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Push Square: "It’s not perfect, but Outlast is still arguably one of the best survival horror games in recent memory. You’ll need a strong stomach to get through the campaign, but if you can cope with jump scares and graphic content, then this is an exhilarating experience from bloody beginning to chilling conclusion. With fantastic audio work and a clever camera mechanic, Red Barrels’ debut fear fest really will make you afraid of the dark."

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theDECAY1771d ago

Only played about 10 minutes and it scared the poop out of me.

dcj05241771d ago

Dude EVERY SINGLE TIME you think your gonna escape something happens and you to "turn the valve" or "hit these three switches" while some crazy person tries to molest your limbs.

ziggurcat1771d ago

I don't know how far I am into the game, but it's certainly been an intense experience so far.

It's pretty unique when your only defense is to run, and get the **** out of there.

mixelon1771d ago

By the final act you're wading through so much gibs and nastiness it sort of loses it's impact..

I really enjoyed it though, on PC and PS4, it's a decent port for PS4 but a bit under-optimised? I'm pretty sure it could run better. On PS+ though that doesn't really matter. :)

Clover9041771d ago

It looks and plays just like it does on high end PCs. I hate pc elitists.

mixelon1771d ago

EXACTLY THE SAME!! Except it has bad LOD pop-in, especially in the outdoor areas and it has serious jaggies. And screen tear.

I think I'm probably a decent judge of this considering I played them both, on the same TV after each other. And that was on a PC with a 4 year old CPU.

People on here are insane, seriously. I'm saying it was a good effort but the PS4 is capable of more. If that makes me a PC elitist then so be it. I'd bet the developers would acknowledge the same issues.

OrangePowerz1771d ago

I have a decent threshold regarding horror, but I couldn't play that game more than half an hour. It scares the crap out of me.

Austin481771d ago

This game is amazing i want a sequel

jimjam34421771d ago

this is the scariest game ive ever played, i got to the part after you kill trager and your outside trying to get the maintenance shed key, after you get it and are in the shed you meet the wallrider for the first time on the other side of a door. that part ended my play session for a while lol.

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