Microsoft On Ryse Son Of Rome: It's "Made By A Gamer For Gamers"

Microsoft's Mike Ybarra On Ryse Son Of Rome: It's "Made By A Gamer For Gamers"

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LeonhartX1769d ago

Wow copying lines now eh!? classic MS

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"It's "Made By A Gamer For Gamers""

Well, after seeing it in action (and playing it) for the first time last night i can tell you that it's made for CASUAL gamers. Monotonous, easy combat that gets boring VERY quickly, things flashing red or green around you basically saying "HEY LOOK AT ME IM AN EXPLOSIVE BARREL" or "IM A COLLECTIBLE". You stop still for 2 seconds and the way point comes up....even if you are on a linear path (which is the whole game). It holds your hand so much its insulting. The dialogue is bad, story is bad (of what i played), the boss fights are bad, the enemies all look the same with little variation.

But the graphics are.....incredible, seriously.... but it was at the expense of framerate which was often juddery, especially on the forest level. The lighting and the character models (on main characters) are excellent. That's pretty much my only praise for the game. It's a rushed for launch graphical showcase for casual gamers to be wowed by. Nothing more, nothing less.

GamingNerd0131769d ago

Agreed yo graphics is the only good thing about it. Everything else sucks really bad really if not worst action game I ever played.

lets_go_gunners1769d ago

The frame-rate was bad? What are you talking about? Me and my little brothers beat the game in one sitting the other day and one thing I remember mentioning after we beat it was how the graphics were nice and the frame-rate was decent. However the game by itself is surely not $60 I would go as far ast to say $30 cause damn we beat it in like 4-5 hrs.

amiga-man1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Microsoft On Ryse Son Of Rome: It's "Made By A Gamer For Gamers"

Shame the console wasn't.

UncleGermrod1769d ago

no real frame rate issues for me. game was worth a play through. to be fair, it was not as awful as everyone makes it out to be...still, it sure wasnt all that great either. i think with more dev time they could make a decent sequel. need varied characters and deeper combat. maybe some platforming to.

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@lets go gunners

Yes. The framerate was bad. The forest level especially had the worst framerate, it felt really stuttery when you turned the camera, just like it did whenever there quite a few enemies on screen. I played enough of last gen to know what sub-30fps feels like.

Check out the Digital Foundry analysis, the game averages in the mid-high 20's.

Volkama1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

You're definition of casual gamers is off the mark.

I enjoyed playing Ryse.

I spent ~£1000 upgrading my already powerful PC this month alone, I play games almost every day. I don't think many people would call me a "casual gamer".

But then it's not what you really mean. What you mean is "I don't like it, and I will say derogatory things about the people who do not share my opinion".

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


"You're definition of casual gamers is off the mark. "

No, it's not. Things flashing bright green and red, waypoint indicators on a linear game, easy mode combat with colour indicators, Marius hinting towards things in the environment, boring spear throwing/Roman shield formation sequences are all things in Ryse and all are aspects that are catered towards casuals. I didn't say ONLY casuals will enjoy it, that's where you are getting confused. But it is definitely a game made for a casual audience. There were 4 of us playing Ryse last night, none of us are casual gamers...but we each agreed that this was a game that holds your hands and is way too easy, but we still enjoyed the graphics and the slow mo executions.....until they got boring anyway.

"But then it's not what you really mean. What you mean is "I don't like it, and I will say derogatory things about the people who do not share my opinion"."

Lol. No, i meant what i said, don't tell me otherwise. I gave my honest opinion on a videogame. If you don't share my opinion then so be it. I didn't say anything derogatory about anyone...there's nothing wrong with being a casual gamer....some people don't have the money, time or enthusiasm to be anything more than a casual gamer. But that doesn't change the fact that this game is a casual game. A cancelled 360/kinect game with ease of play in mind.

Volkama1769d ago

Ok you call those things casual (with clear undertones to suggest that is a negative, hence sounds derogatory).

I consider most of the things you listed ways to set and dictate the pace of what is essentially a cinematic experience.

Tomb raider has glowy objects you can interact with. TLOU has tooltips and special listening mode. I guess it's a fine line.

