DICE staff member answers questions about BF4 balancing

Earlier this week, Battlefield 4 players were able to send in questions about game balancing. Answers to the questions were to be provided by lead core gameplay designer Alan Kertz, and now he’s answered some of the many questions that were sent in.

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Majin-vegeta1649d ago

-Fix the lag and that damn 1 shot headglitch
-Decrease the damn wobble when you fire the G36C along with the side to side recoil.
-Defuse-bomb carrier can now be seen by everyone.
-aim assist-tone it way down its basically a aim bot
-defensive perk body armor should be the last one earned

Majin-vegeta1649d ago

Forgot to add.Increase the ROF of the G36C back to 750.

static52451648d ago

Put DMR's back into the Recon class. I don't mind DMR's but they have gotten way outta hand.

Z_-_D_-_31648d ago

Yeah, PDW's should be the universal weapon. SKS with any class is pure domination.

jukins1648d ago

Seriously or nerf them. In hardcore mode that's all ppl use is dmr. On the plus side since they're so op usually dmr users aren't concerned with objectives only kills so they're usually on the losing team despite having most kills.

dcj05241648d ago

@jukins when dice nerfs something it becomes useless.Before it was underpowered and now DMRs behave the way it should,if anything
lower the rate of fire on each gun a little bit.

ObiWanaTokie1648d ago

i get one shot headshot glitch about 3 or 4 times a game, it pisses me off to no end, especcially since i am most of the tims shooting first with what seems like zero suppresion to the other guy. and F***ing snipers never get the suppression effect it seems like. could lay down 100 rds out of the saw and get four or five hit markers only to take a bullet right to the face.

then about .5% of the time bf4 plays so well that it hooks me in all over again

SolidStoner1648d ago

"-Fix the lag and that damn 1 shot headglitch .."

what if it is ok to kill with 1 head shot?

what about hardcore.. is there also 1 shot head shot "glitch"?

I dont understand why would someone need to go back to arcade and shoot 2 or more bullets into head... I usually skip these kind of games...

nohopeinc1647d ago

The amount of times I am killed by head shots is staggering. I only play HC and I agree with you every head shot regardless of mode should be a 1HK. But I feel as though something fishy is going on with it ATM because the number of deaths from head shots is just insane.

GuyThatPlaysGames1648d ago

- Fix 0 health bug
- Either decrease the damage on the anti-air for soldiers(launchers) or drastically increase their reload time
- I think tank main weapon damage should be increased against infantry. Tired of putting a shell at a guy's feet just for him to jump away.

Other than that, I'm very happy with the game.

ChipChipperson1648d ago

I've been getting a lot of this lately after the patch. Now I have to put entire magazines into people, I see them flinching and blood spraying out of them, but they turn around and kill me with one or two shots. Still getting the 0 Health thing too.

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Matt6661648d ago

Make DMR's into fully semi-auto snipers and decrease the power and range of the srr-61 that is well over powered even at extreme ranges

Finch1648d ago

Fix the snipers. Getting old seeing snipers act like assault guy's.

weirdo1648d ago

despite the bugs, i'm loving bf4. seems quite stable of late

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