Sniper Elite 3 Shown Off In Debut Gameplay Footage

JPS Writes: "Following up on Sniper Elite V2 that released across multiple platforms in the last couple years, 505 Games and Rebellion Oxford are adding next generations consoles to the mix. With no set release date other than knowing it is coming this year, we have received some debut gameplay footage of the upcoming third-person shooter."

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USMC_POLICE1772d ago

Cannot wait love these games. Love realistic shooters.

USMC_POLICE1771d ago

Compared to cod and battlefield and every other shooter dumbass. Obviously its not 100% I'd think I would know that.

Daniel_Potter1771d ago

It's not realistic at all
Realistic games don't have
1)regenerating health
2)red barrels that explode
3)3rd person and GoW cover system

also considering that it's a sniper game, it should focus on teaching people what zeroing is(which it doesn't)

There was a time in Sniper Elite V2, where 2 Soviet trucks full of soldiers arrive and attack your position. You didn't have the element of surprise there, so probably IRL you would have died.

The game doesn't even try to be historically realistic, like putting in in completely fictional missions like the assassination of Hitler


ShadyDevil1772d ago

Im with the guys above, it looks great and I love them. V2 was pretty darn awesome. You shot hitler...enough said.

Bathyj1772d ago

Wow, that looks great. It looks way more open (thank you) and the stealth looks much improved (THANK YOU)

V2 was a very underrated game, this looks like it's stepping the franchise up greatly. Awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.