Watch_Dogs' Release Date Pegged on April 18th by Retailer

One of the biggest gaming mysteries of the moment is the release date of Ubisoft hack&shoot open world game Watch_Dogs, but now that the trademark-related problems have been archived, it's almost time to finally hear some kind of announcement.

Austrian retailer Gamesonly, that normally is quite precise with its release dates, is now indicating April 18th as a release date.

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KangarooSam1771d ago

I hope so. Besides Freedom Cry, Thief, and Second Son I personally don't have any games coming out that I'm interested in for the foreseeable future after March. I was expecting end of Q2 so this would make me quite happy!

Meltic1771d ago

mee 2. The witcher 3 too but i dont Think it will come soon. Meaby later. Soo Thief,infamous,watch dogs and dying light soon hehe

Lilrizky1771d ago

When is dying light out? Does that even have a release window?

UnrealThreats1771d ago

Lilerizky there is supposed to be an announcment of some sort on Febuary 11th for Dying light they were hyping on their twitter...

redwin1771d ago

I would love to play it but I think Titalfall will take must of my playing time .

core_51771d ago

boah every day a new fake date ....

Meltic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

it’s really time for Ubisoft to come out with a release date, before the fans decide to pull out the pitchforks.

UnrealThreats1771d ago

Its already happening. As huge Watch Dogs fan, i am fairly pissed. Its been almost 4 months since the delay and no news. I frequent a watch dogs fan forum and the general census is WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH, GIVE US THE DAMN GAME! But in reality, April is a perfect date to release w_D.

christrules00411771d ago

It's perfect for me too. I'll have the rest of the parts for my pc. =)

SolidGear31770d ago

Might as well be April 1

Eonjay1771d ago

I wonder what the release date will be tomorrow?

Raven7221771d ago

No no no. It doesn't work like that, silly. Tomorrow will be a new doom article that tells us Ubisoft laid off the whole team for no reason.

PhantomT14121771d ago

Seriously, we shouldn't accept articles listing retailer's release date as news anymore. We won't see the end of it...

Pintheshadows1771d ago

I hope that is true. I want to play it and my expectations that it will be good have not died down. I unlike others around the internet do not see delays as a bad thing. If it the game is not ready delay it. Although I think some of Watchdogs delay was down to Ubi not wanting to be in competition with another open world game...that they made.

NovusTerminus1771d ago

I agree, AC and Watch Dogs together was a bad idea. And I don't see the delay as bad either, I'd rather have a game take it's time coming and be good then rushed out with unmet potential or just bad and glitchy.

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The story is too old to be commented.