JunkieMonkeys | Blacklight Retribution PS4 (Review)

JunkieMonkeys: "The initial write-up for this game was drastically different than what you’ll be reading today. It most likely would have ended with an above average score, and a recommendation of “it’s worth playing, but not for long”. While that may still hold true, at least right now, I have a better understanding of the game itself, and not just what you’re immediately presented with."

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Kingthrash3601767d ago

imo...this game gets a 8.
why?...its just fun.
that connection stability is a problem and its expensive to buy other things but, all in all is pure fun. i play it more than other aaa fps's on ps4 right now.
just my opinion tho.

jayswolo1767d ago

Strictly speaking, in terms of gameplay, this is definitely an 8. My original score was a 7, leaning towards an 8 but I seriously could not excuse all the issues with the microtransactions. The 4 items I've purchased and don't have to worry about them expiring, have provided me with a lot more fun than the stuff I have to rent. It just becomes a whole different game when you're actually able to expand your arsenal, permanently instead of temporarily. I've gotten so many messages asking me how I'm reviving people, lol. Even the Spawn Beacon changes up how you play. Most people will never use these things because they don't want to pay, and they shouldn't have to.

But yes, this is definitely my favorite game right now, right up there with Warframe.

Kingthrash3601767d ago

well hit me up..i too have bought an arsenal...dat gas grenade really controls the floor..psn: kingthrash

Oschino19071767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Decoys Lois, Decoys!!!

With Gas Grenade, Proximity Mine and Breach Hammer.

All my other unlocks are a secret.... Lol lets just say I went for the max "donation".

McScroggz1767d ago

Games like this and Warframe are perfect launch games. Right now all of my close friends have PS4's, but there aren't many great games out there to play together. I'm not a huge multiplayer fan, and a couple of them don't have the time/cash to buy anything they want. The great thing is, there are free games to play together. Maybe not the best games ever, by a longshot, but until a game comes out that we all really get into (hopefully Destiny) we have a few options and I think that's awesome.