The Real Reason Dungeon Keeper Is So Disappointing

VideoGamer: "Dungeon Keeper's maddening focus on microtransactions has rightfully been criticised, but the real shame is that there's actually an interesting game underneath it all."

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_LarZen_1773d ago

Gamers need to stop buying unnecessarily DLC's. And stop supporting F2P games and stop using loads of money on microtransactions in games.

The sadest thing I see is when people wish a game to be a F2P game.

I don't blame EA or the developers. This is gamers fault. Each and every one of you that have supported the industry in this way are partly to blame for this.

So i'm not pointing fingers at EA or the developers..i'm pointing it at you!

MachineGunnTalk1773d ago

agree, I've never bought another dlc after the gears of war 3 map packs which were totally worth it at the time

Are_The_MaDNess1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

free to play is done right in many games. the only thing they need to stay away from is making things unplayable without paying.
game like TF2, and Dota 2 is free to play. there is no problems with it. all DLC is just looks mostly (TF2).

there is nothing wrong with FTP if its done right. SWTOR and many other MMO's does it well with FTP. tho not everyone is not paytowin tho.

but when a game like this just trows out what the game series was in the first place and makes mining blocks take up to 24hours then something it wrong.
i get it that they want the 5min a day player on their phone. but they should destroy the game series and IP in the processes.

The Dungeon Keeper fans want a new game in the series. but not this one. atleast we are getting something in the shape of War fro the Overworld.

TB hammered the game aswell:

on a side note. ESO cant have a subscription based paymodel in this day and age.
as a Sub game its boring and bland and doesnt really do anything else comparing to other sub MMO's. but if it had gone FTP it would be the king of FTP MMO's.

blib1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Absolutely. The best cartoon I've seen illustrating the EA effect, shows angry gamers whipping money at EA to show their displeasure. Any game with micro transactions should be ignored out of existence. What surprises me the most is the lack of class action lawsuits that EA should be drowning in by now.

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sungam3d1773d ago

You gotta see Boogies response to this BS microtransaction.

They basically made the game IMPOSSIBLE to play without buying shit. Unless you like to leave your device on for 24 hours straight.