Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: 5 Reasons Gamers Are Apprehensive

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right around the corner for the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, not every gamer is riddled with unbridled excitement for the game. In fact, a lot of gamers are brimming with anticipatory apprehension for Lightning Returns, as the game could be a smash hit or a dud, depending mostly on how it turns out.

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moujahed1766d ago

Would be nice to have something new other than a 3rd continuation of the same series. It's as if Square Soft doesn't even listen to their consumers and just do what they want.

FreshRevenge1766d ago

Well it is nice that they listened to the fans of the series and not complainers like you. I am a consumer and not part of your hate wagon.

MWH1766d ago

the guys just expressed his opinion, you one the other hand.. have issues.

moujahed1766d ago

I seem to confuse hate with honest criticism.

Irishguy951766d ago

DOn't worry, once this game is out theres nothing left stopping them from showing off FFXV and focusing/hyping it etc. Unless they find another excuse...

FFXiii-4: More unwanted crap

Godmars2901766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Sadly there's also nothing stopping FF15 from having similar issues as 13. Being only pretentious and self-involving to the point the player/audience is excluded from the story. Has to do research to follow it.

TheGOODKyle1766d ago

We never asked for a sequel in the first place. I seriously don't know what went on over there in their heads to begin with and then they give that unwarranted sequel a horrible ending. At this point I'm waiting for KH3 and FF15 with baited breath.

Godmars2901766d ago

They weren't ready for HD hardware, were forced to make concessions which became removed content then two planned sequels before the "fist" FF13 was out, and in all of that mess Toriyama made Lightning his Wifu.

Godmars2901766d ago

Just get this over with...

FreshRevenge1766d ago

The series is Great! I am looking for it since I got the CE coming. You can hate all you freaking want. But no one is listening to your complaints! Plus the people complaining on the internet are a minority. Bye Bye

Treian1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

A minority? The 10/10-2 HD collection sold more in Japan than Lightning returns...

CLOUD19831766d ago Show
pompombrum1766d ago

Seeing how FF13-2 was down to under £10 (retailed at £40 on release) in less than two months out here in the UK tells me that the complainers really weren't the minority and that FF13 just wasn't popular enough to warrant a sequel let alone two.

FreshRevenge1766d ago

Well let's just be happy that popularity doesn't discourage people for doing what they love. Well you can hate it but the game is coming out next week and there will be other fans who will enjoy it! Also I am not in the UK so why would I care about your statistics?

pompombrum1766d ago

^^^Truth hurts eh? You should care about the statistics because you are making unfounded claims that the internet hate is the minority while I'm pointing out why you're wrong with at least a bit of evidence to back up my claim.

Crossbones1766d ago

Delusion is strong with this one.

MWH1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

it's conclusive, you have issues indeed.

we are not a minority kid and your argument is invalid. give it a rest and stop trolling.

MWH1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@FreshRevenge a.k.a Troll of the Month

you knocked this door, you bare the answers.

if your a-hole is too tight to handle it then stfu and gtfo.

SoulSercher6201766d ago

A minority? Lol with every FFXIII game it sold WAY less than the last one. The series is mediocre whether you like it or not.

Ultimax1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Please take your "Lightning" agenda and keep it for yourself
FF Fanbase isn't that stupid to fall for stupid arguments like yours
And no we don't consider Lightning our Waifu , so take that Fools of Toriyama

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Neckbear1766d ago

I just went and got Bravely Default for a real FF game.

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