Top 10 PS4 Exclusives Of 2014

Gaming Blend "A new video marking out the top 10 upcoming exclusives for the PlayStation 4 has gone live, courtesy of our friends over at GamesHQMedia."

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GarrusVakarian1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

He wasn't talking about Uncharted 4 ;)


If past games are anything to go by, then it could launch this year. Past games have always launched under a year after their initial reveal. Im sorry for the uncontrollable hype/excitement that this news might induce :)

Spurg1771d ago

The first team just finished Last of us and the second team working on Uncharted should still be in mid development.

Going by something more reliable like period between game launches makes more sense.

It goes like this:

2009: Uncharted 2
2011: Uncharted 3
2013: The Last of us
2015: Uncharted on PS4
2017: ???

Patrick_pk441771d ago

@Spurg Uncharted will most likely be early 2015, seeing that the each Uncharted game has a two year development cycle. I really doubt that Naughty Dog will have enough time with the voice acting, motion capture, and developing the game.

DigitalRaptor1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@ Spurg

Naughty Dog split into two teams in 2009, after Uncharted 2. One made Uncharted 3, and the other worked for nearly 4 years on new The Last of Us. Ever since Uncharted 3 went gold (in late 2011), that first team moved on to the next project, whilst the second was still working on TLOU. So that game from the "Uncharted team" has been in development for just over 2 years.

So it's completely feasible for Uncharted 4 to release this year.

- By the time it releases, it would be going on 3 years in the oven (which is 1 year more than average for an Uncharted game).
- Main entry Uncharted games are released between the October and December months of the years they come out.
- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune released only 1 year after the Japanese launch of the PS3. So Uncharted 4 coming out 1 year into the PS4's lifecycle is not unrealistic.

However, since resources are now shared, it could be delayed into 2015, but I don't think that matters much, as I'm sure Ready At Dawn/Santa Monica would appreciate The Order: 1886 taking the spotlight for 2014.

Spurg1771d ago

You make a fair point but these are mostly speculations...your assuming that they have been working on Uncharted 4 since 2011...what proof do you have.

1. The two year timeframe works for Sony and other companies as well. EA releases Battlefield and Medal of Honour every two years. 2010 you got MOH, 2011 BT, 2012 MOH, 2013 BT and it will continue. It makes sense to do these types of releases....why suddenly release a game early than expected and break the whole pattern.

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Deadmonkey761771d ago

What a disappointment ps3 all over again just hope the order and infamous are as good as they look or I'll be waiting another year before buying a ps4. At least I got an xbox one and a wiiu. Sony I'm still waiting for greatness!!!

cellur1111771d ago

Quality games aren't made in a day.

Nero13141771d ago

So what's the point of buying a ps4 this year .

Deadmonkey761771d ago

But we shouldn't have to wait halfway through the systems life cycle ether

JP13691771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


infamous, Driveclub, The Order, Outlast, Planetside 2 and the best version of every multiplatform title.

How many new IP are launching on the competition this year?


The first year is half the cycle? X1 has Titanfall. Everything else is either a rehash or made by unproven devs. Sunset Overdrive? Can't remember the last time those guys made a good game.

cyguration1771d ago

I'm not that big on the PS4, but I have to say that by comparison the PS4 at least has 10 exclusives and a few look interesting. The Wii U probably has the best line up of the year and the Xbox One... heck, other than Titanfall and Quantum Break, what do they have?

Nero13141771d ago

Sunset overdrive , halo

Aces171771d ago

Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive and Halo 2 anniversary ( if not Halo 5). I don't play much indie games so idk about that.

I don't think either Microsoft or Sony has a great exclusive line up in terms of quantity. Still a lot to look forward to.

Deadmonkey761771d ago

He'll of a lot more than sony this year anyways

Patrick_pk441771d ago


Microsoft only has Quantum Break, Halo, and Sunset Overdrive. Titanfall and Project Spark are not exclusive to Xbox One, since both are being released on PC.

I agree, both Sony and Microsoft have a limited amount of exclusives this year.

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PS4isKing_821771d ago

Well to be fair, we just got outlast, which is really cool and scary, tomb raider de, rayman legends in two weeks, infamous, mgs gz, in march, final fantasy 14, and possibly driveclub, in April. You can't ask for a much better lineup of games so early into a new consoles life.

Meanwhile xbox fanboys are putting all their hopes on some boring mech game that only supports 6 ppl. Sorry, I'll go with ps4 like the rest of the world is doing. Maybe you should too.

Magicite1771d ago

Oh my, oh my. Just enjoy the consoles You own and dont complain.

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come_bom1771d ago

Uncharted, The Order and Infamous look interesting... the rest is mehhh.

thehitman1771d ago

10+ Exclusives year one.... not sure if you can ask for more.

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