Microsoft Needs to Learn from Sony's Mistakes

PlayMagazine writes: "With both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One nearing three months in retail, it's probably a little soon to be making any snap judgments about either console, but there are nevertheless certain parallels that can be drawn between the Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 3 during its early days in terms of initial sales, hardware performance and the attitude of the manufacturer in the run-up to the console's launch."

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oODEADPOOLOo1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

TLDR, but skimmed to the end of article.

"Like the PlayStation 3 before it, the Xbox One is a killer piece of hardware, but like the PS3, it's also hardware that'll take time before developers finally realize its potential. The eSRAM issue has been well documented, with many developers feeling its inclusion is causing a bottleneck within the system, bringing with it more issues than benefits, and until better tools are available for studios to work with, it's unlikely we'll see any dramatic improvement."

They shot themselves in the foot by requiring the kinect and had to cheap out on power to keep price relatively affordable. The only thing microsoft can do now is double down on kinect to prove its the killer app they keep talking about. The tv funtionality is a gimmick, though same thing could be said of kinect.

Though it seems to be powerful enough for this:

Kingthrash3601767d ago

imo the kinect is indeed powerful...but is it right for games?
to invest that much in a motion sensing camera for gaming was a mistake. does gaming really need motion sensing right now?...maybe when virtual reality comes out, and is a hit. right now its is a gimmik...sorry x1 fans im not knocking it but it just dosent fit right now. constantly repeating commands, bad hand jester reading a tv feature that is rarely used (overall) its looks nice and responsive when you have a clicker though...
all in all its an accessory that they forced on people too early. i think they would have moved more consoles without it...hell they would move more kinects by making it a pc/tablet/x1 accessory. but they took a risk and now they are in a worse place than they thought they would be.

oODEADPOOLOo1767d ago

Yep. Now we gotta wait and see the "Digitial future" they were talking about. Pretty amazing how they thought they were already at that stage with internet not being as widely available or fast enough for it yet for it.

If they ever want to see it happen they are probably gonna have to fight for it with ISP's(to increase caps and speed). Which is probably a good thing cuz it will draw out alot of other big tech companies like also google and their fiber service.

IMO,they would also need a couple other things like:

Harddrive space in the TB range, internet at the 100's mbps down and up or gbps. And pricing to be more frequently discounted like steam. Until more stuff like this a reality they can keep smoking whatever they're smoking.

truefan11767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

First off, this was actually insightful, a slight change from 98% of the garbage articles I read on here. I agree with most of what was said, I will have disagree on a big point the author made though, he/she talked about how the ps3 launched without games and how they weren't invested enough into games. The exact opposite could be said about the XB1. XB1 had the best option of launch titles and their 2014 is arguably better than the 2014 ps4 lineup. MSFT has invested more than ever in games and it's showing. Phil Spencer is a much better leader for xbox gaming than Don ever was. Also we talk about multi plats being better for ps4, it's such minute differences that 93% of console purchasers aren't even aware of. Think about it lets say ps4 is a 6.5 million after Japan and Xb1 is at 4.5 million, that is practically all of the hardcore gamers. If 150 million consoles are bought by the end of the generation the internet gaming community only makes up 6% of buyers. That is where Kinect can make the difference if they stick with it and keep improving games with it.

@kingthrash Kinect is a lot more than a gimmick, I use constantly everyday and my wife uses it and she doesn't even play video games, unless it's dancing, kinect sports, or fitness. Also the voice recognition is amazing, I watch tv more than I game, so it is definitely useful. Even in games like nba 2k14 I have at least 15 commands I use constantly. People also refuse to acknowledge that Kinect sports was one of the highest selling games last gen and this new one will be no different. Of course there is no problem with giving consumers options, but MSFT has a vision for their console. The same way the developers of the Order have a vision of how they want their game presented in terms of screen aspect.

plasticidolatry1767d ago

More like by the end of Feb 2014 PS4 will be 6.5 mil and Xbox will be 3.5 mil. Why? It's a more powerful system for cheaper, exactly the reason you just downplayed.

FamilyGuy1767d ago

I remember when PS3 launched everyone was saying they should drop the bllu-ray drive to make it cheaper...
"blu-ray isn't needed" they tried to claim.
"Blu-ray disc read speed too slow" that was more real though.

It was hard times for sony.

MSs X1 is selling fine though, it's just not selling as fast as the PS4. I think they should drop the price and leave kinect in the box, just take a hit instead of trying to profit off system sales on top of game and subs.

