Official Nintendo Magazine tease “new Wii U game” in April issue

Nintendo Insider writes:

Official Nintendo Magazine has teased that their April issue will feature a new, unannounced Wii U game, and, in pre-empting speculation running into overdrive, specifies that it is neither a new F-Zero or Star Fox title from the House of Mario.

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Reeze1769d ago

I wonder what it could be...

Rustynail1769d ago ShowReplies(4)
eaise1769d ago

Since they say it's not F-Zero or Star Fox I'm gonna bet that it's actually F-zero or Star Fox :P
In all seriousness though I think it will be either Sonic Boom like the article suggests or a game they are collaborating on with a third party. Like Hyrule Warriors just with a different company and with a different franchise.

Myst1769d ago

If it is F-Zero I will scream!

eaise1769d ago

Personally I'd perfer Star Fox but I know lots of people that would love a new F-Zero. But either way I'd want to buy it. Can't wait to see what the game is

Oh_Yeah1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Open world f zero able to travel the universe saving the planets, endless customization, vehicle aliens to fund your mission, falcon punching threw hordes of enemies...captain falcons first adventure....wait Nintendo isn't that awesome.

AJBACK2FRAG1768d ago

That would be thrilling!!!!!! Dyin' for a new F Zero!!!!

KevinCubes1768d ago

No it's half life 3 exclusive to WiiU
*steps into fallout shelter*

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RosweeSon1769d ago

Yeah nintendo the inventors of the d-pad, analogue stick, triggers, rumble? wii remote, wow that would be an interesting controller without nintendo being around I hope you like the A button, gaming wouldn't even be what it is today without Nintendo, I'm sure the playstation move and kinnect wouldn't have been around had the Nintendo wii not taken the casual market by storm, sure not great for the nintendo fans that like proper games but they are getting back to it they'll get there, but Nintendo suck! Seriously everybody copies or tries to do what Nintendo are doing in some way or another it's just a fact! Hence why sony wanted to make the super playstation nintendo thing. And Xbox bought Rare (and drove them into the ground!) LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!

RosweeSon1769d ago

As for the new game Ryo Hazuki is after a job at the moment after 10 years on the Dole, Sega, Nintendo... Shenmue 3, please make it happen ;)

higgins781769d ago

I honestly have always believed the Wii U to be thee perfect console for Shenmue 3. The Gamepad coupled with the Miiverse features could really open a game like this up, plus Nintendo consoles - like the Sega Dreamcast - have a history of taking on mammoth tasks, this would be one of its biggest in recent memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.