PS4Home: Officially Licensed Compact Racing Wheel Review

PS4Home: "the DualShock 4 supports gyroscopic controls, aka – “tilt to steer” abilities in certain driving games"

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DEEBO1772d ago

man bring the update for the ps3 racing wheel sony!

CaptainYesterday1772d ago

Is there supposed to be an update for racing wheels?

DEEBO1772d ago

No there is no update i was just saying it because i have a ps3 wheel i want to use lol
i wish it was an update.

OrangePowerz1771d ago

First there needs to be a racing game that supports wheels :D

SmoothC9111771d ago

This just reeks of 'stuff I really don't need'

Give me a real wheel, otherwise I can just tilt the controller without this nonsense!

dwlwoolers1771d ago

Drive club supports the wheel man. Look it up, the game has tilt to steer support. This actually looks pretty awesome. All my friends that I have shown just a bit ago were definitely impressed! Go Sony