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lifeisgamesok1767d ago

Didn't Sony just post a $1.1 billion loss. I think MS should keep doing what they're doing

And that's to give us great games

Kingthrash3601767d ago

link or i thought they just stated they made profit because of ps4..
u act like MS isnt losing money with the xbox...smh. if they price drop it this year (as rumored) they will lose even more.
but ms has toooooo much money from its software side so really xbox can be cut and they would be ok. some want to cut it right now but hey...smh.

let it be known, i dont want the xbox to be cut at all i'm a gamer and xbox is great for gaming but from a business point of view its expendable as far as MS is concerned.
sony and nintendo's companys are being held by their gaming yeah post this 1.1 billion loss link.

LeCreuset1767d ago

And MS was posting a profit when their Zune division went under. What's your point?

LeCreuset1767d ago


That's actually a projected loss. Kingtrharsh is correct. Sony didn't post a loss. More importantly, he is also correct about the gaming divisions and the roles they play within their respective companies.

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frostypants1767d ago

Yeah I wondered about that too. The PS3 was a killer piece of hardware for the time, but was hard to master. Even on paper, the One is legitimately hamstrung and underpowered for the price they are asking.

Chaostar1767d ago

Nice long write up, I agree with the vast majority of it.

I admire the writers optimism but evidence suggests that Xb1 will never be able to achieve true parity with multi platform titles unless developers intentionally hold back the PS4 version. This is something that MS and their fans will have to come to terms with sooner or later. Hopefully it forces MS to invest more into their first party offerings.

mhunterjr1767d ago

I think there are similarities between the attitudes of ms and don't with the ps3 and xb1 launches, but they aren't exactly parallel.

Sure the xbox1 isn't selling as well as the ps4, but it has had a pretty impressive fact, it exceeded many people's expectations after a disastrous reveal. There's a large chance, they'll will reach there target of 5 million units by the end of March, despite being $100 more expensive than its competitor, and releasing in 45 fewer territories.

I also disagree with the notion that MS failed to deliver games like Sony did with the ps3. Forza and DR3, well received project spark, Kinect sports, and of course, titan fall are right around the corner.not to mention D4, sunset overdrive, and quantum break. There's no drought like what existed with ps3, and xb1 currently enjoys a higher attach rate than the ps4.

Can MS have a lot learn from Sony? certainly, but let's not pretend all is badin MS camp.

alexkoepp1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

When you look at the hottest games on n4g, titanfall is hotter than infamous and the order 1886 combined. Titanfall is a monster! I played the alpha and it kicks some serious ass, definitely gonna push some systems I think

DigitalRaptor1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

That was a good read. well said.

However, a launch lineup has never, ever, ever been anything to criticise as it doesn't represent the rest of that generation in any sense. You buy a console, it will pretty much always have good games. However, MS did bring most of their launch games over from the 360 to bolster their lineup, whilst Sony didn't do that with PS3, nor PS4. I still think that is a pretty backhanded approach, but I guess Xbox one owners have more stuff to buy at retail on their shiny new boxes.

mhunterjr1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I think a lot of early adopters look at the launch line up before they make a purchase.

At launch, the consoles are as expensive as they'll ever be. Why pay a large amount of money for something that won't have the games you want until much later? Wouldn't it make more economical sense to wait until the games you want are available?

That's exactly what people did with the ps3, they waited for the games AND simultaneously benefited from price drops.The xb1 is off to a much better start than that because it does have a strong line up to justify a purchase, despite its cost.

mediate-this1767d ago

How is that backhanded?? You're just nitpicking.

from the beach1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

There's a bit of a history in videogaming of companies failing to transfer dominance from one generation to the next, this time particularly Nintendo.

In the case of Sony, no-one really holds that hilarious 2006 conference and initial overpricing of the PS3 against them almost a decade on.

I think it'll be the same with Microsoft, not least because none of the controversial Xbox One policies were actually manifest in the console which was eventually released.

Bennibop1767d ago

I am sure some of those policies will rear there ugly head again at some point!

from the beach1767d ago

I'm not, but if they did it would be interesting to see how they fare with coal-face paying customers, rather than online campaigners.

christocolus1767d ago

I think they have learnt quite alot already. Phil has been making the right deceisions regarding games(both old and new ip). He has put Chris Charla in charge of indies, he interacts with the fans alot more and he seems fully determined to get great content for the xbx one.

i believe things will get alot better for ms over time especially If the rumors are true and they actually plan to reduce the price of the current xbx one model to $399 or less by november

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