"Sony treats Small Developers seriously with Respect & stands their statements": Grande Games

"We recently got in touch with Indie Studio "Grandé Games", developer behind upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title "Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey", a hybrid motion game, using the PlayStation 4 Eye camera and the Dualshock 4 controller simultaneously."

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neoGamer1774d ago

video looks amazing, specially it's from indie developers..If Microsoft giving them hard time then, Microsoft loosing talented developers market too.

BG115791774d ago

That is one of the main reasons I support Sony.
Sony policies for independents developers became very good.

amiga-man1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

This is why Sony drives innovation in gaming, giving developers the respect and freedom to express their ideas, M$ could learn a lot from Sony when it comes to the way they treat developers.

Why o why1774d ago

To be fair to ms, some of their policies weren't very flexible or dev friendly but they always had an idie presence that sony have learnt from and ultimately improved upon. Credit were its due on from both camps

johndoe112111774d ago

a lot of people will come on here and say " well microsoft supported indies all last gen" and microsoft is also supporting indie developers with [email protected]", and all that is true but I think what they don't get is that there is a different level of support and freedom that these indie devs are getting from sony.

Sony is offering them more freedom and less red tape, restrictions and senseless policies. I also remember some of the indie devs also saying that sony loans them dev kits for free.

Indie devs don't want to feel pressured or owned or boxed in, and that is where the problem lies for microsoft. Their fighting so hard to take as much business from sony as possible that it's actually pushing the devs away. This is not the first dev that has complained about this and it won't be the last. The fact that so many indie devs are saying this means there is some serious merit to it.

DigitalRaptor1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@ johndoe11211

Well said.

"Indie devs don't want to feel pressured or owned or boxed in, and that is where the problem lies for microsoft."

Certain people look at guys like Jonathan Blow and call him an arrogant, self-entitled whiner, but you look at the senseless things Microsoft enforces on smaller developers and you can see why the guys who have the balls to say something ACTUALLY say something.

These indie guys are bringing business to the console market, so why are they treated like outsiders by Microsoft in the most asinine of ways, when the policies could easily be reversed and not affect the company in the slightest? All that most sensible people want from Microsoft is to be reasonable, and that is where they are letting people down.

Kryptix1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Glad Sony is standing with indie developers to make games and help them shine. Giving them freedom to express their creativity and not feel the pressure to meet dead lines or follow stressful guidelines are always a plus. Not sure what goes on with Microsoft though. At one point, they used to be on top when it came to indie games but their corporate greed only let them focus on what's hot or what makes the most money. I know business is business, money needs to be made but why choose the worst methods? Why always attach a string into a contract? Indies are indies, they're independent, they should have the freedom to create games on consoles like they do on PC and mobile. At least they are improving but at this rate, seems like the PS4 will be the more attractive out of the two for indie developers and hope to see it all works out in the end.

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3-4-51774d ago

Actions speak louder than words.

Sony seems to be backing up their claims and promises.

joeorc1774d ago

The upfront view is Sony is more than willing to show off an indies work right on stage to promote that game as they did at last years E3. I have heard many say, those indie games do not count or that ps4 has no games, hell they even view the PSVita the same way.

that the PSVita is an indie machine where are my AAA exclusives?

And what Sony is doing is really at this time, very smart. The indies today, can become the AAA developer's in years time.setting up a indie PUB fund helps the indie developers perfect the craft, and gather's the skill for that developer to be better. more time to triangle is a good way to foster better skill. at the pace of the developer's wish'es.

building up indie develop teams allows those developer's to gather not only skill but creative freedom inside what was a rather high walled closed off garden at one time.

More and more now indies are seen, to be making very unique creative aspects inside game theory, and design. many may like to snub this and say those are not really game's but the truth of the matter is that the more you choose to ignore those that make these games the more you loose out on the creative investment of such people on your platform.

Sony is showing, that its not just about the AAA game design and theory as the only big star for development investment.
on stage Sony showed off 8 indie games just for the PS4. many see that as Sony did not have anything to show for the PS4.

well that's one way to look at it, or the truth of the matter is Sony is showing new developers that no matter the team size or investment $$$ your studio has; you can still be a star as any big publisher.

That Game's you make are not only good for people to see and play but you would be best wise to make more games, because you and your Team have something that is there and that is


johndoe112111774d ago

You sir just wrote one of the most brilliant posts i have ever seen on this site. +bubble.

joeorc1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


why thank you

I think Just like those many reality show's like

"america's got talent"

It is or has some insight into the thinking that Sony is viewing this whole cycle of a generation sorta like Talent scouting.

They have looked at that way many years, but this is the first time i have seen this much proactive support on stage.

I think Sony's change happens to foster the move to more of a grounded view on development by developer's for Developer's is one of the key's that show the general change in not just how playstation gathered development talent in the past and how they do that gathering now.

The very fact that they even now set up a think tank if you will for indies to foster not only support but they have a direct communication to the CEO's that make the choices on investment or not instead of jumping through so many hoop's before , the key people in charge not only are developer's themselves, they are also kinda like Talent scouts to boot.

Even though many may not be a star today, that does not mean down the line they cannot be a star , that is the good thing about the change and communication with the higher Up's.

Playstation Mobile is a great example of this, dev. net is where you can talk and direct communicate not just with other dev's but also with Sony people in charge to help give support to indies.

an Open stance, was what Playstation was founded on with the PS1, PS2 HELL EVEN THE ps3.


is an

but after the change in how they really put forth a good communication line to indies, there was a very solid change in this communication line from the way they worked in the past to the way they communicate to developer's now.

there is a reason for this and that is the current leadership over the past ways, have shown they are more akin to listen now. The people in charge are showing exactly why. I think it show's with Cerny and the team in charge, not just on software and hardware but the social aspect instead of dealing with a tight board room where you feel the wall's are closing in.

there is more of an open dialogue

with what "is it you need to make you a better developer and foster that talent"

instead of

"only what we need" being the main point of dialogue.

BG115791774d ago

Hell the best game of the PS4 right now comes from an Indie studio. Yes, I'm talking about Resogun.

Bubble up joeorc.

joeorc1774d ago


Not only is the game very good, but the developer team really wanted to see what can the physic's and new lightning particle effect's can really be able to do on such a system like the PS4. the very fact those particle effect was really 3D render cubes with dynamic physic's and so many of them all at once it even shocked the developer.

He was shocked that was on a game console, that before he had never or could have been able to do on game console's without something like the PS4's system design to be able to do a game like this.

Some developer's big publisher's and small alike like to see what the system is able to do.

Sony fosters that creativity! it may not net large cash income sometimes it does which is great, but that's not the main point that sony is not trying to put that pressure of "it must" all the time when working with developer's.

They want the developer's Talent to show , but do not want to break the developer's back alot of times the way it was with the PS3 with very young and very little mature API's, today with the PSVita and the PS4 both platforms have much better standard built API's where your past experience is thrown out the window. you do not have to start from scratch you can still foster your existing skill's and Talent, less about.

shifting you to "our way"

more about

shifting "our way" to more along with "your Talent" and lets foster that Talent you have.

many times it was "our way" than it was "your way"

Now the only way to change is if your willing to listen. Sony is not Listening! this is the big point! they changed the way they not only operated in the past, but now have a very open dialogue. for that change to boot.