I'm not saying you are wrong to dislike Ryse btw, just don't agree with the label you put on it's audience.

truefan11769d ago

The more I read the more desperation I see, Ryse was a good game for a launch title. The reason XB1 games get so much attention is because their competition has only provided its users with indy and old ps3 games. ps4 fans can't have it both ways, you can't talk about how great KZ was for its graphics and average gameplay and then try to down Ryse when the exact same applies.

amiga-man1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Let's be fair here Truefan, there are no truly next gen games available yet, launch games are all well and good but the real games are yet to make their mark.

Sony has the market share and 1st party studios to make a big impact this gen, the real games are coming with Sony they always do.

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Lol, not surprised to see you reply to me. My comment must have struck a nerve with its truth.

"you can't talk about how great KZ was for its graphics and average gameplay and then try to down Ryse when the exact same applies."

Huh? That;'s not what im doing all. Ive played Killzone, i'll be the first to admit to it's average gameplay and average story....but i was talking about Ryse, why would i mention KZ? The fact you had to go off topic and mention PS4 games tells me how butthurt you are. You are trying to make me look bad for something i haven't even said.....

KZ and Ryse are both the same in that they are both graphically great...but both lack on the gameplay/story aspects.

"has only provided its users with indy and old ps3 games."

Yeah, lets just forget the superior multiplats, they don't exist. The PS4 has the best looking and running games, the most variety and the best developers. X1 has been provided with cancelled 360 games and inferior multiplats. You're just mad that ive played your beloved Ryse and found it to be nothing more than a casual, easy, shallow, boring (but great looking) experience.

Allsystemgamer1769d ago

Uh let's go gamers EVERY reviewer has stated the frame rate can drop below 18fps.

InTheLab1769d ago

You could tell it's a casual game from every promo they've made for the game.

A former kinect game is made for gamers?

MysticStrummer1769d ago

@truefan - Desperation? From what? The highest rated and best selling titles so far are on PS4, and the console itself is steadily lengthening it's lead over XB1.

DragonKnight1769d ago

@truefan1: Yes, let's ignore the fact that Ryse was originally in development for the 360 and then MS forced Crytek to hold it back, thereby depriving 360 gamers of what probably would have been their most graphically impressive game, just so the Xbox One could have a game.

Say what you want about Sony's launch lineup, at least those games didn't come at the cost of PS3 games.

ShinMaster1769d ago

Because RYSE was a KINECT GAME for the Xbox 360.

Look up 'Codename Kingdoms'.

quaneylfc1769d ago

its just a tech demo really.

I hope the order isn't like that (all the news on here seems to comment on graphics alone) quantum break will be where graphics and gameplay form together to make a bitching game.

XanderZane1769d ago

The game is repetitive, but it didn't find it boring. Of course I haven't played through the whole game yet either. I thought the voice attack was excellent. The frame rate is locked at 30fps, so I'm not sure of what juddery you are talking about. No, the game is not worth $60 that's for sure. $30 - $40 would have been a better price. Game was still fun. Knack is in the same boat. Looks nice, but not next-gen nice. Repetative gameplay with a boring story. Not only is Knack 30fps as well, but it's not locked. FPs in Knack will deep down to 14fps. Both of these gamers are mediocre and hopefully these developer's next game will be 10x's better.

Also the phrase "Made By A Gamer for Gamers" has been around since the 80's. So M$ isn't copying anyone. It's a known phrase that have been said dozens of times over the last 30yrs.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1769d ago

@Lukas dude you're always on point with everything. You're a good guy.

Automatic791769d ago

I found the game to be fun. When most gamers stop dissecting games and enjoy them for what they are they will enjoy it.

Ausbo1769d ago

i enjoyed the game. It wasn't the best game ever, but the cinematic quality, and the graphics were ridiculous. I had fun with it. I do disagree with the metacritic overall score.

to me it was a 7-7.5

mediate-this1769d ago

Ill agree with everything you said except for the frame rates although not topnotch I did notice the framerate dip or judder.

Beautiful game but its a graphics demo. I still have yet to complete it, I play it in ten min increments no lie lol.

Sarcasm1769d ago

The game looks pretty good, but it got boring pretty fast.

SaturdayNightBeaver1769d ago

lol CASUAL is too much good for this game, its gameplay suck so hard , i can't think of a word for it.

kopicha1768d ago

@truefan1 If Dynasty Warrior is being repetitive, Ryse would be worst in that aspect. Why make it sound like you are talking logic without logic?

