, great visuals, better than vanilla skyrim, not as beautiful as skyrim with mods

only played around 2 hours so far (work is lame)
but seems very nice, think I will grab a copy and play with wife and brother

Vegamyster1774d ago

I found it to be very derivative, quests involve running to one area to fight some stuff then returning, combat feels floaty, can't run off and find caves or dungeons to loot like in SP ES games.

I can't see it drastically changing in the next year let alone by the time it comes out, i dunno why they're charging $15 a month for it.

Godmars2901774d ago

"skyrim on pc, with mods destroys anything we will ever see on ps4/xbox1"

Which is why the game *is not* one of the best looking retail released games out there.

And the funny thing is, that very likely because the MMO wont allow mods, the modded version of the last regular release will look better.

Retard1774d ago

eh. Kind of, I bet they can't move 15 feet without major bogging down. The game is still only 32-bit while handling max 4GBs ram.

Allsystemgamer1774d ago

There's a mod that allows you to go beyond 4gb ram.

kingduqc1773d ago

nice name you got, fit yourself well.

hellzsupernova1774d ago

so what is the future like?

elder scolls online does look solid i will give you that. watching my mate play it right now. kinda jealous.

OmegaShen1774d ago

Good you, here have a cookie.

Yeah, it takes people modding a game to make it look better. To bad it didn't look that good from the start.

Irishguy951774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah and it'll never look this good on Consoles, actually, nothing will. Not till Ps5 comes out.

@ Wni0

...actually modded Skyrim combat is good. Ever hear of oscuro's Oblivion overhaul? It reinvented Oblivion in many ways. Graphics is only one aspect mods improve

OmegaShen1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Wow -_- just when think you heard the dumbest thing. What kind of idiot things a PC game is better the the console when it has nothing to do with the work developers did?

I'm sorry but mods aren't some you can say "it will never look this good on console". Plus the last I check, WoW is just PS3 graphics at best and thats a big game.

Allsystemgamer1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Just imagine what modders could do to games now with the new consoles out. Or even modding on the new consoles. Modders have no time restrictions!

ABizzel11773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


I beg to differ. A HD 7870 can mod Skyrim pretty well, and the PS4 is basically an underclocked 7870, so while it might not be able to do 1080p @ 60fps, it should be able to match modded Skyrim.

The Witcher 3 is already pretty close, give them another year or two. They might not ever reach what Skyrim modded with a 780 Ti can do, but for comparable hardware or slightly better they should hold up well.

beatled1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

its a 7850m in the ps4

"m" standing for mobile....i.e. LAPTOP

a REAL HD 7870 is 10.5 inches long and requires 250w just for the card alone

a ps4 never uses more than 200w for the ENTIRE SYSTEM even under load

there is a reason the ps4 cannot even run bf4 in medium high settings at 900p at 60 frames

its weak!

ABizzel11773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


It's nothing like a 7850m. A 7850+ desktop yes.

It's a hybrid of the 7870 and the R9 270X with most specs having a drop of 10% / 20% off those GPU's. Ultimately it places it right between the 7850 and 7870 (7860 if you will).

The R9 270X usually have around 1GHz Clock, take 20% off and you get the PS4's 800 MHz. 7850m has 675 MHz.

The R9 270X has 1280 SP's, take off 10% and you get the PS4's 1152 SP's. 7850m has 640.

The R9 270X has 2.63 TFLOPS, take off 30% and you get the PS4's 1.84 TFLOPS. The 7850m has 0.86 TFLOPS (lower than the XBO).

R9 270X has 32 ROPs, the PS4 also has 32 ROPs. The 7850m has 16 ROPs.

The R9 270X has 80 TUs, take off 10% and you get the PS4's 72 TUs. The 7850m has 40 TUs.

The R9 270X has 20 CUs, take off 10% and you get the PS4's 18 CUs. The 7850m has 10 CUs.

