New Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Video Showcases Stage 6-2

A new gameplay video for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze showcases one of the stages of the game.

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looks kinda boring honestly. its the same game thats on wii. nintendo cant expect to catchup to ms or sony with boring titles like this. this should have been a full blown 3d donkey kong game with all the trimmings. instead its nothing more than a hd version of donkey kong on the wii. c'mon nintendo bring out the REAL system sellers already! im a nintendo fan and ive owned two wii u systems since day one but even im regretting buying not one but two! wii u's at this point.

Kennytaur1767d ago

The Wii U needs a killer app, but we shouldn't shun the ones we do get.

It's the same game, but with HD visuals, underwater levels, Ramby the rhinoceros, Dixie, Cranky amd David Wise. Sounds like a recipe for success IMO.

May I ask what on Earth drove you to buy two systems?


I bought one (basic model) for my 8 year old daughter and I bought the deluxe for me. I like donkey Kong and all but side scrollers is not what Nintendo needs at this point. They need Mario 64 type games if they plan to compete. I support Nintendo by buying games like zombie U , SM3DW, and MH3 but I will not support this game

Clunkyd1767d ago

ehh game looks decent at best.