Picnic1768d ago

Those things do not necessarily have to add up to 'casual'. They might touch on casual in a Venn diagram but, as a gamer of nearly 30 years, I have no problem with the appearance of Ryse.
Roman centurions are usually synonomous with turn based strategy games which are not my thing- it's like play a board game. This game has added to Microsoft's roster of a variety of different genres and themes close to launch. As a launch game showing off new graphics, it doesn't have to reinvent the wheel or make it hard for people to know where to go. That will be the role of the second generation of games as has often always been.

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Jughead34161769d ago

My thoughts exactly. Isn't that ps4s slogan?

GTgamer1769d ago

Well Ryse was designed to be a KINECT game soooooo?

Kryptix1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

lol That's exactly what I thought. I'm noticing Microsoft's PR changing it to match Sony's now after E3. It's getting really pathetic because they been following Sony's decisions with all those 180s. I guess Sony will be farther ahead in the competition, leading the pack even when it comes to slogans now. lol

And Ryse wasn't developed "for gamers" as it's gameplay lacked any depth. Maybe for people that like watching cinematics but not for actual real gamers.

3-4-51769d ago

This is THE prime example as to what is wrong with the industry.

This is WHY gameplay matters more than graphics.

This game is why....

Magicite1769d ago

game of this scale should have sold more than 750k units if it would that good.

brich2331769d ago

Ryse Son Of Rome: "Made by graphics whores for gamers"

medman1769d ago

"Made by a gamer for gamers"....that is Microsoft's rationale for why it is the lowest rated launch title for either ps4 or xbone. Do us all a favor Microsoft...whatever "gamer" made this rotten mess, terminate that gamers contract. You got robbed.

Flames761769d ago

Microsoft are the ones who said that back at E3 2013 for the Xbox One moron.Wow are you really that pathetic?

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lifeisgamesok1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Fantastic game and I'll be waiting for Ryse 2

With more weapons, powers/combat animations and a few more chapters Ryse 2 will dominate!

BX811769d ago

I enjoyed RYSE as well. Pretty solid launch title. Lol I remember all the rumors about RYSE just before the XB1 launch. It' definetly needs some twerk to the game play but still a solid game.

mushroomwig1769d ago

With a Metascore of 60 I doubt there will be a sequel.

mt1769d ago

usually sales what drives a sequel, not metascore, unless it is a well known studio then there is a tiny chance that they would be ashamed of their game and abandon a sequel.

PixelNinja1769d ago

Already in development, confirmed to be set in England.

Picnic1768d ago

I'm not so surprised that critics have scored it so lowly but I am surprised that users have actually scored it slightly lower than that.
Most early owners of a console will score a solid game fairly solidly at 7 or 8 out of 10. I wonder how many of those user reviews are actually from people who own an Xbox One rather than just played it for a little bit in a store or at a friend's house (if they played it at all). It surely can't seriously be given 0/10.
That's what you'd give an entirely unplayable game that looked terrible and that was nothing what was promised.

Bigpappy1769d ago

Ignore these haters. If you look in any high profile X1 related post, it is the same people rushing in to down play the game. Its getting boring reading how bad every thing I want to play or have played is.

But Kill Zone and over powered Infamous. Now there are great games. Oh yea! You know the rest of the story... don't yah?

SilentNegotiator1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"But Kill Zone and over powered Infamous. Now there are great games. Oh yea! You know the rest of the story... don't yah?"

Still calling it "Kill Zone" and spreading Infamous:SS FUD? Even in Xbox articles that have absolutely nothing to do with them? What's with you?

GarrusVakarian1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"over powered Infamous" pretty sure you're the guy that KEEPS saying that over and over again despite numerous people, myself included, explaining to you that 'god mode' was enabled for Infamous gameplay videos. Are you really that stupid, or do you purposely just ignore facts so you can continue to spew your BS?

All of the gameplay demos of Infamous have had god mode enabled, as do most games when they are shown to the press. Why do you keep ignoring that and carry on saying Delsin is overpowered? You really believe that in the final game you will be able to take that much damage and survive?.....You must not have played the past Infamous games.

And BTW, Infamous looks like the best next gen so a long shot. To downplay Infamous on a Ryse article is just hilarious.

AceBlazer131769d ago

Over powered infamous? Have you ever played an infamous game? Enemies put you down so quickly it's a shame.

Jury1769d ago Show
SnotyTheRocket1769d ago

Its "Killzone", not "KillZone" or "Kill Zone". And if you're trying to make fun of inFamous, at least come up with something better that "over powered inFamous".

ger23961769d ago

How do you know how these games play? Going by your comments you don't own a ps4. Relax, Its cool that you enjoyed ryse.No need to constantly defend it and belittle people who didn't.

