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6 Horror Games That Deserve Next-Gen Remakes

BD writes: "The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been available for a few months now, gifting console gamers with a small taste of the potential of next-gen gaming. As we look to the future and the many horror games we have to look forward to in 2014, I’d like to take a minute to look back at a few of the games that brought the horror genre to where it is today." (Dino Crisis, Nightmare Creatures, PS4, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill 2, Xbox One)

iceman1346  +   70d ago
i would kill for a good horror dinosaur game
mdluffy  +   70d ago
I would kill for a resident evil 1/2/3 remakes/ or back to those style games.
The new resident evils are so much worse.
Wolf873  +   70d ago
Sigh. Still no Dino Crisis...this world is going too Zombie crazy -_-
d3nworth1  +   70d ago
As long as they dont make it a glorified action game like recent Resident Evil games I'll take a new dino crisis.
Pozzle  +   70d ago
And don't make it a space game either!

(i'mlookingatyoudinocrisi s3)
mzupeman  +   70d ago
I'd like to see Telltale tackle something like Phantasmagoria, but actually using realistic capture animation like they did back in the day (but obviously not as low-res). I think they could pull something like that off.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   70d ago
I agree about The Thing. That game was beyond its time with it's great direction to combat and the Trust System. The story was also well made and honestly worth being a sequel to the movie.
CaulkSlap  +   70d ago
I'd love to see Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth remade or the series continued. That game had some amazing pants shitting moments. Really overlooked game that would have done far better a few years later I think.

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