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Mass Effect 4: Things I want to see and do

In 2007, Bioware released a third-person shooter that took me by the heartstrings and threw me into a world that wasn't familiar; it was fresh, new and it was something I needed to explore. Little did I know, the choices I made throughout the game ultimately led to my own personally fleshed out space-opera that I didn't even know would have such a ... [wait for it] ... mass effect, on myself as a gamer. (Dev, Mass Effect 4, Next-Gen, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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Ps4marksthespotnotX  +   441d ago
Mass effect is such a great series, definetly one of the best new franchises to come out last gen, it would have been one of the only games i would have got a 360 for
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thisisgregory  +   441d ago
I totally agree Ps4marksthespotnotX! It was such a breath of fresh air and it left me wanting moar!
Heisenburger  +   441d ago
Use the reply button brah.
thisisgregory  +   440d ago
noted :)
urwifeminder  +   441d ago
Unreal 4 engine would be a good start got a feeling this will be buggy with frostbite.
whitefang1988  +   441d ago
Good post! Personally mass effect is my favourite series of games by far. I truley think making it so personal to each individual is what makes it so special. I was one of those die hard petitioners for the ending to be changed. And once it was I was fairly pleased with it. Plus my Shep woke up at the end so it offers hope.
In regards to mass effect 4, well we know its nothing to do with the crew or shepherd. So in that case, I still think they can go big with it, I'm not one of these people who thinks been a c sec officer on the citedel is a good idea. I still think it can be big and grand and operatic just look at saren,was the driving force for 90% of the first game and it was still brilliant. It didn't need a galaxy genocide to make it the best story.
I would love it to be set maybe 200 years after the reaper event. See the fallout and the partially rebuilt galaxy with some brilliant mix of races again. Perhaps some hard to find fan homage that shepherd might have lived a life after it in secret to the government. I don't think it needs a thousand planets to explore because we already know the lore of the land. I rather a quality focus of 10 or 20 with deserts that look better than uncharted and snow planets that look better than.. Well uncharted !
I've got trust in bioware to do the best they can. I just hope EA backs of them and gives them time ( they do seem to be doing that with dragon age so here's hoping)
medman  +   441d ago
Mass Effect is one of my favorite series of all time and my favorite gaming experience of the last generation.
MasterD919  +   440d ago
I'm curious to see if any of the ME1-ME3 decisions will come into play in ME4, or if we're all starting at the same story-line with the new game.

I'm replaying through ME3 now and I'd be willing to bet that Yahgs may come into play in ME4.
AhaloAskewed  +   438d ago
Kinda sucks that shepard wont make an appearance. It would have been cool if in the new game, you get to choose race, class, and such. Imagine the game being about the legendary shepard passing on the torch, becoming your mentor and showing you the ropes. Or picking a turian and have garrus under go training missions with you preparing you for the stories main threat. Perhaps starting fresh will be way better than those ideas though. There is now 5 halo games, so its safe to say if shepard did make an appearance, no one would trip that bad...just dont make him the main character, give us the ability of choice, and being able to pick non human as well. A voyage to uncharted territory in space is a very broad setting with limitless varietys on what it could be filled with. I like that idea. Also in real life we are anticipating mars travel soon so the exploration settings pretty epic.
rustyteaspoon  +   433d ago
Very well said man, i would also love to see an uncharted and mahbe unexpected journey through space, picking up crew members along the way. Something perhaps reminiscent of star trek voyager.

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