GamingNerd0131769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

That cause infamous SS and KZSF r a lot better then ryse yo and everybody knows it. In fact both kills any X1 exclusives both with content and graphics. So ur comment means nothing. now go back to playing ur less content forza game ryse with boring and lame combat and dead rising with bad graphics FPS dips to 15. Really guys but sony fans have the rights to say things anything bad to X1 cause they r all true bad 3rd party games ports check worse interface and slow with rip off paying online 60$ a year check exclusives aren't good as Sony check. So yeah X1 is pretty much a stupid console that is made to rip people off with everything MS does to people. PS4 is made 4 gamers and that is a fact better games better online faster interface faster downloads no ADS like on X1 better specs better controller better online services that u get what u pay 4. Ps plus alone kills X1 as it's the best thing sony has ever done to us gamers they care to show us that their services is fair and get tons of high profile of games free savings on dlcs games movies and much more. With X1 what do u get nothing just able to play online with other services being locked by paywall on live unlike sony u don't need ps plus to watch Netflix Hulu plus and many more. And last u can play free to play games without plus as well. So u xbox fan boyish just don't comment anything bad about PS4 as everybody knows ur just trolling or stupid with whatever u say.

SilentNegotiator1769d ago

"Ignore these haters" he said as he slipped Infamous FUD into an article about Ryse.

hellzsupernova1769d ago

I really struggled with infamous 1 until nearing the end the damn enemies would kill you far too easily lol

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DigitalRaptor1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Will dominate what, exactly?

They need to overhaul the gameplay and actually make it exceed 'boring' before they dominate anything other than maxing out hardware. This is Crytek we're talking about though, so don't count on any of that.

Automatic791769d ago

Major trolling going on here. Play the game before knocking it.

Bigpappy1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

See what I mean. They can have their opinions on all things Xbox, but bring up any negative regarding their beloved PS4 games and you get the responses you see above.

If you or I were to respond in that vile manner, we might get banned from the site. Well you are almost there and probably because you defended a game on X1, or pointed out a negative on a PS4 game. I will not waste my time responding to people who really don't want a discussion. They are just interested in telling you how bad games on Xbox are and to promote their PS4's.

Automatic791769d ago

I agree. These guys spend most time trolling. Meanwhile real time conversations show that Xbox one games are great and no one is paying attention to these low class fake gaming bums.

DragonKnight1769d ago

What does the PS4 have to do with this article Bigpappy?

SilentNegotiator1769d ago

*YOU* chose to bring up PS4 to slip in yet another piece of Infamous:SS FUD and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this article.

jessupj1768d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion if this exact same game was exclusive to the PS4 you would think it was a lame corridor button mash fest.

guyman1768d ago Show
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chrissx1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Would have agreed if the game was that good.Ryse is an example of a typical crytek game,just good graphics but very shallow gameplay

XanderZane1769d ago

That's typical of launch titles. Did you play any of the PS3 launch games? Almost of them were exactly as you described. Thankfully it will get a lot better over time.

shivvy241768d ago

ResistanceFOM was actually a great game though

Globox20121769d ago

I actually really enjoyed Ryse, yes it was a bit limited, but it was good fun. Hopefully they make a new one.

DragonKnight1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Ryse started out as a Kinect game for the 360 and simply had its graphics updated and some QTE's removed. It was originally made for the casual audience. So no, it was not made by a gamer for gamers, it was made by a development studio that thinks graphics are 60% of a game for the casual Kinect audience and then launched on a next gen console.

MightyNoX1769d ago

Hit the nail on the head

- Crytek: Graphics are more important than gameplay
- QTE finishers that succeed even if you fail

It's made for an audience that want to watch an NFL game whilst ordering MeatLovers from Pizza Hut. Leave any semblance of skill at the door.

creatchee1769d ago

Graphics more important than gameplay... QTE finishers that succeed even if you fail... Are you describing Ryse or a Quantic Dream game?

DanielGearSolid1769d ago


You mean Beyond Two Souls?

Cause you could very much fail in Heavy Rain
Like characters dying fail

jetlian1769d ago

Daniel you couldnt die everywhere in hr. Also its not qte its more of a finisher. Ninja gaiden to gow has them well