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My Two Cents - Don't localize it - Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 (or as it is known in Japan, Ryuu Ga Gotoku 5: Yume Kanaeshi Mono) has not been localized yet. In fact it may never be localized.

But after playing through the import version Continue Play ponders whether that is such a tragedy or not. (Culture, PS3, Ryu ga Gotoku 5, Yakuza 5)

Ashlen  +   607d ago
I wouldn't pay one cent for your two cents.
Nic_Bunce  +   607d ago
Well it's a damn good thing you don't have to pay to read the article then, isn't it?
king_george  +   607d ago
A headline alone can put alot of readers off ya know. So... i'll pass on this one.

Yakuza series should be enjoyed by everyone who wants to play it :)
I wouldn't even pay attention to this article. I just wanted to comment about how reading the article would just be a waste of time.
PS4isKing_82  +   607d ago
It's yakuza. That's all I need to know. It needs to be brought over like the rest have been. Period.
tiffac008  +   607d ago
You had to step on our dreams D:
Articuno76  +   607d ago
Oh you. Your dreams were already crushed by SEGA's indifferent localization team.

...and suddenly the true meaning behind 'Yume Kanaeshi Mono' makes sense: we are the ones with the dreams, SEGA is the one that doesn't grant them.

I like to think SEGA made that subtitle to carry that nuance on purpose. Deep stuff right there.
tiffac008  +   607d ago
Well yeah but there was no need to step on the pieces. D:
Section8  +   607d ago
You're a complete fool.
Inception  +   607d ago

SEGA bought Atlus and there's a rumour about Atlus will localize Yakuza 5. So i don't understand what is your point with this article. If you don't like Yakuza 5 than fine. But Yakuza fans (including me) wants this game so bad that they don't mind to kill one or two people so they can have Yakuza 5 in the west.

And don't fully blamed SEGA about stoping the localization of Yakuza, because western gamers had a big chunck of responsibility too. If the majority of western gamers stop buying the same crap like CoD for every year and spent those money for Yakuza 3 + 4 + Dead Souls, i don't think we have this disscussion about why SEGA not localize Yakuza 5.
DanielGearSolid  +   607d ago
What you some kinda clown?!

You got jokes?!

Yakuza localization is a must!

Delete this article!

GamersHeaven  +   607d ago
My two cents stop writing articles.
MarvelFan88  +   607d ago
Comments are kinda harsh, but I get the loyalty for Yakuza fans. It should be localized. We should never speak out against localization; the gaming community can only benefit from exposure to games developed across different cultures for different audiences.
KonsoruMasuta  +   607d ago
I can see why they stopped localizing these games though. The sales numbers for the west weren't really that good.
zeroskie  +   607d ago
This is the worst article. Why should we ever prevent localization of anything? Just because one person isn't interested in it doesn't mean that someone else is eagerly awaiting a localization.
Articuno76  +   607d ago
The thrust of the article is more along the lines of 'don't be too upset if it doesn't get localized' than out-and-out calling for this game to be stricken from consideration for localization.

And TBH, at this point SEGA seems to have decided that Yakuza 5 will not be localized anyway.

The article name was chosen as part of an series (Localize It!/Don't Localize It!).
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Polock  +   607d ago
What a pointless series it is then.
Articuno76  +   607d ago
"Why should we ever prevent localization of anything?"

Although the article doesn't outright suggest the game should not be localized I think a case can be made to prevent some games from seeing Western release.

Sometimes those games are not what fans of the franchise really want and as a result end up selling so poorly that they damage the standing reputation of the IP, as well as turn the fan base off.

Think Yakuza Dead Souls.

Now, if someone had made a good case to not localize that game because it could have harmed the brand in the long term, maybe you'd be playing Yakuza 5 in English right now.

I worry for the Vita right now because somehow Code Zero is seeing a localization even though it has been almost universally panned by Japanese critics. That is a game destined to fail and send publishers the wrong message; that Vita owners don't want JRPGs.

I think that's sad.
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Polock  +   607d ago
"Although the article doesn't outright suggest the game should not be localized", except it does.

You seem to spend an awful lot more time defending your articles than you do writing them.
koh123  +   607d ago
i need Yakuza 5 west!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
contradictory  +   607d ago
*steals exclamation marks*
... ... what? you had too many.
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HighResHero  +   607d ago
What about the people who want the game localized?
MightyNoX  +   607d ago
You monster...
iceman1346  +   607d ago
ContinuePlay  +   607d ago
It's an opinion piece guys.

Chill out :)
NarooN  +   607d ago

Too bad the opinion is still trash, lol.
Allowen  +   607d ago
Last year I was hoping to buy Yakuza 5 instead Gtav.
Oh well, maybr it will be launched some da around here.
yewles1  +   607d ago
ROFLMFAO!!! Just wow...
GrilledCheeseBook  +   607d ago
With digital being so much more prevalent this gen, I would love if we could at least get subtitles for games that generally wouldn't get a lot of exposure in the west.
ContinuePlay  +   607d ago
That's actually a decent idea.

Sadly that means the publisher/developer needs to employ a translator to go through the script and localize it, often at a steep fee.

And it still means they have to submit the game to the relevant country's authorities for approval, which again costs money...

Sure, it would be cheaper than employing a voice cast and pressing the physical disc, but not by as much as you might expect.
vork77   607d ago | Offensive
Sketchy_Galore  +   607d ago
I have to admit I feel like I've had my fill of modern day Yakuza games but I really want them to localize the Samurai based spin off (can't remember the name right now). Still, my opinion is to be taken with a pinch of salt because I have to admit the shlocky B movie zombie spinoff Dead souls might be my favourite of the series.....yes, you heard me.
Inception  +   607d ago
There's two Yakuza spin-off based on Samurai: one is Kenzan where you play as Miyamoto Musashi and two is Ishin / Restoration, the newest iteration where you play as Ryoma Sakamoto, the member of Shinsengumi. If me, i want SEGA localize both game.

For Dead Souls, me and my friends had some fun time with it too ^^
reaperman  +   607d ago
Well the person who wrote the article is obviously an idiot because for a series which was written for the Japanese gamers in mind I personally think that the Yakuza games offer great content for the money I spent to play all the previous games.
There are plenty of side missions to do as well as the main storyline and having all the other things in for good measure such as the Sega arcades (where you can play real arcade games and also try your luck at using a claw to catch a prize) and then mah-jong, batting cage, bowling, hostess clubs all adds to the game time and the only one I didn't really enjoy was Yakuza: Dead Souls because Sega decided that a Western audience would love a Yakuza game with zombies!! (Really Sega how dumb can you get).
Sega really need to give the Western gamers the best games that they can make which does not involve a stupid blue hedgehog. If you want to make money Sega then localize Yakuza 5, Kenzan & Ishin!!!
Master-H  +   607d ago
I'd tell you where you can shove one of those cents, and i'll let you keep the other one so it'll always remind you of what happened the day you wrote a ridiculous article about Yakuza.
Goro  +   607d ago
Sega, just localize it and stop being a bunch of useless basterds.

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