The R9 270x has 2GB - 4GB of GDDR5 179.2 GB/s, the PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 176 GB/s (first win for PS4). The 7850m has a possibly 2GB of GDDR5 64 GB/s.

I think I've made my point. The PS4 has a solid GPU, and since it has so much graphics RAM (5.5GB for games) it can load and run many of the 2k and possibly 4k textures mods that make Skyrim look so good on PC (If I remember correctly Killzone: SF uses 4k textures).

The 7870 & R9 270X are actually 180w GPUs and the reason they're so big is because they have fans and cooling on them, as well as ports. The PS4's motherboard has all the ports built in, and the fan is a system fan, not dedicated per component and it's integrated into an APU. Not to mention with cutting the clock speed back and the other clocks the GPU should be closer to 140w in the PS4, and with the low consumption CPU all the PS4 components easily fit in it's 300w max power supply.

1080p @ 60fps, light mods

Don't know the fps, but I'm guess it's closer to 30fps - 40fps

GeraltofRivia1773d ago

Any game on pc at 1080p with all features maxed out and/ or any game on pc running beyond 1080p destroys anything we will ever see on the "next gen" consoles.

adorie1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

2k Textures, ENB with DOF modification, some tweaks, realistic water mod. Game can't be touched by consoles when comparing visuals. If this game had tessellation, oh-boy...!

Might try a Parallax Mapping mod once Nexus is back from maintenance.

frostypants1773d ago

Correction: on a PC that is capable of running these mods smoothly.

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MrWonderful1774d ago

I dont understand why they just dont make this game look this way from the get go.

Elwenil1774d ago

It cuts their market down considerably. Not everyone has a PC to run a modded game like this smoothly and developers and publishers want their games to be available to as many people as is reasonable and still have a decent looking game. Games that come out and require a $1k+ PC to run tend to not do very well in sales. Also, Skyrim was a pretty good looking game for when it came out when you consider the size and scope of the world. With development budgets and time constraints it would be hard to produce a game that would look as good as a modded game and still be available to a large number of players. Since modders work for free and don't really have a publisher breathing down their neck, they have a lot more freedom to make a game look better than it did originally from the developer.

MrWonderful1773d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. I may get me a gaming pc this year so I can play skyrim like this. I can't get enough of that game

Wni01774d ago

Too bad your still using that same craptacular combat system from 2005. Hey you remember Criminal Origins? Yeah what about it? Aright lets make it absolute shit and make it unresponsive as hell and well call it good. Yeah sounds to me. Wait. Isnt 99% if mission structure using this combat? Yeah? Oh well good cause its "so" rewarding and fun. What about the 4 hour campaign length? Dude jus add 100 hours of side quests. Oh nice game of the generationnnn

GeraltofRivia1773d ago

i remember the combat in Condemned actually being much better than Skyrim.

Wni01773d ago

When did i say it wasnt? That game still has smarter ai than anything today.

neogeo1774d ago

My Graphics card is only a 270X I got for $200 and I run Skyrim with over 80 mods and play on max settings always with a buttery smooth FPS. You just need to know what mods don't conflict with others and the results are amazing without as much performance hit as you might think.

FlyingFoxy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

the 270x looks like a decent card but only a bit better than my 4 year old HD 5870.. looking on hardware compare graphs, but it has 1gb more memory. Though in game performance puts it around 70% better, that's good for the price i guess!

I think my next card will be a Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x, that card looks beast for the price and would be much faster than the card i have now.

Though i'm not sure what to do yet, i'd only use it for upcoming Source 2 and UE4 engine games.. and L4D3 may be out this year judging by a recent leak.. but UE4 games won't be coming till the end of the year. Whatever gives me close to or over a constant 60fps @ 1080p the better.

neogeo1773d ago

I would go for the 280X depending on where you live. With Mantel in games like Thief and BF4 you get great results. What I mean by where you live. I live in South Florida and my 270X already heats my room pretty hot. The 290X would kill me.

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