Sonic Boom Interview with Bob Rafei

The ex-Naughty Dog dev, co-founder and CEO of Big Red Button Bob Rafei discusses Sonic Boom.

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Smashbro291774d ago

Dear Bob,

Who do you hire for your character design and how are they still employed? Is everyone else from your team from elance or deviant art?


thezeldadoth1774d ago

how many times do you make this same comment?

Smashbro291774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


How clever of you using a picture because you're too inarticulate to use words to effectively make your point.

KonsoruMasuta1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Those aren't his custom designs. They're just following SEGA's source material.

SEGA designed those characters, not Big Red Button. Those character designs are for SEGA's new Sonic show that's going to air on Cartoon Network.

Smashbro291774d ago

You got me there. Change the name and the point stands.

thezeldadoth1774d ago

actually thats not true. in the interview today, the developers said they designed it first and the show used their designs

linkenski1774d ago

Go play Sonic 06 or Unleashed then if you don't dig this.

Smashbro291774d ago

Sonic 06 was a shit game. Unleashed looks better than this.

linkenski1774d ago

Maybe Unleashed looks better graphically overall but I highly doubt this game will be THAT shitty.

Unleashed was a horrible drag and test of patience. Not even the daytime stages were enjoyable at worst.

WiiUsauce1774d ago

The character designs look just fine dude. People Need to stop acting so damn childish.

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mhunterjr1774d ago

The character models aren't that bad... except for knuckles...some one should be jailed for what they did to Knuckles

linkenski1774d ago

Knuckles should be in jail.. I mean, just LOOK at him! He's been doing illegal stuff I tell you. Dem steoroids.